“Gaga! Gaga! Gaga!

Giant soldiers still don't seem to give up attacking.
He shoves his sword in with a wild voice, but my treasure sword is frightening.

“Gah! Gah!

For once, it looks like the giant soldiers are serious.

Though I push my sword in with a desperate voice, I still can't move.

Well, Remia said “experiment” too.
I guess he's not that strong of an opponent.
It's impossible if you're normal enough (…) to let your encounter fight powerful enemies.

Let's go.”

Cheat code activated.

Increase Attack (Small).

“Abyss Stream…
one type.
True/Divine Speed No Flash”

“G, guggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!

My high-speed swordsmanship captured the giant soldier accurately.

They weren't a lot of opponents after all.

“Nu, nuaaaaaaa……!

With just that blow, the giant soldier collapsed.


Out of nowhere, I hear a low woman.

“My magic guide…
is so easy…”

“Well, is this okay?

I sigh and put my sword in my sheath.

“It's time to open it.
I want your opinion on the mysterious gem.”


Remia silences herself for a while.

“I'm a former Kensei candidate…
You must have been shoved into your sword by a giant soldier…
not exhausted at all…?

“Yeah, that's it.
You haven't been putting out all that powerful magic equipment, have you?

Though I lost my attack, I felt very little power.


But what happened, Remia's voice seemed terribly sorry.

I didn't know I'd be beaten this far……'

“Oh, you know.

“Former Kensei candidate.
What did you say your name was?”

“Ah, it's Arios.
Arios Makuba”

“Arios? Fine.
Go through.
Let's go in with them.”

Schoen, and.

The current door was automatically opened to see what tricks were in place.
You sound like a really amazing magic conductor.

Either way, it seems to have finally been acknowledged.

Until we do what we have to do now.

“Oh, wait a minute”

Ray, who looked anxious, once again wrapped his arms around him.


Lemia Leias, a bigoted magic conductor.

The person who told me he was the one who did the altro.

I wondered what he was like – unexpected, much smaller.


Although I don't actually put it in my mouth.

It was small.

I know you do.
What are you thinking?”

Lemia, who swells her cheeks and looks up at me, trembles with regret.

Doesn't matter what it looks like.
I am the best magician, good!!

“Yes, I know.”

“Don't look at me with a smile!

I was pissed off with my grumpy eyes.

Well, Altro, the real age is like 22.
You're older than me, so you can't break your attitude.

but I was surprised how it works here.

I guess so.”

Remia nodding a little happily.

Of course I'm not flattered.

In fact, this House – is it more appropriate such as an institute – was clearly different from normal.

With a doll who walks in just because Remia called?

You think there's a soldier walking around like he rubbed his armor down earlier?

You must be an amazing magic conductor.

“Speaking of amazing, Arios, what was that earlier? That armored soldier should have had the strength of designated Class B.
I didn't expect to defeat it without…”


Designated B demon class?

You're lying, right?

Or I didn't know you would normally strike that class of enemies…
what Altro was saying is true.

“Besides, I didn't know you were flat when you were attacked…
what kind of body are you in? I don't know which one to study.”

“No, no, no! Please don't.”

I managed to control Lemia.

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