I lied to Song Mo.


Maybe it can’t be called “liar”, I prefer to call it “white lie”.


To be honest, I didn’t know what to do with Song Bai Lao in the future.
It depends on many factors, most of which have nothing to do with my wishes.
For example, if the alliance between the Zhu family and Xia Sheng breaks down one day, I will probably be handed a divorce agreement soon.
And now…


I’ve been looking for the right time to have a good talk with Song Bai Lao about the child.
Although he has never trusted me, and has repeatedly expressed that he doesn’t want me and his children, I always have a little… delusion in my heart, thinking that even if he can’t accept me, he won’t hate his children.


It turns out I took it for granted again.


His words seemed like a blow to the head, completely knocking me out.
Since he hates me, he naturally hates Youyou, and hates me for “designing” the children he gave birth to.


Xia Qiao had a miscarriage, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, because no one expected the birth of a conspiracy.
In this case, how could Song Bai Lao be happy that he suddenly had a seven-year-old child? His existence will always remind Song Bai Lao of everything that happened in that year.


He wouldn’t love him, much less be a good father.


In this case, he didn’t need to know about Youyou’s existence.
When Ning Shi returns the child to me, I will submit a divorce application, and then go to another place, without the hustle and bustle, to re-open a family of “Xu Mei Ren” to spend the rest of my life.


This is the best ending I can think of for this marriage.


But I forgot that my luck has never been good, and things I think well are generally not achieved.


When the media started to report on the engagement of Zhu Li and Ruan Linghe, the young master of the Ruan family, I sat on the sofa and stared at the screen.
Like many viewers in front of the TV, I was caught off guard.


The Omega that the young master of the Ruan family inexplicably marked… was Zhu Li?


I stood up holding the remote control, asked Aunt Jiu to prepare the car, and said that I was going back to Zhu’s house.


Sitting in the car and looking at the scenery along the road, I felt uneasy and thought a lot.


Ning Shi said that Zhu Li was forced to be flagged when he went to a bar for a party, but what if it was all a trap he set from the beginning? Just like the design of me and Song Bai Lao back then, but this time the object was replaced by another unlucky egg.


I kept calling Ning Shi, but she never answered, and I don’t know if it was intentional or if the phone wasn’t around.


When I arrived at Zhu’s house, I wanted to ask her to clarify, but I didn’t expect that neither she nor Zhu Yun Sheng were there.
But the servant stopped me and said that Zhu Li wanted to see me.


I had nothing to say to him at first, but now, apart from Ning Shi, he may be the only one who can answer this confusing situation for me.


Following the servant, I stepped into the courtyard with green grass and flowers.


Zhu Li was sitting in the middle, surrounded by sunshine.
There was a beautiful three-tier dessert stand on the table, and a white porcelain teacup.
He rolled the book with one hand and read it with interest while eating a cookie.
Anyone who sees him will feel that he is clean and transparent, the ideal type of Omega.
Only those who have suffered from his losses will know how terrible he is.


“Master, someone brought it.”


Zhu Li raised her head from the book and tapped her chin on a wrought iron chair opposite: “Sit.”


The servant poured tea for me, and then consciously retreated into the distance.


Zhu Li seemed to have completely forgotten about me, and it seemed that the content of the book was really eye-catching.
For a few minutes, he didn’t speak to me at all, and just turned the pages by himself.


The long silence made me feel a little uneasy.
I didn’t hold back and asked him, “What’s going on with the Ruan family?”


Zhu Li slowly sucked the fingertips with the biscuits, and then threw the book aside.
Elbow on the table, facing me.


“Why do you think I am willing to marry song Bai Lao?” Without waiting for my answer, he continued, “my father is such a person who will be fascinated by power and lust and can sacrifice his own son for this.
When he decided to marry Xia Sheng, I knew he must give in.
Sure enough, song Bailao said that marriage is OK, but I can’t have my own children, and his heir can only be Song Mo.”


He was full of disdain: “I thought at that time, do I have only one choice for him? No, there is also Ruan family.”


I followed his words to figure out some clues, and dared not believe: “You deliberately asked Ruan Linghe to tag you? He has a girlfriend.


Zhu Li shrugged and admitted generously: “So what? Who told him to go to the last bachelorette party and gave me a chance?”


Actually ran into the evil star Zhu Li.


“But why didn’t you explain the situation to your father immediately after you were marked? If he knew that you were marked by the young master of the Ruan family, he would be too happy.” Ning Shi also wouldn’t ask me to marry Song Bai Lao.


Zhu Li picked up the teacup and smiled slightly, took a sip of tea, and put the cup down gently.


“How would I know who the person who tagged me was?”


I was stunned for a moment, seeing his half-smiley expression, I quickly understood.



He just pretended to be surprised, fled home in a daze, stubbornly concealed the bite marks on the back of his neck, and then waited for the Ruan family to come to the door.
Not giving any words at all, the victim’s posture is vivid.
Ruan Linghe’s relationship with Wu Qian before was not welcomed by the Ruan family.
Now that they have changed Zhu Li, they may be happy to see it happen.


What a deep scheming, a good second move.


“No wonder my mother suddenly changed her attitude and asked me to steal Xia Sheng’s documents.
It turns out that you were already planning to go to the Ruan family…”


“Ning Shi asked you to steal the documents?” Zhu Li raised his eyebrows and pretended to say, ” She really doesn’t take your safety seriously.
You are completely abandoned now, if Song Bai Lao finds out that you betrayed him again, it will be very bad.”


I curled my fingers, although I was mentally prepared, I was still stinged by his words.


For Ning Shi, I might just be a useful prop.
She is not completely indifferent to me, but in front of me and Zhu Li, of course, she will choose the latter without hesitation.
The bond between mother and son is probably more fragile than spider silk.


“After Alpha and Omega mark each other, the pheromone will make you two unconsciously attracted to each other and have a good impression of each other.
Even if Song Bai Lao insists that he doesn’t want your child, but driven by the pheromone, it is impossible for him not to want to have a child with you.
Actually It doesn’t take so much trouble.”


This is not an assumption, but a necessity.
Just like Xia Qiao and Luo Qinghe, no matter how unwilling they are, they are still attracted to each other.
This is the scary part of pheromones, and the sad part of AO.


Zhu Li looked at me for a moment, and suddenly asked, “Do you know Song Mo is the child of Song Bai Lao and whom?” He looked at me blankly and smiled, “You don’t know.”


I really don’t know, but what’s the point? of?


Zhu Li supported his chin and said softly, “Xia Yanchi, Song Mo.
Have you never doubted their relationship?”


I was startled, suddenly got up, and brought the seat under my butt down.


“Why should the Xia family let their stepson inherit the family business? Because the real heir is Song Mo.
This is an open secret in the circle.
In order to obtain the Xia family’s family property, Song Bai Lao and his stepbrother gave birth to a child.” Zhu Li raised his eyes looking up at me, “If my child can’t inherit Xia Sheng, why should I have a child with him?”


Song Mo turned out to be… the child of Xia Yanchi and Song Bai Lao?


A strange discomfort grew from the bottom of my heart.
I looked at Zhu Li, his eyes were dark and deep, as if there were endless abyss.
I kept backing away, feeling panic in my heart.
I didn’t even remember how I left the Zhu family.
When I recovered, I was already in the car.


Ning Shi’s cell phone still couldn’t get through, so I sent her a message and asked her to call me back as soon as possible.


Back at WeijingShan, as soon as I entered the door, I noticed that the atmosphere was a little off.
Everyone was cautious, lowered their eyebrows and lowered their presence as quietly as possible.
It seemed that a ferocious beast was nearby, and as long as it made a little noise, it would be dragged away and torn to pieces.


Aunt Jiu stepped forward and said in a low voice, “Sir is back, and he doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.”


I probably know why he is in a bad mood.


The door of the study was not closed tightly, I knocked on the door, and then pushed open a crack.


“I’m in.”


Song Bai Lao didn’t respond, I pushed in the door and saw him sitting behind the desk, playing with a button-like thing expressionlessly.


I walked to the desk nervously and took the initiative to say, “The matter of the Zhu family and the Ruan family…”


“Xia Sheng and Yanhua Century have been rivals for decades,” Song Bai Lao didn’t look at me, “A while ago, a developer who was fired by me went to the Ruan family.
A project that had not progressed in Xia Sheng for a few years has progressed in a few weeks in Yanhua Century.
However, this kind of thing happens from time to time, and it is not uncommon in the industry.
I don’t care.
I thought this was all the Ruan family did, but I didn’t expect that I found this today…”



He finally put his eyes on my face, holding the metallic “button” between his fingers, and asked me : “Do you know what this is?”


I looked carefully, but I didn’t recognize it: “…I don’t know.”


“This is a bug.” Song Bai Lao slapped the thing on the table, but his tone was completely opposite.
Calmly, “I found it under this table.”


He patted my muscles so hard that I couldn’t stop my fear.
Looking at his expression again, that familiar suspicion and unbelief resurfaced, making my blood coagulate.


But soon, the still blood rushed to the brain, and my cheeks became hot.


“You think I’m pretending?” I couldn’t help raising my voice.


Song Bai Lao’s expression became even colder: “Isn’t it?”


He said that he didn’t trust me at all.


I opened my mouth and suddenly thought of a person: “I bumped into a servant in the corridor two days ago, and then found the study room door open.
I suspected that she wanted to steal something, so I asked Aunt Jiu to dismiss her.”


It turned out that the other party was not stealing things, but to install bugs.


Song Bai Lao pointed at the bug and moved it in front of me: “Even if you didn’t install this bug, do you dare to say that you don’t know the Zhu family’s plans at all?”


“I…” I bit Lip, “I really don’t know about Zhu Li and Ruan Linghe.
Ning Shi did approach me before, asking me to help her steal the file, but I didn’t agree.”


He looked at me and said lightly: “Oh Why didn’t you agree?”


I suffocated, suddenly not knowing how to answer him.


Why don’t I agree?


He would ask such a question, which shows that he has already made his own judgment on this matter in his heart.
I have no reason not to agree.


Ning Shi is my mother, why didn’t I agree? I’m not close to him, why don’t I agree? The Zhu family rides on the Ruan family’s back against the big tree to enjoy the shade.
If I have the opportunity to please the Ruan family, why don’t I agree?


He had a hundred conjectures that I would definitely agree to, but he wouldn’t believe the only truth.


In his mind, what kind of person am I? A mercenary villain? A scheming careerist?


I lowered my eyes and said tiredly, “Since you don’t believe me, it’s useless for me to say more.
In fact, I have already lost my initial commercial role to you, so I might as well just dissolve the marriage.”


The study was silent, and suddenly, my front tight, was violently pulled to the other end of the desk.


I had to hurriedly hold the table top to maintain my balance, and when I looked up, what caught my eye was Song Bai Lao’s terrifying eyes.


“You’ve played enough of me, and now you want divorced?” He grabbed my collar and leaned close, “Stop dreaming!”


I was about to laugh at him angrily: “Then what do you want? me?”


He glanced around my face and said sternly: “Everything is a scam, it’s your disguise, whether it’s seven years ago or seven years later.
You don’t love me at all, you only love yourself.
I’m ridiculous.
I thought you’d changed,” he let go of me with a look of disgust and hatred, “but you’re still so… disgusting.”


I never knew that the word “disgusting” could have such a devastating effect, even more than all swear words I known.


I stood up straight, caressed the folds on my chest, raised my head and smiled at him, the corners of my mouth trembling.


“You’re right, no matter if it was seven years ago or now, nothing has changed.”

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