he Beta affirmative action, this society is too unfair to us.”

I pressed the leaflet and said indifferently: “Oh, yeah… “Breaking away from her hand, I quickly moved away from the parade.

Pushing the door and entering the cafe, the wind chime at the front of the door made a crisp sound, and the waiter said softly, “Welcome.”, while watching the parade not far away.

“Sorry, I’m late.” I went to sit across from her, and the flyer was placed on the table.

Ning Shi saw it, picked it up, glanced at it casually, and quickly put it down.

“Beta equal rights…” She raised one eyebrow and said in a cool tone, “It’s been a hundred years, and it’s been peaceful, so why waste this energy.”

I took the drink list handed over by the waiter and ordered a random one.
Hearing her dejected remarks, I couldn’t help but reply: “If these people also accept their fate, Beta is really hopeless.”

Ning Shi sneered and said disapprovingly: “Look at what you said, do you know that there is survival of the fittest in nature? Alpha and Omega are completely immune to c20.
Combining the two, their children will only be blood type A.
Don’t worry about guessing whether you are one-tenth of the unfortunate one, and more healthy, better, and more needed by this society.
Omegas are not as useless as betas who have given birth once.
They have as many children as they want, and they mark each other with Alphas.
They are not afraid of cheating.
Talent can’t compare to Omega, you see, there is nothing Beta in this world, isn’t it natural for us to be eliminated?”

“But…” I know what she’s saying is false, but honestly, it’s hard to find a strong counterpoint.
“Without Beta, this world and society can’t function, and many professions are inseparable from Beta contribution.”

Ning Shi sneered: “Ning Yu, why are you so naive? There used to be dinosaurs on the earth, do you think the world would stop working without them?”

“Let’s not talk about it, let’s talk about the past 100 years, so many people with type AB blood have died, this society is not very good.
Many professions are inseparable from Beta, because Alpha and Omega are not willing to do it.
Can you imagine sweeping the streets with an A or an O?”

It’s not difficult for betas to find a job, but finding a good job is much more difficult than for Alphas with the same education and experience.
There are many large companies that will even give priority for Alpha, and the remaining positions will be considered for Beta.
The promotion of Beta is also far less fast than that of Alpha.
For occupations such as writers and designers that require creative inspiration, Betas don’t even want to squeeze in, which has always been the field of Omega.
That’s why it was so easy for Chang Xingze to frame me back then.
Among the dozens of participating teams, only me and Xiang Ping were made up of two Betas, and the other teams also had at least one Omega.

I thought about what she said and said, “If Beta strikes now, Alpha and Omega will also have a headache.”

“Power and money are in the hands of AO, and the bottom Beta waits all day for those wages to live on, who suffers more from a strike without wages?”

I looked at Ning Shi, and suddenly felt extremely frightened for a moment.
She sat in front of me talking about the hopeless point of Beta, like a mirror between us.
Looking at her is like looking at myself.
Countless times I’ve had the same thoughts as hers, I’ve written them down in a journal, every stroke is a shade of gray, and these negative emotions are always easier to control my brain when I’m hit.

I thought we had nothing in common except for our appearance.
It seems that I was wrong.
Some of her thoughts still affect me… This can also be called the tragedy of the original family.

Perhaps the biggest difference between me and her is that she has completely given up hope, while I am still struggling.

While struggling, I was afraid of being defeated by a more painful reality, so that I could no longer cheer up.
So become more and more timid, more and more careful.

“Forget it, I can’t convince you, and I don’t want to agree with you, so let’s get down to business.” I said, “Can you tell me the name of my child this time?”

Ning Shi stirred the coffee in front of her with a spoon, and was surprisingly easy to speak: “Okay, his name is Youyou, an excellent You.
I fostered him in a Beta family since he was a child, and I visit him every once in a while.
He knows that his mother is a male Beta, and he is looking forward to seeing you.”

I was nervous and excited, and I couldn’t help but lean forward: “He knows me?”

“He often asks me about his father.” Ning Shi looked at me meaningfully, “After so many years, you still refuse to say?”

I became vigilant: “After all these years, what can I do even if I know? I’m married now.”

“That’s a precious birth opportunity for Beta…”

“I don’t know the identity of the other party, it’s just a bar It’s just a one-night stand with a man you know casually.” I casually put off her and didn’t want to continue the topic.

Ning Shi saw my rejection and did not continue to ask.

After a while, my lemon soda came and we stopped talking for a while.

After the waiter left, I asked Ning Shi, “When can I see him?”

Ning Shi frowned, “It’s been half a year, don’t you want to go back on it?”

After sitting for a long time, the seat is a little hot, and the store turned on the air conditioner early because of this, but the temperature is set too low, and when the cold air hits the other half of the body, it will be very cold.

Ice and Fire Double Heaven, just like my mood at this time.

“Can’t it be earlier?”

I discussed it with Ning Shi, but she didn’t get into it: “There’s no such thing as business.
You keep your promises, and I’ll keep my promises, isn’t it?”

Talk to me about business.

I bit my lip and lowered my request: “Then… at least…give me a picture of the child?”

Ning Shi looked hesitant and distressed.

“Please,” I begged her.
“It’s just a photo.”

“Or this… Next time I’ll put you on a video call.” She finally backed down.


Rather than taking pictures, I naturally wanted to talk to the other person and ask him personally if he was doing well over the years.

“Okay, okay!” I responded quickly, and after I was happy, I asked her carefully, “When is the next time…?” Ning Shi took out her phone and glanced at the date: “Next month.”

I’ve been a little lost for months.
But thinking that I can really meet him in a few months, I can’t help but have infinite longing.

Afterwards, I asked Ning Shi a series of trivial questions, such as the food the child likes to eat, the books he likes to read, and even the size of his clothes and height, and begged her to let me take another look at the photos.
In the end, Ning Shi became impatient.
Looking at the time, he said that it was not too early, so let her go back early.

I could hear what she meant, so I had to pay the bill and end the meeting.

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