I have a tattoo on my lower abdomen and on my lower waist.
It was originally to cover the vertical incision wound of the laparotomy and was forcibly removed by Ning Shi.
She probably meant to get some flowers, grass, and cover the scar, but I secretly asked the tattooist to tattoo a scarier scar – torn flesh, bright red texture, and messy rough stitches, like being pierced by sword through the body.

This is literally fighting Ning Shi naked.
She stared at my body angrily, slapped me fiercely, called me a scumbag who didn’t want to make progress, and then left me penniless in a remote place.
The entrance to the tattoo shop.
If Liang Qiu Yang, who also had tattoos in the shop, saw me pitifully and generously, I would have been sent to the police station by the tattoo shop owner on the grounds of “overlord tattoos”.

Not to mention that Ning Shi couldn’t understand, even I couldn’t understand what was going through my mind at that moment.

I didn’t actually like that child, and I didn’t think about having him, but when he leave, I couldn’t let it go.

Liang Qiu Yang said that it may be because of my “maternal” instinct, I think he is wrong, it may just be my hypocritical.
I hypocritically think that I should not forget.

“Tame me.
I’m just one of thousands of foxes.
I’m no different.
If you tame me, I’ll be your only fox in this world.”

I adjusted the camera, Let the lens focus better on the parts below my shoulders.

“I’m sorry, I injured my hand while cooking yesterday, so I can’t touch the water, I can only be a broadcast anchor.” I stretched out my hand and showed the Band-Aid on the index finger of my left hand to the few viewers behind the camera.

The wound is just at the knuckle, about two centimeters on the side, not too deep, but there was a lot of blood yesterday.

As a baker, I have to deal with the kitchen all day long, and I have to blame Song Bai Lao for all this.

I have a habit of turning on the TV when I cook, to make the room a little more lifely.
It’s usually news, and sometimes I watch some more noisy variety shows.

Yesterday I was peeling a potato when I suddenly heard the three words “Song Bai Lao” from the mouth of the male news anchor.
With a quick hand, the blade of the knife cut into the flesh.
Fortunately, I stopped the force in time, otherwise I was afraid that I would have to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

I rushed into the living room and yanked a tissue over the wound, hearing more in my ears.
The head of the Xia family died of illness.
As a stepson, Song Bai Lao inherited all the properties of the Xia family and became the youngest golden bachelor on the list.

No wonder the Zhu family was reluctant to let go of this fragrant bun, and they also had to get on this big boat with a replacement.

“It’s just a minor injury, just give me two days to heal.”

After my baker’s qualification certificate was revoked two years ago, I have been broadcasting the cake making process on a live broadcast platform called “Amber”.
Other popular game anchors can’t compare, but they can still make ends meet.
But a few years ago, because someone broke out that I had copied other contestants in the International Cake Contest, the popularity of the live broadcast room has been declining day by day.
In particular, the “victim” soon also broadcast live in Amber.

All kinds of creative events and art careers have always been the exclusive domain of Omega, and no one will believe the excuse of a beta.
Ning Shi is right, adults don’t care about the process, everyone just looks at the results.

In this world, if A is the king and O is the queen, then B is probably a servant who is only assigned to carry shoes.

There were a few comments section on the right side of the screen, all of which made me pay attention to safety.
At the same time, the number of people in the live broadcast room began to decline visibly.

Sure enough, it still doesn’t work.
I’m a live-streaming cake maker.
I don’t show my face, nor do I have any talent for funny.
I have a bad reputation.
Suddenly, I didn’t make cakes and read children’s books instead of killing myself.

Tomorrow, it seems that even if the hand is not good, the live broadcast will continue.

“Well, I will pay attention to safety.
Then I will read…” With a sigh in my heart, I turned another page of the book spread out on the table.

About 1/3 into the storybook, I said goodbye to several online viewers and finished the live broadcast.
After talking all afternoon, I was a little dry and went to the refrigerator to open a can of cold beer.

After taking a few gulps, I returned to the computer desk with the easy-open can.
Just opened the browser and browsed a few frequently visited websites at will, and suddenly a news window popped up in the lower right corner.

(Song Bai Lao, chairman of Xia Sheng Group, may marry Zhu Li, the son of Zhu’s wood industry, within this year.)

I was unprepared, my hands trembled, and the sliding motion of the mouse was too fast, knocking over the easy-open can beside me.
The bubbly liquor poured down instantly, spilling all over the keyboard.

The news from the media is quite accurate.
“Song Bai Lao”, “within this year”, “with the Zhu family’s wood industry son”, and “marrying” are all correct, but the objects are not accurate.

It’s not Zhu Li who wants to marry Song Bai Lao, it’s me.

The beer dripped down the table, and I was stunned for three seconds before I realized it.
After that, I quickly took out a tissue to wipe the keyboard and shut down the system.
After tossing for a long time, I finally cleaned up the computer.

I was about to go into battle tomorrow with an injury, but now I don’t even have the spirit to eat…

I simply turned on my mobile phone and logged in to my account.
Amber took a day off.
I planned to let the computer dry overnight.
I’ll see if it can run as usual tomorrow.

The next day, with anticipation and apprehension, I cautiously pressed the computer start button.
After waiting for a long time, there was no response from the display screen, as calm as the endless dark sea in the middle of the night.

“It’s really broken…” I slumped my shoulders and let out a long sigh.
After lunch, I resignedly took the computer to the store for repairs.

The weather has not been very good recently.
Before I went out, I checked the weather forecast and it was cloudy with light rain.

Since I started live broadcasting at home, I have gradually stopped going out, and I can’t even find an umbrella at home.
I looked outside the window except for the thick clouds, and it seemed that it would not rain for a while, so I gave up the idea of ​​looking for an umbrella with a bit of luck.

As a result, people even choked their teeth when they drank cold water.
As soon as I got out of the subway entrance, I saw that it was raining heavily outside.
Where is the light rain, it is clearly heavy rain.

Fortunately, the gate of the mall was only 50 meters away from me.
I put the notebook on my head and sprinted over without getting much.

I kept patting my clothes with raindrops on the porch, and the doorman not far away glanced at me, frowned and turned away.

Feeling his dislike, I lowered my head and walked a little further.

A grandiose luxury car drove slowly outside the gate.
The black and bright paint, even with raindrops on it, looked like diamonds embellished with high-grade silk.
It was so dazzling that people couldn’t take their eyes off it.
Almost everyone who passed by would endure it.
Keep looking at it.

The doorman suddenly turned into a strange face, and greeted him with an umbrella and a flattering smile.
A young woman stepped out of the car slowly.
On such a cold day, she only wore a thin dress and a cashmere coat.
The umbrella was too low to see her appearance, and she seemed to be holding a small child in her hand.

It looks like an Omega, who should be the rich wife.

I looked back, took the elevator to the top floor of the shopping mall with the computer in between, and pushed open the door of the specialty store according to my memory.

Maybe because of the rain, there are not many people in the store, but I still don’t get used to it.
The more people there are, the more nervous I get.
Living away from the crowd for the past two years has gradually made me unwilling to be in contact with people.

“That’s it…it was splashed with water, so I can’t open it today.”

I finally told the clerk of my intentions.
He checked my computer and said that it could be repaired, but the estimate time was a bit long, three or four hours.

“It’s good if it can be repaired.” When I heard that it could be repaired, I was really relieved.

I can still afford the repairs, but if I buy a new one, it’s really hard.

“Then you can pick it up again in the afternoon.” The clerk gave me a note and asked me to pick up the computer in the afternoon.

I thanked the clerk.
After leaving the specialty store, I went to a ramen shop and ate a bowl of plain noodles.
I sat there for about two hours, but I couldn’t sit any longer, so I checked out and went to the mall to kill time.

This time, I did not know why I went to the mother and baby area.

The mother and baby area is very quiet.
Not to mention the special children’s playroom, there are also two VIP rooms, which are mysterious with rolling shutters.
I think they are prepared for those Omegas who don’t want to shop with the betas.

It is said that everyone is equal, but the details of inequality can be seen everywhere in life.

I touched a small pink dress and thought seriously about what size should a seven-year-old wear? It seems that there are only baby clothes here, should I go to the children’s clothing section? I don’t know if the kid is an alpha, an Omega or a beta.
The next time you see Ning Shi, you have to ask carefully, otherwise it will be difficult to pick a gift for him.

“Do you need any help?” Maybe it was very suspicious to see me in a daze, which attracted the attention of the salesperson.

I waved my hands in embarrassment: “No, no, I’ll take a look.”

As if afraid of the salesperson chasing after me, I quickly walked out of the mother and baby area without looking back.

It may be that I drank too much noodle soup at noon, and the urge to urinate came suddenly.
I walked around the mall and searched for nearly ten minutes before I found the men’s bathroom in a hidden corner.

During the release, I always felt weird, but I couldn’t tell how weird it was, as if someone was staring at it.

There was a mirror in front of each urinal, and the mirror didn’t show anyone else behind me, but it completely showed my messy hair that was about to cover my eyes, and my pale and blue complexion.

No wonder the doorman looked at me with such disgust, like a vampire who hadn’t slept in eight hundred years.

Laughing at myself for being too careless, I trimmed my hair, zipped up and turned around… A little boy looked at me blankly.

“!!!” I clutched my beating heart, and almost couldn’t help screaming in horror.

The other party was about five years old, only about my thighs, wearing a camel-colored plaid overalls, a pair of big black eyes, and was staring at me for a moment.

That line of sight turned out not to be my illusion, but someone was really looking at me from behind.

It took me a while to calm down before my heartbeat returned to normal.
During this time, the other party maintained the same expression and posture, and he was panicked when he saw it.

I squatted down and asked him, “Why are you looking at me silently?”

The little boy stared at me with big black and white eyes, expressionless on his face, as if he didn’t understand my words.

“Where’s your mother?”

He still ignored me.

I thought he was hearing impaired and snapped my fingers very close to his ear.
He blinked sharply, clearly audible.

I thought of looking outside to see if there were any of his parents, and after scanning the circle, I found that the surroundings were very empty, not even a single person.

Turning around again, startled again, he followed me out, and came close to me, grabbing the hem of my shirt with one hand.

I picked him up and said, “Whose child are you? Do you know where your mother is?”

The child was as beautiful as a porcelain doll, and he didn’t even react like a normal person.
If it wasn’t for his warmth and softness, I would have doubt it is artificial Ai implanted in the program.

“Do you know your mom or dad’s phone number?” I took out my phone in one hand and asked the other person with no expectations.

Unexpectedly, this time the little boy’s eyes suddenly moved, and he reached out to the phone.

“Did you think of something?” I hurriedly gave him the phone.

He held the phone in both hands, pressed a series of numbers slowly and unskillfully, and returned the phone to me.

“Is that your parents’ number?” I asked him.

The little boy looked at me like an ice sculpture and a snow sculpture.

I sighed and dialed the number on my phone.

It took a long time for the call to be connected, and a polite young female voice came from the opposite side: “Hello, who is it?”

“Uh… I found a child, did you lose it?”

The opposite side was silent for a while, the female voice became very indifferent: “I’m not married, how can I have children? If you’re going to cheat money, just find someone else, I’m very busy.”

After that, she hung up the phone, and no matter how much I called, the other party didn’t answer.

“She said she didn’t have children, didn’t you give me your mother’s cell phone number?” My question was destined to be unanswered.
The little boy sat quietly on my arm, except for blinking, his face seemed to be frozen, nothing.

How can I do this…

Just as I was at a loss, thinking about handing him over to the service desk in the mall, the child suddenly stretched his arm and pointed to a sign above our heads.

I took a closer look.
In addition to the location of the elevator toilet, it also marked the location of a commercial building adjacent to the mall.

When I came last year, the commercial building was still undergoing final construction.
It is said that it was bought by a large company to be the headquarters building.
Now that a year has passed, someone should have settled in the office long ago.

“Is it where your parents work?”

I asked casually, but this time the other party nodded.
Although the movement range is small, it is true that he nods his head up and down.

With clear goals, I’m also much easier to do.

“Then I’ll take you to find them.”

I do good deeds every day and want to be a useful person to society, but when I finally walked to the grand business building with a child in my arms, I looked up at the bronze “Xia Sheng” on the lintel.
When it comes to two words, to be honest, apart from running away, I have completely forgotten my original intention.

How could it be so coincidental that this building was actually bought by Xia Sheng to make the new headquarters?

This used to be the Xia Sheng of the Xia family.
Not long ago, it became Song Bai Lao’s company.

The Song Bai Lao I’m going to marry soon.

Fate is really a wonderful thing.
In the past seven years, I haven’t heard anything about Song Bai Lao even once, and I haven’t seen him anywhere.
But since agreeing to Ning Shi’s request, it’s like turning on some evil fate switch, and suddenly this person is everywhere.

The security guard at the door saw me standing stupidly and didn’t want to go in, so he came over and asked, “Sir, who are you looking for?”

I woke up and said, “Oh, I’m looking for… I’m looking for this child’s parents.”

There are thousands of employees in the company, and even if they arrive in Xia Sheng, they may not be able to see Song Bai Lao.

The security guard looked suspiciously at the little boy in my arms, and suddenly glared: “Oh, isn’t this little young master?”

I was also shocked: “Little… little young master?”

Can I be called by Xia Sheng’s security guard ? For the “little master”…

I didn’t have time to think further, but the other party enthusiastically pulled me by the arm and pulled me through the door to the front desk.

“The young master is here!”

Two young girls sat at the front desk and looked at me in surprise.

One said, “I heard from Assistant Li that today the new nanny will bring the young master over to find the boss.
Are you the new nanny? It turns out to be a man.”
The other said, “I’ll take you up, come with me.”

I want to say that I am not a new babysitter, but the problem of being nervous when people are too many makes me temporarily in a state of aphasia.
I can only follow their instructions like a wooden man, and my mind goes blank.

The lady at the front desk took us through the gate with her own card, and then took the elevator that also required card swipe.
Press the button on the 28th floor, the highest floor, and the lift is is silent.

“You…” When they reached the tenth floor, the other party suddenly said.

Every pore I was nervous was trembling, and when I heard her voice, I raised my head.
The three sides of the lift were covered with dark brown mirror glass, which truly reflected my panic-stricken appearance.

The other party was taken aback by my reaction and was a little embarrassed: “I want to say that Mr.
Song may be in a meeting, and you have to wait for him in the office for a while.”


Where is there another person named Song who dares to call Xia Sheng? “Mr”?

It’s really Song Bai Lao.

A hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of the lady at the front desk: “Why are you sweating so much, are you uncomfortable?”

I am quite uncomfortable.
At first I thought I could, but now I realize I can’t.
I could even hear my teeth rattling up and down in fear, and the constant trembling kept me from uttering a word.


The elevator dinged at this moment, and the 28th floor arrived.

“Please.” The front desk helped me block the door and let me go first.

As soon as you exit the elevator door on the 28th floor, there is an open reception room.
The floor is covered with a soft dark blue carpet.
The floor-to-ceiling windows make the whole space bright and heavy.
On the right is a closed space divided by a glass wall, which is locked.
The door, but judging from the furnishings, it should be Song Bailao’s office.

The whole floor is extraordinarily quiet, and the sound-absorbing effect of the fleece underfoot is very good.

“Wait here, I’ve already sent a message to Assistant Manager Song.” The girl was about to follow her out of the elevator, when suddenly there was a movement in her phone, it seemed that her colleague had something urgent to do with her.

She frowned: “I’m sorry, I have something to do here.
You can wait here for a while.
You can pick up the drinks and fruits on the bar.
I’ll go first.”

“Hey…” She turned back after walking a few steps, I wanted to stop her and tell her not to leave, but the other party was so focused on communicating with the colleague on the other end of the phone that she didn’t notice me at all.

The elevator door closed relentlessly in front of my eyes, I stared at it for a moment, sighed, and put the little boy in my arms on the ground, letting him move freely.

“Will you wait for your father here by yourself?” Now I look at the little boy’s facial features, with bright eyes and white teeth, but there is indeed a bit of Song Bai Lao’s shadow.
“Uncle is in a hurry and can’t accompany you.”

I wanted to slip away, but before I took a few steps, the pants on my thigh were pulled from behind.
I looked back, the child was clutching my pants tightly, and I could see a little reluctance on his blank face.

“Honey, I’m really leaving.” It was a child, I easily broke his hand.

But after a few steps, he grabbed me again.

We were like tug-of-war, he dragged me, I dragged him, and tried my best not to let each other wish.

Just as we were entangled, there was a ding dong, and I was shaken by the sound and shivered all over, and looked stiffly towards the elevator.

The elevator door opened slowly, and a tall man with a black bite stop covering his lower face gradually appeared in front of me.
The bangs were fixed with hairspray and combed to the back of the head, revealing the entire smooth forehead, which made the eyes especially deep.
He was wearing a suit with his hands in his trouser pockets.
Just looking at him like this, the words “shocking” flashed in my mind unconsciously.

Literally, as soon as I saw him, my heart skipped a beat.

When he saw my face, he first squinted and thought for a moment.
After a few seconds, he finally found my image from a corner of memory.
His brows gradually loosened, and the ends of his brows raised a familiar, careless arc.

“It’s you.”

I haven’t seen you for seven years, and he may have long forgotten my name.

No, he never seriously remembered it before.

“Okay, long time no see.” I pretended to be calm and stretched out my hand.

“Song Bai Lao.”

The author said: “Bo” is pronounced “bai” as a surname, and “bo” as a first name.

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