This is crazy.

Could it be a pretty serious injury, old man?

No, no.
But it can't be that.

'Cause you're the strongest swordsman.

I can't believe I'm falling…

“Yes, it hurts! Ouch! Ouch!

Underfoot, however, the old man is still crying.

Until just now, there was no fine dust.
Rather until I am seriously sore.

It's not an act, no matter how you look at it.

“Good day, Mr.

Kaya walks over with a bitter laugh.

“Ka, Kaya.
Is this…?

I'm sorry.
Actually, this guy just got C-ranked.
Looks like he used to bully rookies, and he just couldn't leave them alone.”

“Oh, really…

Originally a strong abyss stream.

and even a small attack using Attack Up.

Whatever the S-rank adventurer is, obviously in overkill against those who don't…

You perceived my worries, Kaya waves.

“Oh, don't worry.
Actually, this guy has a skill called” guts “.
Up to five times a day, you won't die from a powerful attack.
Well, I'm seriously injured.”

Oh, my God.

That's a really strong skill.

Is it because of the superiority around me that I've been making fun of the Out-of-Skills Possessor?

well, that's why I had a verse that was on track.
Sorry, I lied to you.”

I see.
You were right.”

Well, I didn't have to try to make it bumpy.

You'd be just reflecting.

“Look, be sure”

Kaya makes the old man drink potion with a harsh look on his face.
Because it's just harsh to leave the rest of your health alone.


A few minutes later.

The old man, who seems to have recovered somewhat, wakes up his torso.

“I'm such a fucking kid! I won't forgive you, I'll bust you!!!


I knew I wasn't reflecting.


Kaya sighs with a frightened look, but once again turns to the old man with a rugged look.

“Then why don't we try the game again? You want to fight, don't you?

“What, no, that's”

Suddenly an old man with a bad tooth cut.

I guess you remembered the attack earlier, when you and I were looking at each other.


and a pitiful voice.

It's so lame because I'm lagging behind with my butt cake on.

come on, why don't we just admit we lost”

Ray is the one who says that and walks over.

Usually she's a champion, but when she's angry, she releases the right vibe.

I guess I figured something out about that majestic attitude.
The old man rounds his eyes.

“Oh, that? That's crazy.
You, just…”

“Too late to notice”

The princess puts one hand on her waist and looks down at the old man with a cold gaze.

“Reimila Li Arceus, the Second Empress, means me.
By the way, remember that word you just threw at me?

“also, thighs…”

For a moment, the old man sat down to us at a whimpering speed.

“I'm sorry! Lady Raimira! Lady Arios!

It was even addressed to me.

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