As soon as he said the rooftop, I understood.


It was his rest room, and his pleasure-seeking place.
I’ve met him many times by chance “doing business” there, but that’s the only time I’ve seen it.


I was startled by some strange noises and woke up easily from the light sleep of my lunch break.
The voice was indescribable, and if I had to say it, it was a bit like putting a squid on a water pipe and rubbing it violently.


I may have just woken up and my mind was a little sluggish, or maybe I really didn’t turn around.
After all, I was the only one on the rooftop before I fell asleep.
It was very fatal.
I got up and walked over to the sound.


It was too late when I realized it wasn’t squid and water pipes.


Turning around the stairwell, the two human bodies that suddenly appeared in front of me were a bit unsightly.


Song Bai Lao leaned against the wall with his eyes closed slightly, his black uniform coat was messily fading to his elbows, and another strange Omega knelt there in front of him, stretching his white neck, trying his best to please his desire.


This scene was so shocking that it left me completely stunned, and I missed the opportunity to leave the venue immediately.


And with my undisguised footsteps and bright eyes, it was almost like shouting “I’m here” to Song Bai Lao.


He originally had the back of his head resting on the wall, in a posture showing his Adam’s apple.
Feeling my presence, he opened his eyes and slowly looked at me.


There was sweat on his temples, whether it was due to the heat or other reasons.
Under the bite stopper, he seemed to open his mouth and let out a sigh.
Imagination will add many wonderful details to the memory.
For example, when I recall it now, I always feel that the breath is like the breath of a volcano, with a scorching temperature.
Maybe at that time, in my opinion, his whole person was hot and scalding.


He saw me, but didn’t stop me and drive me away, we just stared at each other silently for a moment, until the Omega in front of him also felt something and wanted to turn back.


“Continue.” Song Bai Lao still looked at me, but put his hand on the back of the omega’s head, forcing him to turn away.


It is also those words full of lust, hoarse and damp, like two boulders falling from the sky, which completely smashed me awake.


I fled there in a panic, in such a hurry that I forgot to even take my textbook assignments.
When I remembered it, I was afraid of bumping into something I shouldn’t see again, so I dragged it off until school.


Thinking that the afternoon had passed, it was time for the two of them to finish their work.
As a result, the Omega was gone, but Song Bai Lao was still there.


He was sitting under the corner, holding my homework in his hands and watching with relish.
In this week’s literature appreciation course, the teacher asked us to read the books she assigned, and each of them wrote a post-reading essay to share.


The book she designated was “Fate of Lovers”, a love story written by a European writer whose name was longer than the title of the book.
The central idea is probably to tell the world: every Alpha has a destined Omega, don’t give up, don’t give up on yourself, and look forward to love anytime, anywhere.


I don’t know what the teacher who assigned this homework thought at the time, whether it was good to have a different voice, or simply forgot about me, but when I saw Song Bai Lao reading what I wrote, the whole person was stunned, go up and grab it back.


Song Bai Lao’s eyes are fast and his hands are fast, and he can react in an instant, raising his hands all of a sudden.


“Give it back to me!”


He held my shoulders and restricted my movement: “But I haven’t finished it yet.”


“What’s there to see, this is my homework, return it to me!” He saw the rubbish I wrote in a moment of indignation, and my face was burning.


Any of my classmates must have more praise than criticism after reading this book, after all, they have been educated in this way since childhood.
But I am different, I hate the theory of this book.
The author believes that Alpha and Omega are a natural pair, destined to be “Adam” and “Eve” created by God.
What about Beta? Can’t Beta fall in love with a human of a different blood type?


What is the difference between people who regard AO union as the righteousness and those who only accepted heterosexuality as the world’s orthodoxy a hundred years ago?


“It’s good,” Song Bai Lao chuckled in his throat, “‘Love should not be bound by physical defects, the integration of souls is the foundation of love.
Word by word, recite what I wrote.


With my efforts, or the other party’s intention to put it underwater, I finally got my workbook.


“It was originally.” I grabbed it, rolled it up and held it in the palm of my hand, and then stood up, “Anyone who has restrained human beings physically and mentally has been dregs from ancient times to the present.
There is a slender waist that is not full of grip.
The little feet that grow lotus everywhere are now the canine teeth of the Alpha and the glands of the back of the neck of the Omega.”


Song Bai Lao was there, propping his chin up and looking up at me: “The Beta doesn’t have the flaws in your mouth, but what have you done? This world , still regards you as pigs and dogs.”


His tone was relaxed, but his words were rude.


I clenched my fingers and told him: “You said I’m not suitable for this place, didn’t I get used to it too? As long as I work hard, I can always change something, whether it’s fate or love.”


Looking back at this passage, it’s like a joke.


The strength on his chin increased a little, Song Bai Lao stared at me dissatisfiedly: “What are you thinking?”


I recovered and said truthfully: “Rooftop…” Because of his fingers, my voice was a little bit vague.


He laughed, his eyes deepened a little further: “Yes?”


I swallowed unconsciously.
Whether it was “Yes” or “No”, these two answers are very dangerous.


After weighing it again and again, I chose a middle value: “Well… not very good.”


Song Bai Lao pulled out his fingers, I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, his palm changed to the back of my head, with a faint sense of pressure: “Then learn.”


He was indeed an excellent teacher, and he taught me this stupid student with his vast experience, and I quickly got the hang of it.


After practicing in the study for half an hour, Song Bai Lao asked someone to help me back to the room.


I don’t know if people outside will smell those strange smells when they enter the room, but I just feel that my brain is dizzy like lack of oxygen.


When I lay on the bed and quieted down, I stared at the dim roof, and gradually regained my thoughts.


The strange thing is that there is no shame or displeasure, the first thought that flashed in my mind turned out to be… He was really hot.


Early the next morning, after breakfast, Li Xun brought four or five people to the door.


Stylists, lighting technicians, photographers are all available.
They took care of the look for me, chose the right clothes, and smeared a bit of blood-filled red on Song Bai Lao’s lips that were too light.


After taking care of my appearance, they helped me to the study room that had been arranged and let me sit behind the desk.


Looking down a little bit, I could see the place where Song Bai Lao was sitting yesterday, and the tip of my nose seemed to smell the smell of fishy mutton again.
I cleared my throat and forced myself to look away.


Song Bai Lao was sitting behind the camera, next to a whiteboard full of words, on which was written the statement that I had memorized for a long time, and the tone was specially added.


He crossed his legs, rested one hand on the armrest, and pointed his fingertips on his forehead: “Give you two more minutes to prepare.”


If I started all of a sudden I might not be so nervous, but he gave me a countdown, which made me In the past two minutes, my heart beat faster and faster, and my palms were sweaty.


Li Xun handed a laptop to Song Bai Lao, put it on his lap, and suddenly smiled at the screen: “It turns out that the cake shop you represented in the competition two years ago was that Xu Mei Ren, no wonder…” He automatically silenced the content and didn’t say any more.
Instead, he raised his head and asked me, “Are you okay?”


I didn’t know if I was okay, but in a panic, I nodded reflexively, “Um… um!”


Head: “Countdown to three seconds, three, two, one…start.”


I clasped my hands tightly in front of me.
I couldn’t remember anything I was carrying yesterday, so I could only rely on the backup first aid on the whiteboard.


“Good morning, this is Ning Yu.
Regarding the malicious slander I have suffered during this period, I will no longer remain silent, and decide to take up the weapon of the law to defend my legitimate rights and interests…”


As long as you survive the initial difficult period, The back is getting smoother.
It’s just that my face is still stiff and the corners of my mouth are shaking.


“I will commission lawyer Wu Feng to start a lawsuit recently and sue Amber user Chang Xingze and his legal partner Xiang Ping to the Xiangtan District Court as co-defendants.
I will no longer tolerate injustice, and I will no longer be willing to yield to fate.
All I will completely clean up the stigma of my own and my Beta.”


My eyes moved from the whiteboard to Song Bai Lao, who was staring intently at the computer screen, like a director who observes the actors’ performance through a monitor.


When I finished the last word, he raised his hand and gestured to the crowd.
Soon, the photographer put down the lens, the lighting engineer turned off the dazzling headlights, and Song Bai Lao also closed the notebook and handed it back to Li Xun.


“Very good.” He simply gave a two-word comment, then told everyone else to leave.


He and I were soon alone in the study.
This kind of solitude made me restless and couldn’t help thinking about what happened last night.
The impression is too shocking, one night is really not enough to digest.


He got up and walked towards me: “You can resume the live broadcast in the future, and do more…things that seem to be more powerful.
The more you can prove your ability, the more you can move back to the wrong direction of public opinion on you.”


I am actually quite happy, but also worried.


“But Dad’s side…”


“Have you not figured out the situation yet?” Before I finished speaking, Song Bai Lao put his hands on the table and leaned forward slightly to approach me, “I am your god, yours absolute master, what you should respect most is my order, not someone else’s words.”


It seems that I mentioned Luo Qinghe wrongly, and his words were forced out between his teeth, enough to see how upset he was.


I quickly said, “I got it, you are my god, my master, and I only listen to you.”


He looked at me for a while, then straightened up, seeming to be quite satisfied with my knowledge.


“You’d better take this sentence in your heart and in your head,” he said at last.

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