Do you doubt it or don't you want to believe it?

Lion seems to see the recent Ajit repression in a negative direction.


What I disagreed with that was still the little girl I helped then.

Arios did a great job! You saved me the fastest!


Lion's eyes narrow.

The frown moved tingly.

“Wait, Arios.
You know what you're doing…”

“What's wrong?”

There's no way that's possible.”

You seem to have self resolved on your own.

I don't know.

“Whatever, will you leave me alone? I don't want to talk to you.”

that weak man is what I started to say”

When Lion distorted the edge of his mouth, he had offered a piece of paper from his nostalgia.

“This is a circular from His Highness Roofa.
A week later, Dudley and Arios are scheduled to duel at the Battle Arena venue.
I want you to respond accordingly.”


Duel with Dudley.

Besides, is it the Battle Arena venue in Wangdu?

This is where over 10,000 spectator seats are also available in the venues where various events take place.

I see, is that what you mean?

I'm talking about Lion, who thinks about decency.

I recently took control of the Azito of the Arceus Salvation Party against the infamous Dudley.

As a family to escort the royal family, I suppose you think your face is crushed.

you're going to smash me in front of a lot of people looking at it to get it back.


Without knowing it, I feel my fist trembling.

My father, whom I have always loved.

But my love for me doesn't seem dusty anymore.

On the contrary, I can't believe the McBa family is going to be the foundation for prosperity…


I breathe heavily and answer resolutely.

“That offer, take it and stand”

Not as the son of Kensei, but as one swordsman.

I can't leave this place to completely cut off from my parents.


Lion only smiles ugly for a moment.

After all, is this the way it is?

“Don't get me wrong, will you? Mr.

Grabbing my arm, Raymila dares look at Lion.

“Arios can't lose.
Even if the Silver Sword Saint is your opponent!

“If you find out, lose it, you idiot.”

Then came Altro's defense, and the Lions left the village so that they could be expelled.

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