“Yes! What is it, Master Arios!

An old adventurer who “beware” with a pin.

What is this change?

Was the attack a bad beating, or was the Second Empress Raimira too scared?

I utter the following words with my back of my head.

“Can you tell me the results of the exam? Are you passing or failing…”

“Yes! That's already passed! No, someone like me has passed Master Arios and so on!

is that right”

Whatever it is, now I'm an adventurer too.
I couldn't be Kensei, but this isn't a bad idea.

No, for lack of smugness as a McBa family, it's rather easy enough to move.

“Arios! I believed you!

You did it!

Shaggy Ray and Kaya with a yellow voice.

We're both as happy as we are about ourselves.
Just seeing it makes me happy, too.


And beside it, the guild's receptionist – Elisa – was pounding her mouth.

“I can't believe Mr.
Arios was such a user…
Instead of” Off Skill Holders “, they are comparable to S-rank Adventurers…”

I don't know”

Well, he wore the beginning abyss stream of the Makuba stream.

I don't even know if I've gotten much more power than I've got other powerful cheat codes.

Well, I'm not going to show off this power.

I don't like that personally.

“Let's get back to the guild counter! Mr.
Arios would welcome it!!

Elisa with a rough nose said, “Come on, come on! He just urged me to the counter.”

That's how my adventurer life starts.

By the way, it seems to be from the E rank at first.
This means it starts with the E-rank, not just for me, but for any fierce man without exception.

“Excuse me…
I think Mr.
Arios has at least A-rank prowess, but forgive me…”

Elisa apologized so much for this.
I'm so sorry about this one.

that's fine.
I'm not angry at you for this.”

Adventurers' rank should not be judged solely by combat power.

Especially since I only know the way of the sword.
It's a chimp camp for anything but battle, isn't it?


After completing the whole procedure, I remember something very important.

Can I buy material here?

“You can.
Do you have anything quick?

Uh, here it is.”

As I say, I take the material out of the porch.

“First, the black grizzly fangs.”

“Oh, yes.
Black Grizzly's……
B, Black Grizzly!?

“Yes, and black grizzly nails and fur…
and then Giant Oak's…”

“Hey, wait a minute! I can't handle such expensive stuff! Wait a minute!

Elisa disappears behind the counter when she puts the material on the counter as if it were a treasure.

“Nah!? That's true!

What appeared with the oddity was a grandfather who had grown a splendid jawbeard.

No heart, or a pretty red expression.

Is that it?

That's crazy.

This guy, somewhere…


Grandpa stared at me and checked every piece of material before finally looking at me.

did your lord bring it all?

Yes, sir.”


He was a grandfather who opened his mouth gently.

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