Having arrived safely at the guild, we decided to register as adventurers first.

By the way, I'm the only one who registers.

Kaya took it for granted, and Ray said he was secretly registering too.
I'm the only one who can complete the process.

“Those people…”

“To Lady Raimira, Mr.
is the other the son of Kensei…?

Even in the peripheral villages, the adventurer's information network just seems vast.
They seem to have spotted my origins in an instant.
Well, Sword Saint Lion is a swordsman.

“Um, I'd like to register as an adventurer.”


A female receptionist rounds her eyes.

“Not Ray on Kaya!? What's wrong with both of you?

“Elisa! Long time!

Ray greets me first and proudly pushes my back.

“I was going to ask you to register as an Arios Adventurer today! How can you do that?

“Huh? Ugh, yeah.
I know you can…
but you're just gonna have to take the exam, right? Are you okay?”

“Yeah! I'm fine!

“Oh well…
I hope so…”

Against optimistic Ray, the receptionist called Elisa looks worried.
“Possessor of Outside Skills.” He must be showing me around.

And is that an exam?

Don't worry about it.



“Is the exam that hard?

“No, not that far.
I need to be recognized for fighting adventurers above the C-rank, but for some people -“

“Hey! Are you really Arios from Off Skills?!?

A man interrupted the conversation on the pretend.
He's an oddly fit old man with a big sword on his back.

Unfortunately, that's not a friendly attitude, no matter what you think.

As a new American adventurer, do you want to get out poorly for now?

“Yes, I'm Arios.”

“Ha ha! I knew it! I knew I'd seen that dumb face before!



Even though it is a peripheral village, is it not possible for out-of-skill holders to live normally either? I didn't know you could throw a tantrum all of a sudden.

“Hey you.
I wonder what you will say to my Arios.
That attitude that lacks courtesy as a person, maybe retarded for his age, he looks cute?

Raymila cleaned up.

But the old man doesn't move either.

“Oh, my God, Temehe, you're killing me.”

Don't you notice Ray?

Is that an adventurer who recently came to this village? You don't seem to be close to any other adventurers, and you probably came from another city.

“Hey, kid.”

My old man smiles at me.

“You're taking the exam now, aren't you? I'm actually the strongest swordsman.
I mean, it's better than you.”


“An order.
Beat me.”

It is a much more discretionary story.

I turned my gaze back on the receptionist.

Are you okay with the exam with this guy?

“Keh, it's formally valid, but, uh…”

“It's okay, Mr.
No problem.”

Kaya can follow Elisa with a troubled face.
Is it because of your mind that you have a slightly worse look on your face for some reason?

“Instead, because that guy is really the strongest swordsman.
I thought we should fight for real.”

I see.

Honestly, I don't look like a user that far……
if Kaya says so, I'm pretty sure.

“So, I'll show you to the exam venue.
Follow me.”

Elisa led me to the exam.

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