I don’t know what to do.
Song Bai Lao just left last night and came back this afternoon.
Fortunately, he collided with Liang Qiu Yang.


I stared at him from both sides, and everything seemed to stand still.
It felt like a long time, but it was only a few seconds.


“Ah, are you the idol singer who has become very popular recently?” Luo Meng Bai suddenly leaned out from behind Song Bai Lao.


When Liang Qiu Yang heard the sound, he turned his head to look at the two of them.
When he saw Luo Meng Bai, he was stunned just like me just now.
He stood up after a while and greeted each other with a gentle and soft voice.




I looked at this Omega, who I had known for seven years, in amazement.
I have never seen him so honest in all these years.


It’s like…like a bottle of vodka that’s literally labeled strawberry milk, poorly disguised.


Luo Meng Bai crossed Song Bai Lao and took the initiative to reach out to Liang Qiu Yang, with smile on her face, and her gold-rimmed glasses made her skin white, and she was full of elite style.


“Hello, I’m Luo Meng Bai, Bai Lao’s cousin.” When she spoke, the curvature of the corners of her lips was just enough to reveal her canine teeth, “It’s an Alpha.”


Liang Qiu Yang held his hand awkwardly: “I’m…Liang Qiu Yang, I’m an omega.”


“Sorry, I didn’t know there were unmarked Omegas, I don’t have a bite stopper, I’ll put it on if you mind…”


“No, I don’t mind.”


I looked for a second.
People clasped hands and looked at Liang Qiu Yang’s small face stained with flush red, and my mood immediately changed from admiration to shock.


Isn’t this guy looking at Luo Meng Bai?


As if to confirm my thoughts, Liang Qiu Yang’s attitude became very earnest after that.
He had endless questions about Luo Meng Bai, from age to occupation, and even asked for the other party’s phone number.


The two were chatting, while Song Bai Lao and I listened silently.
When I saw his expression hesitant, I guessed that he was not happy that I was carrying him with Liang Qiu Yang.
Although he felt unreasonable, he cleared his throat and took the initiative to talk to him.


“Qiu Yang knew that I was injured, so he came to see me…” I sat next to him, leaning a little and whispering in a low voice.


Song Bai Lao rolled his eyes and squinted at me: “Then am I bothering you?”


I quickly shook my head: “No, no.”


As soon as he opened his mouth, there was a thorn in it, which really made it difficult for me to answer.
I sat up straight, picked up the black tea on the table and sipped it.


When it was time for dinner, Aunt Jiu informed Song Bai Lao that the food was ready, and asked if he wanted to sit at the table now.


Song Bai Lao didn’t care whether Liang Qiu Yang and Luo Meng Bai were chatting hotly, he got up and walked to the dining table: “Let’s have dinner.”


I followed to greet the guests: “Eat first, and chat while eating.”


I sat on the table with Song Bai Lao, Liang Qiu Yang and Luo Meng Bai sitting aside, Song Mo sat between me and Liang Qiu Yang, at one end of the dining table.


“You haven’t eaten the cake made by Ning Yu?” Liang Qiu Yang talked about the topic of food for some reason, and then he talked about pastry and me, “Ning Yu’s biscuits and muffins are very delicious, we used to live together, I can often find delicious food made by Ning Yu.
Now I can’t eat it, and I still miss it a little.”


Luo Meng Bai was surprised: “You two lived together before?”


“We lived together for seven years.” Liang Qiu Yang looked at me with a soft smile, “I still keep the house, and the things inside have not been moved.
If Ning Yu wants to go back to live one day, the door will be opened for him at any time.”


He was clearly speaking to me, but I always felt that he had something in his words, beating Song Bai Lao to let him know that I was not without a way out.


It seems that the previous incident with Chen Shu still planted the seeds of distrust in Liang Qiu Yang’s heart, which made him brood.


“Qiu Yang…”


It is a lie to say that I am not touched.
For so many years, he has helped me out in front of the tattoo parlor, and now he’s still worried about me when I get married.
Although he is younger than me, he does have a motherly heart.


But before I could express my opinion, someone next to me interrupted, “I’ve accepted it with good intentions, but since Ning Yu is married to me, of course it’s more comfortable to live in the Song family.” Song Bai Lao put down the bowl in his hand, and the porcelain and the tabletop made noises.
It was a gentle touch, “Right, Ning Yu?”


With the chopsticks poking into the bowl, I looked carefully at Song Bai Lao, and when I saw him looking back at me with a half-smile but not a smile, the alarm bells rang out in my heart.


“Yes!” I didn’t dare to hesitate, “Qiu Yang, keep your house as a wedding room in the future, I…I probably won’t go back to live there.”


Liang Qiu Yang pouted and looked at me with disgust: “Counseling Dude, why didn’t you see that you were a strict wife?”


Because I never thought I would marry Song Bai Lao…


After dinner, Luo Meng Bai did a basic physical examination for me and Song Mo alone, and also check out the recovery of my hand.


“The recovery is good, and the bandages can be removed in a few days.”


I didn’t ask her why she came this time, but it seemed that she came to check on me and Song Mo.


During this time, I was injured a lot.
Maybe Song Bai Lao was afraid that I would be played by him.


Luo Meng Bai took Liang Qiu Yang with her when she left.
I sent the two to the door and watched them go away.
Liang Qiu Yang’s faintly sweet voice was heard in the wind.


“Are you still doing a physical examination? Then why don’t you check it for me…”


He shook his head helplessly, and went back into the room, but Song Bai Lao was nowhere to be seen.
Aunt Jiu pointed in a direction and said that he took Song Mo to the video room to watch a movie.


It seems that there is a new cartoon released recently.
Song Mo kept saying that he wanted to watch it before it was released, but because of the fracture of the bone and the charity reception these two days, I forgot about it.


I twisted my fingertips: “Aunt Jiu, can you do me a favor?”


Aunt Jiu blinked: “Do You need anything Mr.


I asked her to knead up, help me do things I couldn’t do with one hand, stir, knead, and put in the oven.
Fifteen minutes later, with a “ding” sound, a fluffy and fragrant muffin was ready.


Aunt Jiu, wearing heat-insulating gloves, placed the muffins one by one on the snow-white bone china plate.


“you wanted me to help, it turned out to be making cakes.”


I picked up the china plate with six small cups on it, smiled and said, “Momo hasn’t eaten the cake I made for a long time.
Today he said he wanted to eat, so I just wanted to make some for him.”


I came to the video room with a plate, I knocked on the door, pushed it open, and went in.
The room was very dark, which was different from what I imagined.
The father and son were not watching cartoons at all, but a movie based on the legendary life of a famous entrepreneur.


Song Mo may have smelled the smell, so he climbed onto the back of the chair and shouted at me with a wide-eyed smile: “Cake!”


I presented the plate in front of him, he picked one that closed his eyes, held it in front of him and ate it.


After deliberating for a moment, I turned the direction and handed the plate to Song Bai Lao.


“You…” I lowered my eyes, a little nervous, “Do you want it?”


He didn’t speak for a long time, only the conversations of the characters in the movie could be heard.


“Do you think making two cakes to please me will make today’s affairs smooth?”


I looked up at him, and saw that his face was expressionless, unmoved by any external force, and the hand holding the plate was unsatisfactory trembling.


“Liang Qiu Yang and I are just friends, he likes…” I suddenly thought of who could lie down, “He likes Luo Meng Bai like that.”


After a few days of peace, I really don’t want to go back to the kind of arrogance before.


He is not tired, I am tired.


“…What about you?”


I stood there blankly.
In the background sound, the heroine of the movie was talking eloquently at the product promotion meeting.




His eyes fell on the plate of muffins, and he didn’t know what to think, the corners of his lips hooked slightly.


“What do you like?”


The video room was dimly lit and hard to see.
He stared at me, his eyes reflecting a little brilliance.


It was as if a spider had crawled up my neck.
It sealed my throat with silk, wrapped around my lips, and slowly paced leisurely across my skin, making me shudder beyond words.


I swallowed and looked at Song Mo, who was on the side.
The little guy watched the movie with relish while nibbling on the muffin, and didn’t pay attention to me and Song Bai Lao’s conversation.


“I…I like you.”


I looked at the muffin on the plate, my voice drowned with the background.


A short chuckle sounded above his head, and then Song Bai Lao slowly possessed himself and came close to my ear.


“I know.”


My heart was beating like a drum, filling my eardrums.
After a while, the plate in my hand lightened, and he took a cup of cake at some point, glanced at it, and leaned back in the chair to bite most of it.


That night, I accompanied Song Bai Lao and Song Mo to watch an entire movie that I didn’t understand.
Whenever my thoughts fell on the plot, I would be distracted by all kinds of strange thoughts.


Song Bai Lao’s “I know” echoed back and forth in my mind.


He knows?


I stared at the big screen, and I couldn’t help wanting to smash those words into ashes and sprinkle them on his face, and then sneered back to him: You know what!


Before going to bed, I received a text message from Liang Qiu Yang, he sent a series of meaningless “ah”, about thirty or forty, I waited patiently to the end, and finally turned to the subject of his text message.


[Her pheromone smells so good, I want to give her a baby! !]


This “she”, I can guess who it is without asking.


I asked him to calm down.
I haven’t had much contact with Luo Meng Bai, but from Song Bai Lao’s attitude towards her, there shouldn’t be much of a problem with her character.
It’s just that the Luo family is complicated after all.
There was a case of breaking up Luo Qinghe and Song Xiao before, which made me feel a little subtle about Luo Meng Bai, because I was afraid that she was not a good person.


A few days later, the court hearing about my lawsuit against Chang Xingze and Xiang Ping for infringement of the right of reputation.


As the plaintiff, I authorised lawyer Wu to act as my representative and did not appear in court.
Chang Xingze did not appear in court because he was pregnant, and Xiang Ping was the only one at the scene.


The case was in court in the morning.
I couldn’t sleep, so I got up early.
I sat down and got up for a while.
It could be said that I was restless and anxious.


Almost two hours after the court session, Wu Feng call came.


I couldn’t wait to pick it up, my palms sweating nervously: “Hey, lawyer Wu, how are you?”


Wu Feng’s confident voice came from the opposite side: “Although I shouldn’t jump to conclusions like this before the sentencing, I can predict first, they will lose miserably.”

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