I saw that he stopped talking and continued to eat porridge with my head down.

During this period, I could feel that he was looking at me all the time, as if he was hesitating to say something, but also seemed to be thinking.


“Why did you let Xiang Ping go up to the mountain?”


My hand that holding the spoon paused in the air, and after a while, I took the action as if nothing had happened.


“I won’t do it next time.”


The fractured right hand rested on the quilt, and the fingertips clenched and stretched unconsciously.
Maybe being with Song Bai Lao made me a little nervous, or maybe the quiet environment always makes people think wildly.
Suddenly, without warning, a jellyfish at a loss appeared in my mind.
Floating in.


“No matter what fantasies you had about him before, it turns out that he is indeed incurable and doesn’t know how to repent.”


No matter what he said, I accepted everything: “Yes, I am indeed too naive, this matter is very bad.
Lawyer Wu has already criticized me to be careful.
I will never see anyone related to Xu Mei Ren again before the lawsuit is over, don’t worry.”


I admitted my mistake in a good manner, and he didn’t have any way to express his temper, as if he was blocked by my words.
It was suffocating, and then it was silent for a long time.


When I was almost done, I put down the spoon and saw that he didn’t want to leave, so I took the initiative to break the silence and asked about yesterday’s chaos.


“What happened yesterday?”


Song Bai Lao rested his head with one hand and tapped the armrest of the sofa back and forth with the tip of the other finger regularly: “The drama begins and the farce ends.
The matter is too big, and there are all rich and powerful people present, and everyone doesn’t care.
I hope that this matter will be known to the world, and it has been completely suppressed.”


Influenced by pheromones, uncontrollable estrus, shameless chasing and biting, absurd and jaw-dropping, it is indeed a complete farce.


“Then… have you found out how that Beta who got in?”


The security at the scene is so tight, I once thought that a suspicious fly would not even want to fly in, but not only was the defense line broken, but such a bad thing happened.
It is conceivable that the organizers will have a lot of headaches, and I don’t know whether this year’s reception will be a dead end.


There was a sneer on Song Bai Lao’s lips: “It is said that he entered through the back kitchen, an extreme Beta supremacist.
People have caught it, this incident will not cause any waves in society, but he is very likely to be in prison for the rest of his life.
Get through it.”


Beta is supreme…


Throughout the past and present, even if you want to fight for the rights you deserve, you will inevitably go to extremes and lead to confrontation, but you shouldn’t base this kind of behavior on harming others.


Betas are neither low nor noble, just like Alphas and Omegas, they are both born and involuntarily.


The venue was so chaotic yesterday, I don’t know how many people suffered like me, I asked Song Bai Lao vaguely, he didn’t say anything else, just said that Luo Qinghe and Zhu Yun Sheng were all fine.


Zhu Yun Sheng is like a human being, he walks fast, and Zhu Li doesn’t give up too much.
He is also agitated.
I’m not surprised that they are all right.
Luo Qinghe, as a marked Alpha, even if his partner dies, the marking is still valid and will not be affected by other Omega pheromones.
I am not surprised that he is fine.


“Then what happened to the Alpha yesterday…the one who was beaten by you…?” Since all the rich and powerful were present, the Alpha who was beaten to the core by Song Bai Lao yesterday was naturally not an unimportant ordinary person.
Although there is a reason for the incident, it is also troublesome for the other party to pursue it.


Song Bai Lao stopped his fingertips when he heard the words, and squinted: “Why did you ask about him?”


I was afraid that he would be killed by you.


“I think he seems to be seriously injured…”




I was startled, looked at him for a moment, and raised my voice: “Dead?!” I was overwhelmed and grabbed the quilt under my palm tightly with my fingers.
“Then what? Will the police… will they come and arrest you?”


How could Song Bai Lao act bravely in this matter? The fault lies with the mastermind who caused this incident.
Even if he accidentally beats someone to death, he… he shouldn’t be held legally responsible, right?


Song Bai Lao looked calm: “You are very worried about me?”


“You are here to save me after all…” I was very confused.
For a moment, there is a picture of Song Bai Lao wearing shackles, and the next moment, Song Mo and I were watching him through the barred window.
“I’m going to testify, you didn’t intend it.
In that case, it’s inevitable that you can’t control your strength… They, they will definitely not embarrass you.”


Song Bai Lao stared at me for a long time without speaking, his eyes were interesting, and the corners of his lips smiled also became inexplicable.


“I lied to you.”


Just like an old computer, after a series of overloaded operations, the excessive amount of information has already made me a little unable to react.
Suddenly I heard Song Bai Lao spit out these those words lightly, I was instantly on the hook.


“He didn’t die, he just broke a few ribs and needed to rest for a few months.
I have sent the condolences as soon as possible.
The police won’t arrest me, and you don’t have to be a widow, so don’t worry.” He said lightly, his express Joy, “I really should take a picture of what you just looked like, it’s really funny.”


Realizing that it was all just a joke by his mouth, I tightened my fingers and felt suffocated.


I don’t need him to tell me how stupid I was just believing everything.



“It’s fine.” I lowered my eyes, trying to make a look that I didn’t care about, but I curled the corners of my lips a few times, the smile was trembling and I couldn’t hang it, and finally I gave up.


After a while of silence, Song Bai Lao suddenly said in an impatient tone, “You laugh…”


But before he could say more, Aunt Jiu knocked on the door and came in, saying that she had coaxed Song Mo to sleep, and helped me withdraw the table and bowl.


When the stomach is full, the drowsiness comes up again.
I slumped into the soft quilt and yawned.


Song Bai Lao stood up and said, “You can rest.”


After that, he left with Aunt Jiu.


The door closed gently, leaving only the silence in the room.
My eyes fell on the chair Song Bai Lao had sat on before, and I gradually closed my eyes until I became more sleepy.


For some reason, Song Bai Lao went up the mountain more often, and he always spent three or four days a week on the mountain.


The anger of the previous Cold War was stirred up by that little pheromone, and it seemed that he was finally able to vent.
Fortunately, his temper was much calmer, and he no longer angered me at every turn.


On this day, Liang Qiu Yang said he wanted to see me.


At first, he saw that I suddenly stopped the live broadcast, and he was concerned that he called to ask about my situation.
After knowing that I had fractured Xiang Ping’s bone, he shouted to see me.


I said that I was fine, I had to do whatever I wanted, and let him not use it, but he got angry and said that I was hiding everything from him and didn’t treat him as a friend.
I was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to respond to him.
He seized the opportunity and said, “I’ll see you in the afternoon.” Then he hung up the phone without giving me any chance to say no more.


I looked at the phone screen and sighed, a little happy and a little worried.
I’m glad to meet my long-lost friend, but I’m worried… Song Bai Lao will come back suddenly.


Entering June, I don’t feel that the air conditioner is on at home, but it is already hot outside.


Through the window, I saw Song Mo coming back from outside the house, followed by the accompanying servants.
I took out the watermelon juice squeezed in the morning from the refrigerator, poured it into a small cartoon cup, inserted a straw and greeted him at the door.


As soon as Song Mo entered the door and saw me, his eyes seemed to have stars in his eyes, and he walked towards me with a face full of joy, but he didn’t know what to think, when the stars suddenly dimmed and his steps slowed down.


He walked up to me, held the cup I gave him, looked up at me and gave me a very polite smile.


“Thank you mom.”


He has always been like this these days, no longer acting like a spoiled child, and no longer always arguing for me to accompany him out.
He became more sensible and well-behaved, not by nature, but by restraint.


I carried him to the sofa and sat down, seeing sweat on his forehead and neck, and asked the servant to fetch a towel.


“Mo Mo, why haven’t you acted like a spoiled child recently? Did your father scold you?”


Song Mo sipped the watermelon juice, spit out the straw after hearing this, clasped the wall of the cup a little uneasily, and shook his head.


I took the wet towel from the servant and wiped his face for him.


“Why is that?”


Song Mo didn’t speak for a while, and I waited for two minutes.
Before he could speak, I was about to ask again, when the child with a downcast face said in a pitiful, soft voice.
“I’m not good, you don’t like me anymore.”


I was stunned for a while, but I realized that his restraint these days was all because of my unintentional loss that day, and a burst of grief suddenly appeared in my heart.


“No, I won’t dislike you.”


He is a sensitive child, and I must have made him uncomfortable when I said that that day.


Song Mo raised his eyes and looked at me expectantly: “Really?”


I nodded vigorously and smiled: “Really, I….mother will never dislike Momo, so Momo can act like a spoiled child to me, and also you can let me go out to play with you, just like before.”


Song Mo’s eyes suddenly turned red, as if he was happy, and it was like the boulder that had been in his heart for a long time was finally shattered.


“I’ll always like Mommy too!” He threw himself into my arms, and even groaned and cried, intermittently, not violently, but very heart-wrenching.


I had to pat him on the back and coaxed him in a low voice: “It’s alright, don’t cry baby, your crying makes mother’s heart broken.”


He cried for a while, and was already tired of playing outside.
Now his mind was relieved.
I coaxed him so gently that I coaxed him to sleep not long after.


He lay on his back in my arms, and I took the small cup away and put it on the coffee table.
The skin on his face was slightly reddish from the sun, and he slept sweetly with his mouth open.


When Liang Qiu Yang entered the door, he saw such a scene.
He was wearing a black tee with an exaggerated skull pattern, and the center of the anti-bite collar around his neck was a bright red heart shape.


He took off his sunglasses, raised his eyebrows and said, “Yo, how about coaxing the child?”


I raised a finger in front of my lips to make him quite.


He tiptoed down beside me and looked at Song Mo in my arms: “They all say stepmothers are difficult to do.
How can I see you so relaxed?” Looking at Song Mo’s delicate facial features, he tut tut tongue, “this little a is growing up, and how many people have to die for life and death!”


I glanced at him: “Why is it so bloody, can’t it be calm and smooth?”


Liang Qiu Yang was shocked to lose his words, I tapped his mouth lightly: “Bah, you’re palming my mouth.”


Aunt Jiu brought the fragrant and smooth iced coffee to the guests, took the sleeping Song Mo from me, and took it upstairs.


Now, Liang Qiu Yang and I can finally speak loudly.


“Xiang Ping still has the courage to look for you? Is he crazy?” Liang Qiu Yang turned to look at my injured hand, and cursed words came out one after another without stopping.


I didn’t want to keep talking about my bad things, so I took my hand back and said, “He broke two ribs, and I didn’t suffer.
By the way, I received your album, and it sounds very good.” I haven’t seen him for a long time, except for him after his debut, I don’t know if he has been doing well recently.


Liang Qiu Yang sneered: “Of course, you don’t see who sang it.
I also wrote a song about you.
Have you heard it?”


When I saw him looking like he was asking for praise, I swallowed the words that came out of my mouth, nodded and said, “Well, I heard it, and it sounds very good.
I also went to the Internet to search for everyone’s comments on this album.
It seems that you are indeed suitable for this bowl of rice.”


Liang Qiu Yang was moved: “Did Wei Niang ever say that I love your sincerity?”


That’s not true.
I only said that I love my wisdom best when I clean the room, and that I love my good craftsmanship best when I make cakes.
I also said that I love my temper best and can eat spicy food.


I was about to make fun of him when I suddenly heard a low male voice that made me stiff all over.


“Have guests?”


As soon as I turned around, I saw Song Bai Lao standing at the entrance of the living room with an expressionless face, holding his coat in his hands.
I looked silently, not knowing when he came back.

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