Meanwhile, around that time.
In the vicinity of the village of Roure.


B-Rank Adventurer – Eugès Kara had a high laugh.

“Die, Ola! Ha-ha-ha!

Return the striking White Wolves by a sword knife.

“Yo! Master Eugès!


“Ha-ha, it's not like that, is it?

Eugès defeated all the flocks of White Wolves attacking him with persistent collaboration.

Thanks to this, the wounds there have been sustained, but the number of White Wolves is gradually decreasing.

There are a few left.

If we bring this far, we've already decided to win or lose.
Even low-level adventurers can win, such as the unherded White Wolf.

The last wave wiped out White Wolf, Eugès said, “Hang on!,” he snorts.

“Not as much as my mouth.
Zako and the others.”

A junior adventurer lifts Eugès, who is prestigious as he waves his sword.

“No, no! White Wolf is a mighty enemy! Mr.
Eugès is too strong!

I wonder.

“That's right! I don't even have to compare it to that” Off the Skills “poncho swordsman!

That's him.
I was there, a pontificate with that name.”

“No! You're the owner of Off Skills for Kensei's son! It's a pompous trick!!

Oh, you know what I mean.”


Kataka, Kataka, Kataka…!

The sound of the horse's hoof echoes, and Eugès turns around.

A few carriages, and a lot of adventurers.

“Heh, what is it? It's a jolt.”

Eugès slowly walks over to the adventurers as he stretches his nose with a Doya face.

“We're late.
You guys.
White Wolf would be so…”

But the words uttered to the leading B-rank adventurer were those that Eugès did not imagine.

“Get out of there! I can't help you!!


The B-rank adventurer bares Eugès and gives voice to those who were far behind him.

“There he is! There he is! Yuya and…
it's Arios!

“What? Huh? Arios?”

Eugès' head turns white.


Why not?

Why do you get such a pompous name?

I'm the one who wiped out White Wolf.
This is me.

It's such a bummer, I don't care…!

“Gentlemen! Are you here!!

Greeting with a refreshing voice is that ponkotsu swordsman – Arios Makuba.

“Arios, I heard you! You said you grabbed the Azito of the Arceus Salvation Party?

“Yes, some of that seems valuable information.
Can't we divide it up and seize it?

“All right! Arios, that's awesome!! And he said he got a hell of a jewel?

“No, it's outrageous.
Rather than that, go to Ajito as soon as possible!

“Whoa! Right!

After such an exchange, the adventurers disappear without them.
In the same direction Arios just ran away.

“Oh, that? What's my handle…?

No one responds to Eugès whining like that.


No, no, no.

I beat White Wolf, too, didn't I? You're supposed to stand out, right?

“Well, it's because of everyday deeds.”

I was blurted out by a fellow adventurer.

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