There were quite a few crazy people in the world.
Some people would disagree, but for her, one of the crazy things involved courting someone who was married or had someone to marry.

And it’s crazy to give a family signet ring to someone outside the family.

If so, it meant that Elliot Burns was twice insane.
Let’s not think about whether a person might go crazy twice.
She got out of the wagon, wondering where he might have gotten his signet ring.

“Lady Biscon!”

Miss Lisa Grunt, president of the White Rose Society, hugged her happily when she saw her.
She hugged her shoulder and gave her a brief greeting to know how she was doing.

“It was hot, so I prepared cold tea.
I don’t know if it’s palatable.”

If her mother had listened, she would have said that it was a verbal theft with a stunned expression.
However, cold tea was lightly popular with young people.
It’s also great for showing off one’s wealth.

She headed to her seat prepared by Miss Grunt and greeted those who had already arrived.
Today was an irregular meeting, so a little less than half of the total number of people sat down.

Suddenly, she remembered Lady Devon.
Speaking of which, she had forgotten.
Her brother did say that Lady Devon had lost her mind.

Just in case, she checked the refreshment room and didn’t find Lady Devon.
Didn’t she attend? Just as she thought so, Miss Grunt looked at her expression and asked with a smile.

“Lady Biscon heard the rumors, too?”


She was embarrassed.
Her face burned because she seemed to be someone who only paid attention to the rumors but she whispered as if she was telling a secret story that she didn’t care.

“It’s going to be a big deal.
I’m worried about getting busted.”

Yes? Didn’t her brother say that the lady would break up with her fiance? She couldn’t understand what Miss Grunt was saying, so she rolled her eyes.
She turned her head, looked somewhere, and spoke to her again.

“But would they break up? Everybody would understand.”

Understand what? That the lady was crazy? She stared blankly at Miss Grunt and asked in a small voice.

“Why, why?”

“Why? Honestly, I put up with it a lot.
Miss Rogosso would have understood if it wasn’t for her sister.”

“Wait a minute.
Miss Rogosso?”

Not Lady Devon?

At her question, Miss Grunt looked ‘what?’ and tilted her head.

“Of course it’s Miss Rogosso.
Baroness Kernel is Miss Rogosso’s sister, isn’t she?”

She didn’t know why Baroness Kernel was coming out.
Her gaze reflexively searched for Miss Rogohso.
She was present.
She was talking to other people around her, and they seemed somehow rigid.

“Did Baroness Kernel have a problem with Lady Devon?”

Miss Grunt looked again, ‘What?’ For a moment, an expression flashed quickly across her face, and then she burst out laughing.

“Oh my God, Lady Biscon.”

What did she do wrong? Seeing her embarrassed, Miss Grunt stopped laughing.
She quickly covered her mouth with her hand and apologized.

“I’m sorry.
I thought you knew.”

“It’s not about Lady Devon, is it?”

That’s how much she noticed.
At her question, Miss Grunt nodded yes and leaned toward her and began to whisper.

“Lady Devon has heard that it has been decided to break up.
It’s unfortunate, but…”

After saying that, she shrugged her shoulders in an extremely aristocratic manner.

“That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?”

Was that what she wanted? She stared at Miss Grunt in surprise.
Then, seeing her expression, she let out a small sigh and patted her hand.

“Oh my God, Lady Biscon.
You’re really not interested in rumors.”

That was a pretty good posture as an aristocratic woman.
But it wasn’t really that good.
We should listen to social gossip.
That way, one could get a lot of information.
And that information helped fathers, husbands, and brothers who ruled over the estates.

She admitted frankly.

“A good friend like Miss Grunt made me ignorant.”

Oliver always tells her: ‘Oh my God! Now that Eugenie knows, the whole Balxian finally knows!’

She was always late in rumors.
Especially towards gossip.
Fortunately, Miss Grunt smiled at her words and patted her hand again.

“Call me Lisa.
Lady Devon said she asked for a breakup.”

“Rumors that you let go of your mind, then…”

“They asked me to break up for no reason.”

If so, it is understandable that there are rumors that she was crazy.
Marriage in the nobility was more like a contract between families.
Although they were married parties, they were more of a contractual product, not a contractor.

Since one of the contractual products said that wanted to break the contract, of course it must have been rumored to be insane.

Why the hell was that? She sighed as she thought of Lady Devon.
Beside her, Lisa continued to speak.

“And Miss Logoso’s story is because of her sister.
Baroness Kernel, that recently had a lover.”

The word lover was a bit surprising, but it’s not uncommon.
As it is a contract between families, there are also couples who keep their lovers separate.
I hate it.

To be honest, as Lisa said, Baroness Kernel understood.
Her husband, Baron Kernel, was a great flirt, and she had heard rumors many times.

If she was late to the rumors, Baroness Kernel would know.
And the socialite knew everything.
Sure enough, Lisa lowered her voice and said playfully.

“Isn’t she a good enough person to be polite to her husband so far?”

She thought so.
They laughed face to face and sat down in their seats.

Since they were gathering for tea or a drink as an irregular gathering, today’s gathering was light.
As much as the cold tea was prepared, the accompanying dessert came out warm.
Something like a freshly baked pie.

After chatting and eating for a long time, they didn’t get up until close to dinner time.
The story that took the most weight was by far the story of Elliot Burns, the man who caught the dragon.
And the story of strange smoke coming from the Sorcerer’s Tower and the need for some help from the students who remain in the academy.

The academy accepted poor but intelligent children as scholarship students.
They provided tuition and some living expenses, but that’s during the school year.
When school holidays came, scholarship students had to work to find a place to stay and earn some money.

“If Eugenie can help you, it will help you a lot.”

Lisa, who had become quite close thanks to this meeting, crossed arms with her and headed to the front door.
Find someone to sponsor the scholarship students.
Of course, her house was difficult.
She was not wealthy.
But she could help them find people to work during the holidays and give them some money.

“I’ll look it up.”

Having said so at the front door, she looked at Lisa and quickly added.

“It’s not that hard.”

It was said that there are often people who make them do dangerous things.
Lisa chuckled at her words and pressed her arm together.

“I’ll wait to hear from you.”

What should she arrange for her? Escorted by Lisa, she stepped outside and got into the carriage in front of her.
Ann, who was already waiting for her in the wagon, looked up and asked.

“Did you have fun?”

“How was Anne?”

While they talked in the refreshment room, Ann would have had tea with the maids who followed Lady too.
She heard that the Grunt mansion was fine with servants’ waiting rooms.

Luckily, Ann seemed to have enjoyed it too.
She said, pulling out a handkerchief wrapped in sweets from her pocket and showing it.

“They even brought me sweets.”

“These sweets were delicious.”

They ate too.
She started talking to Ann about what went into the sweets and how they would be so crunchy and delicious.
Ann told her that it would have to have a lot of butter in it to be this crispy, and she was surprised if the sweets had butter.

It wasn’t until the wagon stopped that we realized that Biscon Manor wasn’t where they arrived.
Anne, who opened the door first, looked puzzled and turned to the coachman.

“Jim, where is this?”

The next moment, Ann’s body stiffened.
She quickly checked the outside through the window.

That was not Seymaria Street.
Was it Escon Street? She squinted as she looked closely, and as she checked the distance, she heard Ann’s short scream.



Startled, she went and saw men outside the wagon.
She was frozen at the carriage door, staring at the men and Ann who had been captured by them.

What was it? What’s going on?

She just couldn’t understand it.
Abduction? That was the first thing that came to her mind.
But kidnapping her, for what?

Would her house be able to pay her ransom? How much would those guys ask for? As she was thinking about it, a familiar man appeared behind the men.
He looked at herand said with a make-up smile.

“Lady Biscon, you must have been surprised to come here all of a sudden.”

Who was it? She remembered the man’s name, trying to soothe her thumping heart.
It was Otis German.
Was he the third son of Viscount German?

Viscount German was not very rich.
Moreover, since Otis had two older brothers, it was less likely that he would become a viscount or that he would help his brother who had become a viscount and stay in the family.

After all, Otis was several years older than Oliver, but he was still single.

He didn’t mean he kidnapped her and tried to marry me.
That was the most likely thing, but she had no intention of being bothered.
She said, grabbing her bag.

“I’m just surprised.
Will you release my maid?”

At her request, Otis’ eyes turned to Ann.
She realized why she didn’t recognize him.
He was drier than the last time she saw him.
Even so, her eyes were glowing brightly, so she was a little scared.

“Don’t be rough.”

At Otis’ direction, the men let Ann go.
She burst into tears and hugged Ann as she ran up to her, glaring at Otis and the men.

The men were not seen as servants.
Maybe he’s a mercenary.
He quickly looked around and could see that this was Balrog Street, not Escon Street.

“You know this is a crime, right?”

She said, grabbing the carriage door.
They hijacked the wagon and kidnapped her and Ann.
Of course, it’s a crime.
But she was going to say that if they let them go, they wouldn’t report it.

“Oh, absolutely.”

Otis was relaxed.
There were only two women versus six men over there, and one of the women was an aristocrat so he was sure to win.

“Don’t worry, Lady Bicon.
I have no intention of hurting you.”

“I want that to include my maid.”

She hugged Ann and said coldly.
If the perpetrator’s goal was not her, then it was Ann.
But Ann wasn’t Otis’ goal either.

He chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I don’t care about your stupid maid either.
You just have to sit back and relax.”

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