I was almost stripped of my pants in the alley.
Although I was interrupted by Song Bai Lao at a critical moment, the wound on my face could not be eliminated.
As soon as I got home, I locked myself in my room and didn’t go to dinner.
Ning Shi and Zhu Yun Sheng went out to the reception, Zhu Li and I were the only ones at home.
He knocked on my door and said he brought me something to eat so that I could eat if I was hungry at night.
I was afraid that he would worry, and I was even more afraid of causing trouble for him.
Just let him leave things outside the door.


Zhu Li was quiet for a while, and then knocked on the door louder: “What’s wrong with you? Ning Yu, open the door and let me see you.”


I lifted my face buried in the pillow a little: “I’m fine, I’m just too tired…Brother, don’t worry about me, I’ll just sleep for a while.”


After that, Zhu Li didn’t make a sound, I thought he was gone, relaxed and poured into the pillow again, but gasping for breath because of the pressure on the wound.


Just when I was about to fall asleep in a daze, there was a sudden sound at the door.


At first I didn’t know what it was, but when I saw the doorknob start to turn, I realized it was the sound of a lock being unlocked.


After the shock, I jumped down and tried to block the door, but it was too late.
The door was gently pushed open from the outside, and Zhu Li’s beautiful and fair face appeared at the door, and opposite him, I was a blue and pale one.


“Ning Yu, Yu…” Zhu Li seemed to be frightened by my appearance, he quickly walked a few steps to me, grabbed my arm and looked up and down to see if I was injured anywhere else, “What’s wrong with you? What happened? Who hit you?”


At that time, he really pretended to be like that, making you feel his meticulous care and love, respect and love him from the bottom of your heart, and trust him like a fool.
He played the role of an older brother who cared about his younger brother so well that it was hard not to be deceived.


I didn’t feel the warmth in Ning Shi, but in Zhu Li, so even if I finally found out that everything was fake, it was a show, it was a fight between him and Ning Shi.
He still has complex senses, not outright disgust, hatred.


“It was an accident…” At first, I wanted to deal with it with clumsy lies such as accidentally knocking on the door, but Zhu Li didn’t believe it.


He said with a sullen face and a calm tone: “If you don’t want to say it, I will ask your classmates one by one tomorrow.”


If he did ask, those people would not dare to go against his wishes, and they would truthfully bully me.


He has always been indifferent to the world and treated others peacefully.
How can I cause him trouble by involving him in my own disputes?


“Don’t…” I grabbed his arm, “I’m really fine.”


Zhu Li frowned, and there was a trace of displeasure in his eyes.


“Look at how hurt you are” He wrenched my hand away, his fingertips resting one centimeter away from my skin, but it didn’t come to fruition.


“The corners of your mouth are blue, and your eyes are swollen.” He said, moving his fingertips to outline my facial features, “You still say you’re fine?”


His eyes were so severe that I dared not look directly.




Under Zhu Li’s repeated pressure, I had no choice but to tell the whole story.


Hearing Song Bai Lao’s unexpected appearance, Zhu Li’s expression was out of control for the first time, full of doubts and confusion.


“Song Bai Lao?” He narrowed his eyes slightly, and the tone of his words made people feel uneasy, but soon, His smile rose again on his lips, and he returned to that elegant and kind brother.


“Are you familiar with him? Last time I remembered that you picked up his collar badge.”


At that time, he might have planned to use Song Bai Lao to harass me, otherwise he wouldn’t be as interested in my dealings with Song Bai Lao.


However, at that time, I was really unfamiliar with Song Bai Lao, and even disliked him a little bit, thinking he was arrogant.


“I’m not familiar with him, I don’t have an intersection with him.” I told Zhu Li truthfully.


He patted me on the shoulder: “Leave this to me, you can rest well.”


He took two days off for me to recuperate at home, and when I went to school again, I found that those who bullied me in the past saw me Just like a mouse sees a cat, not only does it walk around me, but they doesn’t even dare to communicate with me in their eyes.
Although still no one wants to ignore me, my life is much better.


Later I found out that Zhu Li led someone to find the guy who took the lead in taking off my pants the next day, beat him violently, and then took off his pants and pushed the person into the toilet for a day.
The man was hit by this, and he soon changed schools and left, and I never saw him again.


With Zhu Li taking the lead for me, naturally no one would dare to provoke me again.
But I still don’t like ShangShan, the place full of hierarchy and hypocrisy.


At noon, I will bring my lunch to the rooftop of the next teaching building to eat.
It was very quiet, and sometimes I would lie there and sleep for a while when the weather was good and the food was good.


But I didn’t expect that the seemingly unowned rooftop was actually “a famous flower with an owner” a long time ago.
Fortunately, the owner of the territory is Song Bai Lao.


I was lying on the rooftop sunbathing that day and slept soundly when I suddenly felt a shadow cast above my head.


If it’s dark clouds, it’s too thick.


I opened my eyes in confusion, and what I saw was Song Bai Lao’s upside-down face.


He squatted in front of my head, propped his chin, and stared at me playfully.
In the face of this unpredictable evil star, I was not prepared at all, and I was so frightened that I immediately wanted to stand up.


Song Bai Lao took the first step and pressed it on my chest, stopping all my movements.


“I think you’re enjoying it quite a bit, let’s sleep for a while.”


I looked at him in a daze, because of the weird angle, I couldn’t accurately judge whether he was serious or sarcastic.


He tilted his head, smiled, and said, “I was wondering why there are some things that don’t belong to me here.
I’m still wondering who is so daring to fight me for territory.” The jar was accidentally left on the roof, and it often disappeared the next day.
I thought it was the cleaner who cleaned it, but Song Bai Lao was the one who kept picking up the trash for me.


I swallowed hard and struggled to the death


“No one can enter unless it is written on the door…”


Subconsciously, I felt that I was afraid of being beaten.


Song Bai Lao looked at me for a long time, then nodded: “That’s true.” He stood up, “Didn’t Zhu Li take care of it for you? Why are you hiding here to eat?”


When I got up, I saw him staring at my bento box, and hurried over to cover it and put it in my arms.


“It’s quieter here.” I hugged the bento box, and I was already thinking about what defensive posture I would take when I was beaten.


Song Bai Lao leaned against the wire fence with his hands in his trouser pockets: “It’s very quiet, especially suitable for sleeping out of class.” He tilted his head, pointed to a place downstairs and said, “It was there that you were almost ripped your pants off last time.”


I glanced in the direction he pointed, it was indeed that place.
Although he seemed to be in a good mood, I really didn’t know what he meant, so I didn’t answer.


“Looking like this, I saved you twice.” He looked at me and smiled, “You really have a Cinderella physique.”


I pursed my lips.
It is undeniable that although he has a bad attitude, he does treat me well.
There is grace.


“What do you want…” I took it for granted that he was trying to repay his favor.


“You can use the rooftop if you want.
Bring me some snacks.” He strode towards the exit of the rooftop, and gently tossed his right hand back and threw a bunch of things at me, “Then dispose of the trash yourself.”


I caught it subconsciously and found It was a crumpled little paper bag that I used to hold my cookies.


The biscuits were made on a whim the day before, and they were not very good.
Some of them were too burnt and too sweet.
I packed them in a paper bag and planned to use them as snacks after meals.
I didn’t expect Song Bai Lao to steal them and eat them all.


Looking at the empty bag in my hand, I recalled Song Bai Lao’s words, and my mood was a little complicated.


If you want to use the rooftop, you have to use dim sum instead? ShangShan, the famous fighting king, has such a hobby…


Originally, I had no interest in baking, but in order to continue to use the roof, I not only bought many baking books one after another, and taught myself how to make various kinds of bread and cakes.
The love in this area, and the beginning of a real obsession with this skill, can be regarded as a blessing for Song Bai Lao in disguise.


I don’t meet Song Bai Lao every time, but I still prepare “tributes” every time in case I meet him suddenly.


During the shared rooftop, we didn’t actually communicate much.
Even if we happened to be there, we stayed on our side.
If he happens to have a “guest”, I’ll just stay on the stairs for a while and then go up when he’s done.


Such a year, the harmony is amazing.


“It was good for a while.” After finishing the recollection, I smiled at Song Bai Lao, and it was a little pleasing to the eye to see him.


No matter what Zhu Li’s original intention was, at that time, I really treated him as a “brother”.


Song Bai Lao’s eyes were half-drooping, and his eyes fell on my smile: “He’s out there for you, he’s given medicine for you, and he’s locked the door… You are really a good pair of brothers.”


Before the smile on his face disappeared, All expressions were frozen by Song Bai Lao’s more deadly accusation.


He tapped the glass lightly with his fingertips, and his unhurried voice continued: “To tell the truth, this time he was replaced by you, didn’t you agree early in the morning? What you didn’t do together seven years ago? Finally succeeded after seven years, this perseverance is really admirable.”


His imagination is also quite admirable.


I leaned over to the door, far away from him, not even in the mood to answer his words.


Song Bai Lao drank the wine in the glass, put it aside, and suddenly reached out and pulled me into his arms.


“Why don’t you speak? Are you acquiescing?” He put his palm on my lower back, making our entire upper body close to each other, and I could even smell the aroma of wine between his lips and teeth.


I tilted my head and put my hand on his shoulder, trying to get out of the twisted position.


Song Bai Lao increased the strength in his hands, and his face came closer to me: “Why did you suddenly become dumb?”



His misunderstanding of me made me ready to be found by him all the time.
He didn’t believe me at all, he already had the answer in his heart, so why bother asking me again and again.
Does he feel happy when he sees me embarrassed and miserable?


I was tired of explaining again and again: “Yes, we discussed it early.” Thinking that he didn’t believe anything anyway, I just broke the jar, “Everything is a conspiracy between me and Zhu Li.”


I can feel it.
The muscles on his arms tensed up like a pair of iron pliers, causing my waist to hurt.


“You’re still like that…” He hesitated, annoyed.


He believed it quickly now.


I helped him finish the rest of the sentence: “Shameless? Has a scheming? Or is it a bitch?”


He seemed to be stunned by my question.
He was stunned for a moment, loosening the arms that were holding me, and I seized this opportunity to escape from his embrace, sit back to the other side.


I was arranging my clothes and felt that the jar was not hit hard enough just now, so I added two more words: “For the past seven years, I have always wanted to marry you, even if you don’t want to marry me.
I know you despise me, but I don’t care.” I looked at him with a smile, “I’m just shameless, scheming, and cheap.”


Having said this, I had already made a draft in my mind, and decided to record Song Bai Lao’s uncontrollable expression in his diary as a matter of fact.
It can be taken out and read at any time when you are in a bad mood in the future.

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