These accumulated materials will probably become an extra weapon for Luo Qinghe’s campaign in the future.


I was fascinated by the thought, and Song Bai Lao didn’t make a sound after that.


The orphanage is located in a two-story western-style building on the outskirts.
It is not far from Weijing Mountain, only thirty minutes.


When I got out of the car with Song Bai Lao, I was warmly welcomed by the dean and other staff members, and even two children brought us flowers.


During this time, the shutter sound continued, and the flash continued, which should have completely captured my pale and stiff ghost appearance.


My retina has not recovered from the continuous flash of enthusiasm, and my right hand is suddenly grasped by a wider hand, slowly pulling forward.


The shock of my body being struck by the thunder is not enough to describe my shock.
The hand trembled involuntarily, like the aftermath of the thunder.


The sound of my heart beating filled my eardrums, and the tip of my nose was scented with flowers.
I stared at Song Bai Lao’s back, followed him step by step, and stumbled on his arm.


Song Bai Lao was pushed forward by my impetus, and his impatience was already on his brows.


“Be careful, don’t fall.” He waited for me to stand up and held my hand again, “Go slowly, I’ll hold you.”


He was so gentle all of a sudden, which made me very uncomfortable.


I started thinking about the wedding day.


I still remember that day, he held me, leaned close to my ear and said with a smile, it was all fake anyway.


Thinking of this, I stopped, and my whole body was much more awake.


We followed the dean to visit the canteen, classrooms, children’s dormitories, and a library.


Song Bai Lao asked the dean from time to time about the cost of food and clothing for the children.
He was humble and polite, and his speech was generous and decent.
His performance along the way could serve as an excellent model for the heirs of modern chaebols.


It seems that his bad temper also depends on the occasion, depending on the object.


Song Bai Lao talked about buying new winter quilts for every child in the orphanage , renovating the aging teaching building, donating 2,000 books, and also subsidizing the orphanage’s meals every month.
The photographer on the side couldn’t stop pressing the shutter, and his companion held a voice recorder in his hand.
He didn’t know if he would go back and organize it into a press release.


I was gradually pushed aside and stood with the staff holding flowers.


Maybe this is the right position for me, watching the “protagonist” glow from a distance, acting as a dispensable passerby.


Suddenly, the screams of the girl on the playground piercing the sky successfully attracted everyone’s attention.


The person with such a good voice was a seven- or eight-year-old girl with half-length hair draped over her shoulders.
Her face was full of anger and she pointed at another ten-year-old boy not far away: ” Give me back the headband!” The boy made a face begging for beating, and raised the pink headband between his fingers provocatively: “If you don’t return it, I won’t return it !”


Figures with sharply contrasting shapes rushed over from the other side of the playground, throwing the boy to the ground as easily as a sumo wrestler.



With a “Bang”, the ground raised dust, and the two boys scuffled together.


“Brother!” The girl hurried over to support.


“What are you doing! Separate them!” The adults finally began to take measures, and several teachers rushed up.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Mr.
Song, we made you uncomfortable…” The dean smiled stiffly.


Song Bai Lao waved his hand and said he didn’t mind: “Children, it’s inevitable.”


The dean sighed, “Yes, it’s really hard for a child of this age to play cats and dogs all day long.”


“I also have one child, he’s only five years old, and he’s not at the age to be bothered.” Song Bai Lao just casually answered, but he didn’t expect to dig a hole for himself.


“Ah, with the excellent genes of the two of you, this child must be very good and cute, and he won’t be as worrying as these leather monkeys in our yard.”


The dean probably didn’t do enough homework, and flattered the horse’s leg.
Song Bai Lao’s expression visibly froze for a moment.
I almost thought he was going to turn his face, but he endured it again.
It’s just that the words after that were obviously a lot less, and I mainly listened, and nodded in response from time to time.


An hour later, we returned to the car and successfully completed the trip to the orphanage.


Song Bai Lao let out a long breath from his chest as soon as he closed the car door, then loosened his tie, untied the bite stopper, and opened the wine cabinet to pour himself a whisky, completely relieved from the pressure.


I looked out of the car window, and my eyes lingered on the two little figures standing on the playground.
I couldn’t help thinking… Does Youyou also fight with people? Will he think I abandoned him? will he hate me? Does he really… want to know about his other father?


His father…


“What are you looking at?”


I was shocked and turned around: “No, I thought of something from the past.”


Song Bai Lao looked past me and looked in the direction I was looking at.


“I remember you and Zhu Li had a good relationship before” He leaned back comfortably, shaking the ice cubes in the wine glass gently, “He’s still doing too much for you.”


It really happened.


The endless malicious bullying in the freshman year of high school was finally stopped thanks to Zhu Li’s presence, but it wasn’t because we had a good relationship.


This is a multiple-choice question.
If he wants to maintain the character of “good brother”, it is impossible for him to see me as nothing.

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