Shin, and.

White Wolf, who was so fierce, vanished in an instant.

And Yuya.

Not even Ray.

He keeps his mouth open and alternates between me and White Wolf's body.

that's it”

I squirm, unable to bear the heavy silence.

“I think I've done a little too much.

“” Not on that level a bit!!

I got a scratch from all of them.

No, no.

I didn't think I could destroy a whole bunch of people with one move.

'Cause look.

There were more than a hundred of them?

That's instant annihilation or something…
the guy who did it is out of his mind.

who the hell are you…”

With his eyes closed, B-rank adventurer Yuya asks.

“Yesterday's fight was pretty hepatic too…
what did you do this time?

so I just waved my sword…”

“If I waved my sword, would a large group of White Wolves have vanished?

I will”

I know exactly what's wrong with you again!

I feel like I've been misled about something, but I really just waved my sword.

Though I'll keep my mouth shut because I'm going to dig a grave even if I excuse myself any more.

“Ugh ♪ That's Arios!

Only Ray was happily overlapping his hands.

“Huh!? Arios, huh?

It was then that a swordswallowing voice sounded.

Looking back, there is one adventurer who seems to be bent on it.
You remember your arm, and your confidence seeps out of the inside is pretty good.

“I remember! Hey, you're Arios Makuba!


I answer honestly even though I have a slightly unpleasant feeling.

“Ooh, ooh.
Well, I'm sorry about that (…) Arios.”

The man points his lips and purposefully stirs them up.

“Master Lion was moaning in the king's capital.
He said it was hard because he had a real kid he couldn't do.
Don't bother with Kensei.”


“You're also (…) doing this, you're actually aiming to restore your honor, aren't you? But I'm sorry -.
My eyes aren't deceiving.
I'm sorry, did you just cheat on me?


Cheat Code Manipulation is too strong.

Still, it's a legitimate skilled way to fight.

“Keep it that way, Eugès”

Yuya took refuge in me.

“Certainly his strength is unknown, but we were helped by him.
Thank you for that.
You won't have to get along.”

“Ha! Oh, my God, you're not hitting the same B-rank shit!

An adventurer called Eugès gets bored and evil.

“No, it's nothing…”

“Anyway, it wasn't Arios who defeated Whitewolf, it was me.
Is that all right?

Oh, my God.

I don't know what to say, but you're after the handles.

That's all right.

If you want that, I'll give you as much…



I opened my eyes unexpectedly.

That's crazy.

This sign, no way…

Hurry and look back, a bunch of whitewolves once again behind you.

Though less than just now, will there be twenty bodies at all?


That's crazy.

Until just now, there was no sign of this.

If it's possible, it means White Wolf just showed up suddenly – is there such a convenience?

It's called Black Grizzly and Good Giant Oak, something is still wrong……


Wait a minute.

There is something (…).

From the grass shade in the distance, someone is watching this one…

When I glanced at you, someone just disappeared.
Looks like he escaped.

“Ah? Oh, my God, there was still a survivor.”

Much later than me, Eugès notices a flock of White Wolves.

“Ha, I knew it wasn't time for Arios! Those guys, I'm gonna smash them!!

here, please….
Let's go, Ray!

“What, uh, yeah!!

The identity of that shadow is unknown – but you can never miss it.

Leave it to the Eugès and the rest of us…!!

“Hey, Arios' guy ran away! Coward!!

Eugès' winning voice sounded all the way around him.

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