I went to the front with Yuya.

That's the way the other adventurers watch instead.

“Is that it? Mr.
Yuya, do you want a lookout?

Yuya answers me with a grin.

“Those adventurers are wounded in the fight against Giant Oak.
I need you to rest.”


I'm slightly anxious about that word.

Are those adventurers B-ranks, just like Mr.

I guess I guessed the intent of that question.

Yuya laughs bitterly again.

That's right.
On the front, A-rank people are fighting.”

I see.

Is that what you mean?

It should be a little heavy on B-rank adventurers to fight the demons of Designated A.

So I guess the battlefield was left to A-rank adventurers and the B-rank Jews were watching.
Still can't beat Giant Oak, so the B-rank Jews must be taking turns fighting and watching.

To see, the intact adventurer did not exclude Yuya.

Exactly what he says – that this is a situation where you want to borrow the cat's hand, too?

for once, there are three A-ranked seniors.
I hear the Giant Oak is of different stature this time.
I've never seen an individual that big before.”

is that it”

That said, it's been a long time since the battle started.
I think it's time to settle.”

Is that so?

I do find it comforting that there are three A-rank adventurers…
but without a heart, I couldn't wipe away a bad feeling.

– And the hunch will be unexpectedly centered.


what is that!?

Yuya limps with a blue-white look.
He shook his body, opened his eyes slightly, and uttered a faint voice.

“Such an idiot……! You mean even the seniors are no match……!!

– The battlefield was a hell of a picture.

Giant oak.

He is a monster of the first eye and boasts a giant body (a little) that just looks up.
To be honest with you, I felt terrified just looking at that size.

There's a huge stick in my right hand, and if I get hit with that, I'm not sure I can stay conscious at the end of the day.

Around that giant oak, three adventurers were ramming up.

Needless to say.

A-rank adventurers.

The battle is almost over?

Don't worry, the three of you have A-rank adventurers?

This is outrageous.

Can you call this a battle?

“Ku……! Arios, you go home! Report this to the Alliance!

Yuya pulls out her sword with a harsh look.

Apparently, I'm going to die.

Its mind is fine – but its body is still trembling.

“But Mr.
Yuya, you alone……!

“I know! But there would be no other way! Understand me!!

That's right.

Indeed it is.

My Cheat Code Manipulation is really powerful, but I don't know the full story yet.
It is now unclear whether it will lead to Giant Oak.

What shall we do?

What are we supposed to do?


I heard a voice on the lid.

He was a female A-rank adventurer.

Falling into depression, he has a sad voice.

“Oh no…
I don't want to die…


I guess I heard that voice.


Giant oak mocks her eyes and shakes her stick up at the female adventurer.

As soon as that happens.

I could play something of mine.

– Cheat code activation.

Increase Attack (Small).

“Whoa, whoa!

Pull out your sword as you drive.

Makuba Stream.

– Divine speed no flash.

Strike the fastest sword taught to you by my father into the stick of Giant Oak with all your natural strength.

I'm supposed to be overwhelmingly weak.



The giant oak, far more gigantic than mine – leaned back big and put a buttcake on the spot.

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