Song Bai Lao really came to the mountain to recuperate from his injury.
After his injury was healed, he also left.
He and I went back to the state of not seeing each other before, extremely rigid.


Simply put, it’s the Cold War.


“Long time no see.” I waved my hand to the camera and looked at the rising number of people online, and I nervously looked away, “Sorry for stopping the live broadcast for so long, starting today, I will be running it for three consecutive days for a total of 72 Hours of continuous live broadcast.
I know many people still misunderstand me and don’t believe that I have real strength.
It doesn’t matter, I will prove it to you slowly.”


Put the fondant prepared in advance in the refrigerator and the buttercream was taken out, and I started from small parts, fish, shrimp, cornice bucket arches, as well as bright red coral and clam shells with pearls.


After streaming for eight hours straight, I rolled my sore neck, stopped to drink some water, and took a ten-minute break.


[Yuyu, you are so beautiful, do you still remember me when I followed you before?]


Glancing at the messages scrolling on the screen, I select a few replies.


“Remember, there were only 30 people in the live broadcast room at that time, and I remember everyone’s name.”


Some things really have to be forced, and I don’t know how much potential I have.
In just eight hours, I have become accustomed to appearing with my full face, and my speech is much smoother.


As long as you focus on the things you love, it seems that nothing else matters.


“Sugar and cream really don’t taste very good, because they are very sweet.
It’s a pity that they can’t give consideration to both the outside and the inside.”


“Brand of pigment? Good color sense.
In fact, only three colors of red, yellow and blue are enough.
If it’s not good, I recommend this brand…” I picked up a small bottle of cyan pigment beside me, put my palm behind it and let the camera focus, “see? This brand is very easy to use.”

“If you want to make a good cake, you still need to practice more.”


The number of people in the live broadcast room has exceeded 5,000, which is the best result since my live broadcast.
But I know that most people are here to watch the fun, and a few are even here to find fault.


However, due to the large number of people online, even if there are discordant voices, they will soon be brushed over.


[Xingze has forgiven you, but you still sue the villain first, how can you be so vicious.] Like this.


[The technology is so bad, Xingze dumps you ten blocks! ] Another example is this.


[Since you are married into a wealthy family, hug your husband’s thighs and don’t let him mess with starlets.
It’s true, isn’t it good to have a husband and a child at home?]There is such.


At 11pm, I said good night to the audience behind the camera and went to bed.
But the camera is still on, and the live broadcast will continue until I finish the work I am currently working on.


At nine o’clock the next day, another 12-hour live broadcast from morning to night, I started to produce the most precise and important core parts.


As I use my fingers and a knife to gradually carve a milky mass of sugar into shape, someone on the screen has already guessed what I am under.


[This is a dragon, dragon horns, dragon mouth, and teeth, praise me, I guess it right!]


I smiled and said, “Yes, it’s a dragon.
Everyone should know the story of Sun Wukong taking the Dinghaishen needle, right?”


A little monkey splashes over the East China Sea, stirs up the hell, and makes trouble in the heavenly palace.
It claims to be “the saint of heaven”, and wants to be equal to heaven.
It’s more self defeating and exciting.



There are many “Sun Wukong” in this world, who want to break the rules and subvert the class.
I was one of them, dreaming of getting due respect through my own efforts.
But in the end, he failed.
He didn’t even become a “Bi Ma Wen” (Sun Wukong is invited to heaven to serve as the Bimawen (弼馬溫, “To assist horse temperament”), a minor post overseeing the imperial horse stables)


“At that time, I designed this work mainly because I was a Beta, and Beta was in various design competitions… to put it harshly, it was discriminated against.” I continued to carve details in my hand, and explained the causes and consequences of designing “Dragon Palace” back then, the origin of the idea and the whole truth, “Just think I’m over my own power.
At that time, I did have a little bit of self-comparison with the Monkey King, and I wanted to mess with the international competition and let the referees with eyes above the top take a look, Beta.
I can also have the creativity not to lose to an Omega.”


I used to have the courage to move forward, but unfortunately I was crushed by Xiang Ping and Chang Xingze’s “Tathagata Palm” and could no longer turn over.
The only fortunate thing is that I don’t have to be so miserable, being suppressed for five hundred years.


Making such a delicate cake work alone requires a lot of physical strength.
After the live broadcast, I knead my waist and went back to my room.
I almost fell asleep.
The next day the alarm clock rang and I almost couldn’t get up.


When I was ready to appear in front of the camera, I found that the number of people online on the last day turned out to be an unprecedented five figures.
And the message area was scrolling fast, as if something had caused a heated discussion before my arrival.


“Good morning everyone.
Today we will start the assembly of various parts, and then add details, that is, fine drawing…” I suddenly saw a message, complimenting my child for being good-looking, and asking him if he was an Omega.


I was stunned for a while, my breathing was frozen, I almost thought that Youyou’s story was dug up.
Later, I saw other people correct that the child who was not the anchor, was a stepson, and I realized that they were talking about Song Mo.


“What’s wrong with Momo? Has he just been here?” He should be taking piano lessons now.


[Come quietly like a little squirrel, looked at the things on your table curiously, then opened the refrigerator again, and performed the stunt of a cake for ten seconds next to the trash can.]


I saw “a cake in ten seconds” and immediately got up and walked to the refrigerator, opened it and found that there was indeed a piece of chocolate cake missing.


I reluctantly went back to the camera: “His father won’t let him eat too much cake, for fear of tooth decay.
I can’t help bringing him back cakes from outside.
It seems that I have to control his intake of sweets.”


Although today’s task is still heavy, it may have reached the final process.
Without the urgent atmosphere of the previous two days, my whole person suddenly relaxed.



“Momo is not an Omega, but an authentic Alpha.” As soon as these words came out, the message area was heartbroken.
What’s even more funny is that a group of people started to call me “mother-in-law?”


I just don’t know how to reply to them, so I can only choose not to see it.


By 2:00 pm, all the components have been placed, the finishing and coloring are about to be completed.


The dragon’s mouth was angry, the dragon’s horns were broken, the cracks extended all the way down, and half of the small faces were broken.
Monkey King held the Dinghaishen needle and sat leisurely on the broken dragon horn, as if someone else had just smashed the dragon’s head, not him.


The size of the Dinghaishen needle can be changed, and it runs vertically through the faucet and directly into the cake embryo below, which not only plays a certain supporting role, but also adds to the story of the picture.


“The core of this golden hoop stick is made of biscuits.
It is very hard and can be used as a molar stick.
It is wrapped with a layer of fondant… This makes it very realistic.”


I made the surface of the cake embryo into a Katsushika Hokusai (japanese artist) type.
In the shape of the waves, the faucet is slightly inclined on it, forming a relatively stable triangular composition.
Finally, small things like coral and pearls are scattered around the cake.


“You can cut off half of the coral and put it on the sea, just like the feeling of the other half being in the water…” The closer the work is to completion, the more I feel a sense of “near-nostalgia”, and my fingers are shaking.


Two years ago, the work I had no chance to complete, the “Dragon Palace” full of my lofty ambitions, finally saw the world again.


“Okay.” I stepped back a little, staring blankly at the cake that looked like a work of art in front of me, a little lost.


Taking off the waistband, at this moment, a dull and obscure corner of my heart seems to follow the return of the Great Sage, the Dragon Palace reappears, and suddenly vanishes into ashes, liberating from the supernatural.


After turning off the camera and computer equipment that had been in continuous rotation for 72 hours, the tiredness and fatigue that I could endure before suddenly became clear, making me want to sleep for three days and three nights immediately.


Ning…” Aunt Jiu saw me coming out of the kitchen and immediately greeted me, “There is a courier you need to sign for it.”


I pointed to myself in surprise: “Me?”


“The other party said it was a scheduled event, and asked the owner to sign for it.” Aunt Jiu explained.


A young man dressed as a postman stood at the door.
Seeing me coming out, he took out a lipstick-sized cardboard box from the canvas bag on the cross-back and asked me to sign for it.


“Is it… Ning Yu’s courier?” I hesitated before writing.


“I don’t know, it just said that the owner of the house needs to sign for it, and there is no fixed name.” The postman said, “This is a timed mail.
The sender made an appointment several months ago.”


How many months ago?


I was even more puzzled.
After signing for the delivery, I opened it up in front of Aunt Jiu.
It is a small flash memory disk, the whole body is silver, and there is no special information.


Afraid of a Trojan virus (a type of malware that invade your computer disguised as a real, operational programs), I didn’t dare to use the device in Song Bai Lao’s house to check the contents.


Back in the room with my laptop, I plugged the flash drive into the computer.
After a while, the folder automatically pops up, showing that there is only one video file.


Shouldn’t it be some kind of prank horror video?


I was a little apprehensive, but I still meditated and opened the file.


Appeared a very thin Omega, about forty years old, wearing a white shirt.
I don’t know if I was born this way or if I encountered something sad, and looked a little sad.
There was a black tear mole on the corner of his eye, and looking forward to it, his only delicate features instantly became two more moving colors.


He held the arm of the other hand tightly with one hand, and maintained this movement for several minutes.
If the time bar was not running, I would have thought that the video was stuck.


“Bai Lao, when you saw this video, I should have been gone.
After so many years, I can finally be relieved…”


As soon as he opened his mouth, I realized that the owner of the courier was not me.


“I know you’ve always hated your dad, and you’ve hated me.
You have reason to hate us, both before and now.
I’m not going to defend myself, and there’s nothing to defend, and we’re not innocent…but I hope you’re going to live a happy life, and stop indulging in hatred.”


His words can be said to be very directional, looking at the Omega with a unique and fragile beauty on the screen, I have probably guessed who he is.


Pressing the pause button, exiting the flash memory disk in my hand, I walked to the balcony and dialed Song Bai Lao’s number.


The bell rang for a long time before it was connected, and Song Bai Lao’s cold and distant voice immediately rang: “What’s the matter?”


I clenched the phone: “I received a courier, it seems that your stepfather sent it to you, it is a flash memory disk… …” It’s also particularly like a suicide notice.


Before I could finish speaking, the other side hung up the phone.

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