For half a month after that, I didn’t see Song Bai Lao again.
He has been living in the city and does not come back.


I started the live broadcast again, and the number of viewers was quite large.
As Han Yin said, after the fall of Chang Xingze, I quickly became Amber’s popularity king.
Whether they were curious or really liked baking, everyone rushed to see what kind of person I was, a Beta that outperformed Omega.
My live broadcast is no longer purely “teaching”, but a little more “entertainment”.


Anyway, I don’t care what kind of thoughts they have to watch my live broadcast.
When they come, they are guests.
I make my cake and teach how to decorate, which is no different from the past.


Luo Qinghe did not allow me to visit Song Mo.
Every time a call lasted more than five minutes, the servant would hang up on the grounds that the young master had not recovered.
However, Luo Qinghe may also be afraid that he is bored, so he did not prohibit him from using electronic products.
He uses a tablet computer to watch my live broadcast every day.


During his usual sleep time, I would read a few pages of “The Little Prince” for half an hour.
Although I couldn’t be by his side, I hoped that my voice could accompany him to sleep.


Since September, it has been drizzling for days in the mountains.
Daoist Weijing said that the weather was not good, and he had to wait for this rainy day before doing the dojo, and asked me for my opinion.
I’ve waited for seven years, and it’s not bad these few days.
Naturally, there is no problem.


The day before Zhu Li’s wedding, Li Xun sent a dress to the mountain.


Song will come to pick you up tomorrow afternoon to go to the wedding venue with you.” She handed over the clothes with the dust bag to the servant, and added, “I didn’t expect that Mr.
Song would go there in person, you really expected it.”


If I really expected things like God, how could I not have expected him to take me with him?


The thought of seeing Zhu Li and the others again gave me a headache.


“Can I not go?” I asked Li Xun.


She was stunned for a moment, a little embarrassed: “This…Are you feeling unwell? How about I help you to tell President Song.”


“Forget it.” I sighed lightly, even if she said it, he wouldn’t agree, why should I let Li Xun toss back and forth.


In the evening, I took out the dress and hung it aside.
When I opened the dust bag, I saw a golden shrike brooch on the chest of the coat.


This brooch is very characteristic of Song Bai Lao.
The spread-winged shrike is surrounded by cinnamon branches, and the surrounding flowers are embedded with tiny pearls, as delicate as a work of art.
And… I weighed the weight, and it was made of pure gold.


I held it above my head and looked at it under the light.


This should be a new “marking” method that Song Bai Lao came up with.
Wearing it will also be branded as “Song Bai Lao”.
Whoever sees it will understand that I am his property.


The next afternoon, after changing into a dress and sitting in the room waiting for a while, Aunt Jiu knocked on the door at 5:90, saying that Song Bai Lao had arrived downstairs.


I took a deep breath, got up and walked downstairs.
When I got into the car, I saw Song Bai Lao sitting in the back row, and I was a little stunned.


He and I were wearing the same style of dress, with a black coat neckline and a collar pin very conspicuously, a small tulip carved from a mother-of-pearl.


“What are you dazed for?” Song Bai Lao had been leaning against the seat and closed his eyes for a nap.
Maybe seeing me not sitting down for a long time, he frowned and looked at me with disgust.


I woke up and got into the car quickly.
The door was closed, and he started slowly.
He leaned back again and stopped talking.


I stroked the position of my chest, I was really full of doubts, and I didn’t understand why he was acting so arrogantly.


Is this also a contest? He wanted to show it to everyone, he didn’t care who Zhu Li married or who the Zhu family formed an alliance with.
He is not embarrassed, nor does he feel that he is at a disadvantage.
He still has a deep relationship with me, and he can ascend to the throne by himself?


The whole process was silent, and the cabin was unusually quiet.
Song Bai Lao and I were sitting on both sides, clearly very close, but seemed to be far away.


After half an hour, we arrived at the wedding venue.
There were many reporters and media crowded at the door, the car stopped and flashed the lights.
The floor is covered with a red carpet, which is directly connected to the venue.
The whole building is brightly lit, and the guests who are constantly pouring in are dressed in beautiful costumes and jewels.


Song Bai Lao still closed his eyes and showed no sign of waking up.


I didn’t see him looking like it could stop for a long time, so I had to push him gently to wake him up.


He opened his eyes, looked sullen, and pinched the bridge of his nose with his hand: “Arrived?” His voice was hoarse with weariness.


I simply replied “um”, and just after I finished speaking, the doorman opened the car door for us, and the cool wind from outside the car came in, and the wrinkle between his brows deepened.


Entering the venue side by side, there are still spots left by the flash on my retinas, and my mind is full of clunks.


Suddenly, Song Bai Lao put his arms around my waist and made an intimate gesture.


After a while, Zhu Li came from a distance with a champagne glass and saw us with a meaningful smile on his face: “Welcome.
I didn’t expect President Song to come to my wedding despite his busy schedule.
It’s a great honor.”


He was wearing a white suit with a faint pink handkerchief at the corner of his chest, and the collar on his neck had been removed, making his neck slender and more elegant.


“You’ve already sent the invitations to me, why don’t I come? This time, I specially wrapped a big red envelope, wishing you a happy wedding and an early child.”


The two of them had a few rounds with chatter, their swords, spears, swords and halberds were at the same time, and sparks burst out in their sight.


“Oh, isn’t this Brother Luo’s son?” A voice full of energy suddenly burst in, and a spirited, red-faced old gentleman walked over, accompanied by Zhu Yun Sheng and a young and handsome Alpha.


Song Bai Lao reached out and shook hands with the three of them one by one: “Uncle Ruan, long time no see.”


As I thought, the old and young people who came here were the father and son of the Ruan family.


Unlike his father, although Ruan Linghe had a faint smile on his face, his expression did not show a bit of joy.
It is darkened, the complexion is dull, not like a groom, like a bad egg.


I heard that this young master used to be a suave and amorous kind.
He went through countless famous flowers and finally fell under the peerless peony Wu Qian.
Even if the family objected, they were bound to be with her.


It’s a pity that although he was rebellious, he lacked a bit of courage, or Wu Qian, a big star, was unwilling to be marked as unmarried and fell into disrespect.
Although the two had a deep friendship, in the end, Zhu Li was cheap.


“Let’s not get involved in their Alpha business.” Zhu Li took my arm and took me away from Song Bai Lao.


I looked back, and the four of them were talking politely, chatting and laughing, and they were peaceful.
Where can I see the turbulent relationship between the few people.


Song Bai Lao’s lips curled into a smile, and he glanced at me as he spoke.
Before my eyes met, I quickly retracted my gaze.


“Let go of me.” When I walked to the secluded part of the venue, I couldn’t wait to shake Zhu Li’s hand away, and patted the arm he held as if sweeping away the dirt.


Zhu Li leaned against the wall and looked at me with a smile: “Look at you, you can’t even pretend, put everything on your face, no wonder you always suffer.” He looked far and fell on a point, “You should Learn from your mother and see how well she can act.
She wants me to die every day, but today I get married, she seems so happy, like I was born to her.”


I followed his line of sight, Ning Shi was wearing a purple suit with a backless dress, she walked among the guests calmly, warmly entertaining every guest, without anyone falling behind.



“You are indeed more like a family, so I won’t get involved.” Whether it’s behavior or personality, the two of them are absolutely bottomless and shameless.


“Why, did you have a falling out with your mother?”


Just listening to his words, it was a bit like when he played the close brother back then.


I ignored him and turned to leave.
At this time, the lights in the audience dimmed, and the T-stage erected in the field dropped a pale cold light, and slowly stepped onto a graceful figure from below the stage, wearing a red tight fishtail skirt, the skirt was embellished with crystal and Sequins, from a distance, look like a fiery red mermaid.


“Good evening, everyone.” The mermaid walked to the end of the stage, adjusted the microphone, and her voice was soft and moving.


There was an uproar on the field for a moment, and then it gradually became quiet.
Everyone is looking at her, puzzled, mocked, contemptuous… More is looking forward to a good show-like excitement.


This face is so well known to the public that in his thirties, he won several international film festivals.
Strength and beauty coexist, far ahead of the new generation of actresses, and she is the perfect goddess in the minds of many people.


“I’m Wu Qian, tonight’s special guest.
Next, I’ll bring you a classic English old song…”


I looked at Zhu Li in disbelief, dumbfounded by his viciousness.


“Are you looking for Wu Qian to be your wedding guest?”


Zhu Li looked calm and pure: “What’s wrong? I generously let her see Ruan Ling for the last time, she was grateful to me before it was too late.
I didn’t force her, if she didn’t want to come, could I kidnap her?”


Yes, everyone just thinks that he was marked as an accident, how can they think that everything is his conspiracy.


He did this today, and Wu Qian really wanted to thank him if he wasn’t sure.


The singing sounded, and the actress had a smile on her lips, but tears flashed in her eyes.
The romantic and affectionate lyrics are spit out from the mouth of this Omega who has been robbed of his lover, and there is a little helplessness in the poignant beauty.
She stood on the stage, illuminated by the lights, everyone was watching her good show, and she did a moving good show.


I asked Zhu Li, “Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”


“Retribution?” He felt amused, repeated these two words, then straightened up, leaned slightly toward me, and said clearly in my ear, “I’m not afraid.”


I heard when it came to his body, the strong salty smell of sea water was definitely not the smell of perfume he sprayed.


What happened to my nose recently, why is it so sensitive to Alpha and Omega pheromones all of a sudden?


Zhu Li’s pheromone made me feel a little uncomfortable.
I couldn’t tell whether it was from him or the smell of the sea that suddenly rushed into my nose.
The desire to vomit was so sudden that I had time to cover my mouth, then bumped into his shoulder and rushed to the toilet beside him.


I spit out some gastric juices into the wash basin, and when I raised my head, in addition to my slightly embarrassed appearance, the mirror also showed Zhu Li who was following me.


He looked at me, raised his eyebrows and said, “Aren’t you pregnant?”


Why does everyone think I’m pregnant, is Beta so pregnant now?


I said dumbly, “It’s none of your business.”


Holding the water, I rinsed my mouth and washed my face again, which made me feel a little better.


“If Song Bai Lao would let you have a baby for him, you really have to thank me.
Whether it was seven years ago or seven years later, if it wasn’t for my painstaking design and careful planning, how could you be so happy.” He crossed his arms around his chest, leaning on the sink, “Is it?”

“I’m not pregnant.” I straightened up and said coldly, “I just saw your nausea.”


After that, I hurried out of the bathroom, only to bump into a strong chest outside the door.
I staggered back, my wrists were gripped, pulled and rushed into each other’s embrace.

Looking up, Song Bai Lao stared at me with deep eyes, and frowned, “Be careful.”


The fragrance of the flowers on his body inhaled into my heart, instantly diluting the lingering nausea.


This is more effective than a panacea…


“Thank you.” I slowed down, and with a bit of reluctance, broke away from his hand and turned to leave.


The singing on the stage continued, it was clearly the first brisk song about the sweetness of love, but it was sung by Wu Qian to a mournful tune.


The mark between A and O seems to be a sharp weapon, or a powerful double-edged sword that anyone can pick up.
In this world, there are people who use this sword to break obstacles, just to stay together, and there are people who use it to hurt others and only want to achieve their own desires.


Good or bad, it’s all on the side who holding the sword.


The only way to achieve peace in the world is to destroy the sword.

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