I may have found a way to unilaterally and peacefully coexist with Song Bai Lao.
This method sounds a bit like hurting the enemy by eight hundred, and self-destructing by one thousand.


After all, no matter what absurd speculations he made about me, it was enough to accept them all unconditionally.
As long as he admits that he is who he thinks he is, and that he has all the vicious qualities in his mouth, he will soon be able to stop.


I used my brazenness to resist his aggressiveness, and thoroughly confirmed the “deliberate” character set in his mouth.
Instead, he was like an unfortunate farmer who was entangled by a poisonous snake.
He suddenly woke up and realized that I was not cutting a dead tree branch.
In a panic, he had to throw me far away.


I stayed on the mountain, he stayed in the city, and we were well and spent a relatively peaceful day.
During this period, he sent a lawyer to negotiate with me.
The two lawyers, one old and one young, asked me to sign the authorization document and asked my appeal.


“Appeal?” I clasped my hands on the table.
Due to frequent contact with ingredients, my nails are always cut very short, and they grow into the meat over time, which looks a bit clumsy.


The older lawyer said: “For example, monetary compensation, clarification on the Internet, or an apology in the newspaper are all acceptable.”


For two years, I have carried the infamy of “plagiarism” for two full years.
There is no way to continue dreaming, and I have lost the courage to move forward.
After shrinking the camera all day, I only promise to live a stable life.
I thought that I would never see hope again, and I would even give up on myself.
Now I not only hope to wash away my stigma, but I can also make demands at will.


If I hadn’t been able to clearly perceive the pressure caused by too much force between my fingers, I would have thought that I was doing something extraordinary.


“Then I… want it all.” Hesitating, I made a decision.


The older lawyer was stunned for a moment, then quickly regained his professional attitude, and said to me firmly: “Yes, there is no problem.
Plagiarism is difficult to define.
We will fight this lawsuit with reputation infringement and unfair competition.
Don’t worry Mr.
Ning, We must handle this matter beautifully, and we will never disappoint you and President Song.”


The young lawyer replied, “I can win this case honestly, but President Song is not at ease and insists on the entire team of lawyers to come together.
From this point of view, it can be seen that Mr.
Song really values ​​you.”


To be precise, he valued my reputation.
After all, the husband and wife are one, and he can’t hide if I have an accident, and there is a possibility that Luo Qinghe’s side may be implicated, so he is naturally nervous.


Thinking about it this way, marrying him is not without merit.


Song Mo went to school at home, and the environment on the mountain might be unique, and the tutor would occasionally assign some fieldwork homework.
Record the humidity and temperature in the forest, and then use the camera to take pictures of the beautiful plants.


Naturally, it is impossible for him to go out alone as a child.
The work he accompanied before was done by the babysitter.
Now that I have entered the door, this arduous task falls on me.


But I’m happy to accompany him.
After all, Song Mo is cute and well-behaved, not like his father at all.


“Momo, run slowly.”


Song Mo slanted across the small schoolbag, wearing a fisherman’s hat, holding a camera in his hand, excitedly chasing the butterfly all over the mountain, wanting to take it into his camera inside.


There are many allergens flowers and plants in spring.
I was afraid that he would suffer from asthma again, so I specially put on a mask for him.
If this little ancestor got sick on my hands, and Song Bai Lao didn’t find me, Luo Qinghe would cut me off immediately.


Suddenly, Song Mo stopped, raised his face, and stared at a big tree beside the road with great concentration.
I thought he was looking at something, but when I got close, I found that there was a bird’s nest on the tree.
The adult birds happened to fly back to the nest, and the chicks that had hatched not long ago stretched their necks and waited to feed.


“Want to take a picture?” I asked him.


Song Mo looked at me and nodded vigorously.


I picked him up so that he could get a clearer picture of the adult bird feeding.


“Click”, Song Mo pressed the shutter, and the camera spit out the photo after a while.



I pinched the corner of the photo and shook it vigorously a few times, and the image quickly appeared on it.
The picture is very clear, with a few hairless heads clustered together, it is funny, it also makes people sigh at the wonder and greatness of life.


“A lot of little birds.”


Song Mo pointed to the photo and said, “This is mother.”


“It could also be father.” I corrected him.


Song Mo raised his head: “Will I also have brothers and sisters? Like these little birds.”


This question was asked unexpectedly, without any warning.
I was stunned and didn’t know how to respond to him.


Frail and sick, unable to go to school like a normal child, living in a remote mountain with few people, only servants and tutors accompany him all day.
In this way, he should be very lonely.


He was only five years old, but he already knew how to clumsily express his desire for family affection.
How can such a child not be distressed.


“Does Momo want a brother?”


The palm of his hand lightly covered the top of his hair, he looked at me ignorantly, his eyes moved down, and landed on my stomach.


“Did you give birth?”


I was silent for a while, with my index finger on my lips, and whispered deliberately: “Well, I gave birth, but this is our secret, you can’t tell Dad.”


Song Mo’s dark eyes were shining through with a little excitement and surprise: “Where is it? Can I see?”


I stood up and walked forward, holding his hand: “He has to stay elsewhere now, but in a few days, he will be able to return.
When he… come back to us, we can see him then.”


Song Mo began to jump around like a restless little kangaroo, fully expressing his inner joy.


“Walk well.” I held his hand tightly.


Song Mo turned around and gave me a big smile, his eyes narrowed into crescents: “I like my brother!”


I was amused: “You haven’t seen him before.”


He raised his toes high and dropped heavily, following his own unique rhythm, like dancing.


“Mom’s children, I like them all.”


I froze for a while, never expecting that one day I would be so “loved and loved” by others.


It would be a lie to say that I was not moved.
I picked up Song Mo and let him sit on my arm: “I like Momo too.”


Song Mo’s ears were red, and he fiddled with the camera in his hand a little embarrassed.


I wandered in the woods for a long time and took a lot of photos.
It was only when the sky darkened a little that I led Song Mo back.


“I guess you are coming back soon.” Aunt Jiu was at the door early in the morning, and when she saw us coming back, she took Song Mo from me, “Sir, just now a gentleman named Liang Qiu Yang called you and asked you to come back.
Let’s give him a call.”


I didn’t take out my cell phone when I went out, Liang Qiu Yang was so impatient, he must have called me several times, and it was estimated that Aunt Jiu was annoyed, so she could only answer it for me.


Afterwards, Aunt Jiu led Song Mo to take a bath.
I called Liang Qiu Yang.
When I saw the call, there were twenty-seven in total, and my perseverance was commendable.


As soon as the call was connected, Liang Qiu Yang picked it up with a very urgent tone: “You finally called me back!!”


I took the phone away, and when he finished talking about my bad habit of not carrying a phone when I went out, my mood dropped a little and then bring it back to the ear.


“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”


“Something’s happened! Ning yu!”


I was shocked by what he said.
I wondered if he was exaggerating.
It hasn’t opened yet, the lawsuits with Chang Xingze and Xiang Ping are still under preparation, and there is really no major event.
But as he continued to speak, knowing the ins and outs of the matter, the more I listened, the more frightened I became.


It’s really a big deal!


Song Bai Lao’s former lover, Chen Shu, was strictly speaking, Liang Qiu Yang’s senior in the same company.
It’s just that one is popular, the other has not debuted, and the two have little contact.


With the company, whoever has something wrong is the fastest to spread.
Liang Qiu Yang said that Chen Shu took medicine and committed suicide a few days ago.
Although he was rescued, he has been in a poor state.
What’s more, I don’t know who leaked the news.
Many gossip media have been gearing up to explode this matter.
He also wanted to earn enough attention to render Chen Shu as a poor man abandoned by a heartless Alpha.
He said that he didn’t seek fame and hardship for many years, but he couldn’t beat the other party’s cruel abandonment and married a noble son.
Frustrated, he did something stupid for a moment.


“You don’t know how terrible Chen Shu fans are.
If they get crazy, they can go to sit in front of Xia Sheng to show their authority.
Do you believe it? Now the top management is dead under pressure, but it’s a little overwhelming.” Liang Qiu Yang didn’t have a good way.
“If we weren’t friends, I’d like to fight song Bai Lao with Chen Shu’s bitter personal design.
I like the new and hate the old, and I’m heartbroken.
Anyone who hears about this will have no brain to stand for Chen Shu.
Wei Niang originally thought you finally had a good end result, but now this matter is out of mind, my dear!”


I didn’t expect to be able to get involved in this kind of pornographic news in the entertainment industry one day.


It’s really tricky.
It’s beyond my permission.
“I’m not sure about these two people.
In this case, I’ll call song Bai Lao first and see what he says.
I’ll call you back later and hang up first.”


Without waiting for Liang Qiu Yang to say anything, I hurriedly hung up the phone.


Song Bai Lao’s cell phone was always busy, and I couldn’t get through after a few calls, so I could only call Li Xun.


It rang twice, and the other side picked up.


“Hello, Mr.
Ning?” Li Xun didn’t know where he was, and his voice was very low.


I didn’t know how to change my words for a while, so I thought about it and said, “That… Chen Shu, do you know?”


There was silence on the other end, and after a while, Li Xun seemed to have walked to another place.
He said in a normal voice: “Understood, you can rest assured that we have suppressed the manuscript through various means, and this matter should not explode.
The other party is just trying to make a bad plan, and he didn’t take a few pills at all.
He is alive and well in the hospital.”


I breathed a sigh of relief, and put my heart back a little bit.




The heart was like a spring, and it jumped into the throat again.


She was panting heavily when she spoke, but she was still panting so hesitantly, which was really irritating.


“But what?”


Li Xun sighed, “Mr.
Luo was very angry when he found out about this.
He called Mr.
Song over and scolded him, and… he even moved the whip.”


I almost thought I heard it wrong.


“A whip?”


“Horse whip.”


I choked, Luo Qinghe… a whip for Song Bai’s labor?


Song Bai Lao is in his twenties anyway.
I thought that last slap was the culmination of a rift between father and son, how could it be even more extreme?


I imagined the feeling of getting off the whip and whipping my body, and immediately my teeth were sore: “Then, did you stop him? You can’t watch him get beaten, can you?”


Song told to leave them alone.”


Li Xun reluctantly said that father and son were like rival, and no one could intervene.
Luo Qinghe give more than a hundred whips, which broke song Bai Lao’s shirt.
He said that he was now treated to the family doctor and would return to WeijingShan after taking medicine.
After all, there was no one to take care of him in the urban area.


More than a hundred whips…


I clenched my phone tightly: “Okay, I…I know.”


After finishing the call with Li Xun, I hurriedly went to Aunt Jiu to get her ready.
At eight o’clock in the evening, a bright car light flashed outside the window, and Song Bai Lao came back.


Contrary to what I thought, he was not weak, and even entered the house without anyone’s help.
Everything is as usual except that the lip color is lighter than usual.


“Why are you all gathered at the door?” He frowned and glanced at me and Aunt Jiu, and kept walking upstairs.


I looked at Li Xun, who came in later, and asked him what was going on.
Li Xun shook his head secretly at me.
I didn’t know what she meant, but seeing that Song Bai Lao was about to disappear at the corner of the stairs, I hurriedly chased after him.


Fortunately, I followed up.
As soon as he set foot on the second floor, I saw that in the dark corridor with no lights on, Song Bai Lao staggered his shoulders and bumped into the wall.
After a long silence, he seemed to have stopped walking.


It turned out that he walked easily, shaped like an ordinary person, and was all tenacious.

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