It's Dudley Crais.”

Ray – Again Ray Mira Li Arceus only hoists both ends of his mouth.

“I didn't expect you to not only vandalize my mother's homeland all of a sudden, but also harm the residents…
what do you think?

Nico, the princess walks over laughing.

There is no usual naivity in the way it is.

This is – you're angry.

You're so angry.

“Besides, I can't believe you insulted my (…) Arios…
How painful do you want to be? Heh heh heh, a burning sentence or a metta stab sentence, or…
Ugh, what kind of sentence would you prefer?


They just got to this.

Dudley took a step back and took a distance from Ray.

Well, the McBa family flourishes because of their connection to the royal family.

Before my exile, my father taught me how to relate to royalty.

I guess that's why I can't get my hands on Ray.

I get it.

I know.
A feeling of approximation.

I don't have that kind of trouble anymore.

what are you talking about, Lady Raimira!

It looks like Dudley still won't leave.

“Why are you on his side like that! He's a possessor of off-skills…
scumbags who can't do anything!

You don't seem to understand yet.
If that's what you want…”

Raymila almost said, at that moment.

“Don't insult Master Arios! You pompous swordsman!!

A familiar old adventurer threw a pebble at Dudley.

Is he…
is he serious?

He's a C-class adventurer who once had a fight in his guild and then turned into a surprise.

“Right, right, right! What do you know about Lord Arios?

Altro, the guild master, then shouted.

“Prisoned by his own greed, the poor Makuba family, etc…
I can't call him Kensei anymore! You were right to leave Wang Du.

“At least…
he's a better swordsman than you.

Saying so is Kaya, an A-rank adventurer.

They're not the only ones.

“Yes, they do!

“I insult Mr.

“Don't scumbag my benefactor!

“Your brother is my husband!

The villagers I used to be involved in.

And the people who were imprisoned by the Arceus Salvation Party.

All of them began to shelter me.
He who throws stones, he who screams out loud… all do it in their own way.

What I can say for sure – guys, was that you were on my side.

no! Stay with me!

Dudley is stoned from all directions and mournfully nodded.

“I want to be there! He wants to stay! Stop it.
Yikes…! Damn, what's going on with this…!

Are you crying a little? I don't know.

This is…”

Raymila smiles when she sees how it goes.

“You didn't even have to let me shelter you.
This is indeed the trust you have won.


I didn't think I could be accepted in the future.

Because I lost the title of Candidate Kensei.

Because he was an off-skill holder.

Still – my place was really here.

“Fuck you! On top of it taking……!

You can't stand it anymore, or Dudley puts his hand on the sword pattern.


Is he going to pull his sword out on this occasion? That's all.

“- Stop it.
It's Dudley.”

To the lid.

I miss it, and then the voices that I never wanted to hear again echo around.

I don't even have to look back.

This voice…

“Dear village.
This time my son (…) excused me.”

It was Lion Makuba, the sword saint.

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