Chapter 24 – Spring Is Here, And It Is The Season Of Reproduction.
Liang Qiu Yang Has Splashed Water Downstairs For Three Consecutive Nights To Drive Away The Quarrelling Wild Cats.

I kicked Xiang Ping, he broke two ribs, and when I fell back, I put my hand on the ground, and the pain was so severe that I thought it was a broken bone.


In order to prevent Song Bai Lao from thinking that I was making trouble for him again, I specifically did not call Luo Meng Bai, but went to the hospital myself.


The doctor said that I need to wear a fixed bandage for a month, so that I can use my right hand less.


The second spring of my career, which I just started, just ended because of Xiang Ping’s arrival.


What’s even more regrettable is that I thought he didn’t know about my injury if I didn’t tell Song Bai Lao, but when I woke up the next morning, lawyer Wu Feng, who had asked me what I wanted with a smile, went to find me.


He still spoke properly and politely, but his words were full of euphemistic disapproval.
He thinks that I should not agree to meet Xiang Ping, which is reckless and dangerous.


I sat there with my shoulders shrunk, like a schoolboy being criticized, terribly at a loss.


I will meet with Xiang Ping, to put it bluntly, it is just because of a little naive thought in my heart, and I want to hear whether he will confess to me and whether he feels remorse.


Now it seems that this is tantamount to further proof of my naivety, and there has been no improvement for so many years.


“You’re right.” I completely agree with what lawyer Wu said, saying that I will never do it again.


Lawyer Wu looked at me and sighed, wondering if he thought I was perfunctory.


“I will add a restraining order for him to the court so that he can no longer approach you in the future.” He took his suit jacket and walked out, and when he got to the door, he asked me not to send him off, and asked me to take good care of my injuries.


I raised it for two days, one hand is very inconvenient, but I can only master how to eat with the left hand.


Li Xun called one afternoon and said that he would pick me up for a charity reception in the evening at a century-old winery in Linshi.


After hanging up the phone, I hurriedly asked Aunt Jiu to take care of my hair and clothes.
Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I remembered that Song Bai Lao had said that my lips were pale, so I pointed my mouth and asked Aunt Jiu if she wanted to add some color.


Aunt Jiu said with a smile, “Mr.
Ning looks good recently, not pale.”


I didn’t have any pressure from Song Bai Lao, I ate well, slept well, and looked good naturally.


Li Xun appeared outside the gate at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, wearing a very dashing black suit, and Song Bai Lao was nowhere to be seen in the car.


Song passed by yesterday.” Perhaps seeing my doubts, she took the initiative to explain.


I nodded and sat in the car without speaking.


Li Xun dutifully explained to me the origin and history of tonight’s reception.


Held in DaoXin, Linshi, the reception in the name of charity was initiated by a member of parliament and has lasted for six years.
This year is his last year in office, and the charity reception next year is likely to be taken over by a newly-appointed member of the party’s party.
I saw her expression was very tight-lipped, thinking that Luo Qinghe was going to run for parliament as well, and I wondered if the two were related.


Said to be a charity reception, in fact, it is a celebrity dinner with a better name.
Everyone socialises and socialises and builds personal connections.
Charity is nothing but a condiment, a bridge of convenience.


Three hours later, our car finally arrived at the century-old winery in Daoxin.
At that time, I was already hungry, and I regretted that I didn’t pad my stomach before going out.


The winery may have been making wine in the past, and a half-human-high wine vat was displayed in front of the shadow wall at the entrance.
But now, apart from the quaint appearance, the interior facilities have been renovated, and it is said to be a high-level clubhouse that is not open to the public on weekdays.


Li Xun showed the invitation letter to the security check at the door, and the sniffing dog sniffed me all over again.
Not only it have to check your belongings, but also measure your body temperature to prevent the Omega from being in estrus.
The security measures can be described as strict.


After finally getting in, there are still quite a few people looking around, scattered around the building in groups of three or five, chatting and laughing in a low voice, staggering.


Li Xun said she went to Song Bai Lao and told me to stay where I was.


I didn’t move at first, but I couldn’t bear the hunger, and when I saw the fruit snacks on the side, I was hooked unconsciously.


Afraid that Li Xun would find it, I did not dare to taste it slowly.
It’s like the kind of contestant who competes in the “see who is the first to eat the most watermelon”.
One has not finished eating, and the other is ready to be stuffed into his mouth.


Suddenly, there was a chuckle from behind, a nice, but not so friendly voice.


I puffed out my cheeks slightly, and turned around to look in a dignified manner.
Behind me was Zhu Li in a white suit standing not far from me.
It made him look incredibly beautiful.


“Ning Yu, long time no see.” He raised a glass of champagneto me.
Elegant, well-bred, as if the contemptuous laugh just now was all my hallucinations.


Yes, this is the real Zhu Li I know.


The last time I saw him, he just pretended to be weak temporarily, or did it intentionally to paralyze Ning Shi.


I swallowed the food in my mouth, took a glass of juice from the table, didn’t even look at him, and planned to go back and wait for Li Xun and the others.


“Why are you so indifferent?” He grabbed my wrist as he passed by.


I still had a wound on my hand, and when he just held it, I groaned in pain.


Not only did he not let go, but he showed an expression full of interest.


“Ning Yu, why don’t you call me brother?”


He said everything else was fine.
When I mentioned the word “brother”, I was more disgusted than drinking expired milk.


“You don’t deserve it.” I held the cup in my hand tightly, shaking uncontrollably.


How much I respected him once, how much I hate him now.
In a way, he hates me more than Xiang Ping and Chang Xingze.


“I’m really sad when you say that.” He said so, but there was no hint of gloom on his face, “Strictly speaking, I’m still your matchmaker with Song Bai Lao.
Shouldn’t you thank me?”


Before he finished speaking, I splashed the juice in my hand on his face.


The orange-yellow liquid slowly dripped down his delicate facial features, and the people around looked sideways and whispered because of the changes here.


“Thank you for what?” I pulled my hand back and said in a low voice, “Thank you for putting a bug on me, imitating my handwriting to frame me, and making Song Bai Lao misunderstand me for designing him?”


Seven years ago, Song Bai Lao and Zhu Li also had I will graduate from Shangshan in a few months.
One has been admitted to the best domestic university without examination, and the other is about to go to a top foreign university to continue their studies.


When Zhu Yunsheng was eating, he said that Shangshan, the university in China, actually recommended two places, but they only wanted Song Bai Lao.
He scolded the other school for discriminating against Omegas, and said that they were interested in Song Bai Lao’s family background.
If Zhu Li had not stopped him from upstairs, he would not have known how long he would have been filled with righteous indignation.


I always thought that Zhu Li didn’t care, after all, he is so good, this is not even a setback.


But he still looked unhappy and preoccupied.


I was worried about his body, as he was concerned about me before, and asked him what was going on.


Zhu Li shied away at first, but after I repeatedly asked, he admitted that he liked an Alpha, and now he is going to go abroad, but the other party still doesn’t know his intentions, which makes him a little regretful.


He has many suitors, and there are countless elders of the same age.
I’ve never seen him pay special attention to anyone, and thought he wasn’t interested in falling in love yet.
I was surprised to hear that he had a sweetheart.


I asked who he was.


He looked at me and spit out three words sweetly: “Song Bai Lao.”


I was stunned there, unable to say what it was like, I felt incredible.


It seems that no matter men or women, bastards have their own charm, attracting beautiful butterflies to fly away and die.


Zhu Li suddenly held my hand with a sincere expression on his face: “Ning Yu, I want to ask you one thing.”


He never asked me for anything, so of course I couldn’t refuse.


He gave me a letter, hoping that I would give it to Song Bai Lao in person, saying that it contained his intentions, and also told me not to peek at it.


“He’ll understand everything when he sees this.” He shoved the brown letter that couldn’t be seen as a love letter into my arms, and the corners of his lips curved into a graceful arc, “Don’t peek, or I’ll be angry.”


In retrospect, everything he said and did to me at that time was full of malice and made me terrified.
But at that time, I regarded him as a family member that was even closer than Ning Shi, and was not defenseless at all.


He said that he didn’t want to be seen, so as not to attract people’s tongues, he asked me to invite Song Bai Lao to the equipment room next to the school playground.


At that time, the students were already on vacation, and there was really no one there.


“You wait for him here.
When he comes, you can hand him the letter.” He pointed to the back of the equipment room, “I’m just outside.
If he reads the letter and is willing to accept me, I’ll come back.”


He hugged me, and before leaving the equipment room, he suddenly stopped, turned to me and said, “You can call me brother again.”


His request still seems inexplicable, but this is the only thing I have never thought about.


“…Brother?” I looked at him strangely, very puzzled, but still called him.


He narrowed his eyes, gave me a bright smile, turned back, and waved his hand away from me.


“Goodbye, Ning Yu.”


Zhu Li, who was “older brother”, probably “died” completely at this moment.


I was the only one left in the equipment room.
I held up the letter and felt that Zhu Li’s worries were completely unnecessary.


How could anyone reject him?


He’s Zhu Li…


“What on earth are you looking for from me?”


I was still thinking about it, Song Bai Lao had already come in from the door.
The tall figure turned his back to the light, so I couldn’t see his expression for a while.


I held the letter in my hand, a little nervous.




Song Bai Lao glanced at the letter, then looked at me again, frowning strangely: “What?”


I opened my mouth and was about to explain further, when something suddenly sounded like a tire leak from an unknown corner of the equipment room.
angry sound.


Song Bai Lao twitched the tip of his nose and his face changed slightly: “Ning Yu, what have you done?”


His eyes were so terrifying that I was bitten by the beast on the neck in an instant, and I couldn’t move.


“I, I didn’t do anything…”


At this moment, the door of the equipment room slammed shut, and the room was instantly darkened.


I heard a very familiar voice from outside the door, belonging to Zhu Li.


“Come on, Ning Yu.”


What fuel? What is brother talking about? Why is he closing the door? At the time I didn’t know what was waiting for me, but I was starting to feel bad.


Song Bai Lao reacted faster than I did.
He rushed to the door first, and found that the door was locked.
Then he started kicking the door.


It was the first time I saw Song Bai Lao, who was so manic.
He slammed the door with his fist, and soon his hands were dripping with blood, but he still carried out crazy behavior as if he didn’t feel it.


“Song, Song Bai Lao, calm down…”


I went to pull him, but I was thrown away at once.


“Don’t touch me!”


I was startled, his forehead was full of blue veins, and his voice was extremely hoarse, as if he was trying his best to endure something.


“What’s the matter with you?”


He slammed his head against the door panel and started scratching his neck, as if trying to remove the bite stopper from his face.



I didn’t know much at the time, I thought there was something wrong with his bite stopper, and I thought it might be a leak.


“Don’t worry…” Just when I wanted to help him take off the bite stopper, he grabbed my hand and threw me to the ground.


The envelope fell to the ground, and the sound of air leakage continued.


Song Bai Lao clasped my hands, his eyes filled with astonishing longing, but his words were filled with astonishing hatred.


“Ning Yu, how dare you treat me like this!”

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