Hey, I don’t have any skills that are more powerful than the Sword Saint, right? Probably.

Heave ho!!

With a lovely shout of encouragement, Lei carried her large backpack.

Second Princess Leimira Ly Arceus.
The princess who suddenly decided to accompany me.
Although she wears a hat and is dressed lightly, I can tell at first glance that she is beautiful.
Her hair now may be tied back, but when acting as the Second Princess, she lets her long hair down and goes about her official duties with a resolute attitude.
The gap between the two is one that I still remember.


Lei turned her attention once again to the corpse of the Black Grizzly.
Around it was the scorched earth that I had unceremoniously burned up.

”This…how did you do this?”

“….” I pause for a few seconds then answered shortly, “Well…I don’t even know.”


“It’s true.
I just held out my hand half-mindedly and that’s what happened.”


Lei looked at me with a dumbfounded face.

‘This looks like an area where S-ranked demons go on a rampage.
I think everyone will be surprised of this.”

“Ehh…is that true?”

“It’s true! It’s usually impossible for magic to cause such a violent explosion.”

Oh, shit.
Then that means what I just did was really impressive.
Truth is, I’ve only ever seen the way of the sword.
I don’t even know what’s normal when it comes to magic and whatnot.
By the way, that demon is an S-rank monster??? I’ve heard that monsters are ranked from E, being the lowest, to S, the highest rank.
I’ve also heard that when the rank is B or higher, its danger level goes up dramatically.
In particular, demons above A are of the disaster class.
In other words, a mere presence of a demon can cause major disasters, and its danger is so great that it can destroy a town, a village, or even the country itself.
I’m not sure how much of an exaggeration to say that this designated “S-rank” and that magic I casted earlier is on the same level.

”Arios…isn’t your skill ridiculously strong?”

”Above the Sword Saint? Haha, that’s impossible.”

Lei looks somewhat uneasy, probably worrying about me.
Maybe she wants wants to look out for me in her own way, since I didn’t get the swordsman skill, and due to that I was banished from my parents’ home.
That chibi who was once a little girl…has already become an adult, huh.

“Hey, why are even worrying about me? Why did you come with me?”

The princess, with her blushing cheeks, uttered:

“Ah…that’s because…”

Oh, this is not good.
I was so impressed by her that I was staring at her a little too long.
I’m sorry.
It’s nothing.

If everything went well, I was supposed to be Lei’s bodyguard.
As the honorable heir to the prestigious Macba family, I intended to fulfill my duties with dignity.
It may be presumptuous of me, but… I would like to be a proper ‘guard’ at least until she returns to the castle.
Well, I’m sure that orphan – Dudley will take that role away from me.

”Ah, that’s right!”

Lei snapped her hands together as she remembered something.

”I’ve been slowly improving my skills as well.
You can count on me in battle!”

Oh… it’s that Holy Wizard skill, isn’t it?

‘Yes! I trained with my brothers in the castle.”

Holy Wizard.
It is a high level skill that is thought to be used by only a small percentage of sorcerers living in the Kingdom of Arceus.
It’s the most powerful spell in the world, which makes it a powerful tool in battle.

“It’s a little bit earlier than my birthday,” she said.

I’m sure she was given the skill on her 18th birthday and has honed it in her own way until now.

“I see.
In that case, show it to me if the time comes.”

“Un! Watch me properly, okay?”

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