In Lauren’s dream, Julia died young.
Many royals were killed because of the angry dragon, and neighboring countries were invaded.
And this was the story after the epidemic broke out.

Julia was told that she had died with honor.
Her reason for hearing was that she had not been in contact with Julia for a long time.
Perhaps Julia would have welcomed Lauren’s call.
However, in her dreams, Loren was terrified of the reality of living as a mistress and could not contact anyone she knew from his academy days.

Julia was told that she had married one of Lord Escalee’s men.
She heard that her husband had died honorably on the battlefield, and that Julia had also died while helping someone with a contagious disease.
It was a sad but honorable death.
Some people would say her death was honorable, but it didn’t feel that way to Lauren, who in her dreams thought her own life was miserable.

“I’m marrying my father’s subordinate?”

Julia was taken aback by Lauren’s words, and she asked.
All her life she had thought that she would marry a nobleman.
Why not? Her father was Sir Escalee.
She would marry a nobleman with a lot of money but little influence.
But she didn’t even think of her father’s subordinates.
Because Sir Escalee did not allow any man to approach his daughter, and his subordinates also belonged to that rank.

“Is that the most surprising thing?”

Lauren asked involuntarily at Julia’s reaction.
If it were her, she would ask when and at what age she would die.
And if she would never be near patients.
But Julia shrugged her shoulders.

“According to what you said, isn’t Daaribhorn angry and attacking our country first? But that didn’t happen.”

Then there would be no war either.
Balsian wouldn’t become weak enough to be targeted by neighboring countries.
She didn’t know about the epidemic.
But since the dragon didn’t attack Balsian and the war wouldn’t break out, wouldn’t dying from an infectious disease be a little far away?

At Julia’s words, Lauren stared blankly at her friend.
She was curious about Julia’s positive mind.
The sky seemed to fall the day after she had her dream.
From that day until now, she has been immersed in her dreams.

“Then listen to Lady Biscon.”


Julia was not worried at all.
She thought her friend had a very specific dream that didn’t make sense.
Being attacked by a dragon, a war breaks out, and even an epidemic spreads? Most of the royal family was killed by the dragon’s attack, so how could they survive the war? To Julia, Lauren’s dream didn’t make sense.
But isn’t that what she originally said was a dream? It didn’t make sense, but she’s natural during dreams.

“Don’t trust her too much.”

“Why? Does Eugenie appear in your dreams too?”

That’s kinda weird.
Lauren said she had never met Eugenie.
She said, of course she saw Julia.
She’s her cousin, but she’s like a real sister.
She’s a bit picky, but she’s like-minded and she’s also good.

Lauren hesitated, not knowing how far she could go about telling the story she had heard in her dream.
To be honest, there were times when she thought it was just a dream because of it.
That’s the part that didn’t make sense.

“It’s just that I’ve never met her, even in my dreams.
But the nickname…”

Nickname? Julia looked at Lauren, her eyes widening in curiosity.
Lauren had heard quite a bit of the story about Eugenie in her dreams.
She had a lot of nicknames and she didn’t like any of them.

The most famous of which was.



At that moment, Eugenie called Julia outside the door.

* * *

The moment Eugenie entered the bar, the place went silent.
Maybe it’s because she didn’t fit in here.
Some of them even stared at her.

It’s the first time she had ever seen such rude people and places, but Eugenie behaved like an aristocrat.
She pretended not to know the people staring at her and went to the store to the man who seemed to be the owner and asked where Julia and Lauren were.

“I heard my sisters are here.”

The man who was washing the cup pointed to this floor with a wink in silence at Eugenie’s question.
When three young women dressed in such nice clothes show up in a neighborhood like this, it’s bound to attract people’s attention.

He gave advice in a low voice.

“You should have brought a guardian.”

Before Eugenie could answer to that, two men joined.


“Are you talking about the girls who came in the carriage earlier?”

The tavern owner put on a troubled expression.
If there was a commotion again, it’s a headache.
Then, the woman who stood in front of him and asked the question turned her head around and asked.

“Do you know them?”

Her attitude had changed a bit.
Very little, but different.
Her expression and tone were also different from when she asked him.
The owner decided to wait for a while to see what the woman would do.

“Oh, you know.
I saw them over there, near that store.”

The man who spoke to Lauren in the carriage grabbed Eugenie’s arm and said, It was that attitude that would take him out of the bar at any moment.

“Which shop?”

Eugenie naturally shook the man’s hand and asked.
Huh? The man made an expression of ‘What?’ at Eugenie’s attitude as she shook his hand, but Eugenie’s expression was still soft.

“Hey, the flower shop.”

It didn’t seem to be limiting.
Another man who was with the man thought so and intervened.
Then Eugenie tilted her head and asked.

“It can’t be.”

“No, because I saw it.”

“Did you see it wrong?”

“Your sister? Weren’t we talking about your sister?”

“My sisters are on the second floor of this store.
I think you misunderstood.”

Eugenie grinned to give the men a chance to back off.
She didn’t know what these men were trying to do to her, but she knew they were trying to drag her out of the bar.
Because she didn’t want to make a fuss, she was trying to make them back off.
It would be a decent ending for both parts if they backed off at this point rather than making a fuss over her by paying attention.
But at least that’s a story that only works for those who have common sense, and there’s no such thing as common sense for those who want to sell out underage girls.

The men grabbed her arm to drag Eugenie away.
Then Eugenie quickly stepped on her man’s foot.


The man groaned and sat down.
The other man and the bar owner, who were in the group, opened their eyes wide as to what this was all about.
Meanwhile, Eugenie quickly took a step back from the men.
And right away she started going up the stairs to this floor.

“You, you bitch!”

Really, that lady shouldn’t have come alone.
The owner thought so and tried to stop the men.
But the next moment, a black shadow appeared behind the men’s backs.


They couldn’t even hear him come in.
Everyone was staring at Eugenie and the men, and they were unaware of his presence.
While the owner was startled, Elliot reached out to the men and said,

“Say it again.”

When did this kid come in? The men tried to back away from Elliot.
But first, his hands grabbed the men’s necks.

Do not say it.”

After saying that, Elliott bumped the two men’s heads.
Along with the sound of ‘Puck!’ there was the sound of the men’s heads crashing.
He said calmly after throwing the bodies of the men who were drooping to the ground.

“I don’t want to hear your voice.”

Eugenie, who came up to this floor, stopped in surprise when she saw the door that opened into a narrow hallway.
She had heard that a bar like this usually used this floor as an inn.
But it’s the first time she had actually been in.
Of course, the same went for entering a bar.


She didn’t know which room Julia was in.
Eugenie called Julia’s name in the hallway and waited for a while.
Then Julia, hearing her voice, slightly opened the door and stuck her head out.


Seeing Julia’s face, Eugenie was delighted and called out to her and ran.
And she hugged Julia tightly.

‘Oh my god.
I was shocked and my heart is still beating fast.
Hiding in an inn on the second floor of a bar like this?’

She hugged Julia for a while, then she said.

“It is dangerous.
To see the two of you riding in a omnibus.”

Julia knew they were going to be scolded by Eugenie, but she smiled as she looked at Lauren with an expression that said that.
Eugenie, who said that now that she had spoken to Sir Escolee, they need to think about what to say to her father, turned her head towards Lauren.

And she let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry, Liz.
I was too late.”

Thinking that Eugenie would scold her too, Lauren widened her eyes at her sudden apology.
Was she apologizing? Eugenie Biscon? The Eugenie Biscon that Lauren knew was not one to apologize to anyone.
No, to be precise, that was the Eugenie Biscon, whom she heard in her dreams.

She was a rare witch.
The Iron Lady.
Merciless without blood or tears.

These were the qualifiers people used whenever she heard them talk about Eugenie Biscon in her dreams.
There were even more outrageous words.

“I found out about Lord Sekei.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t a very nice person.”

Eugenie said that and sighed again.
Lord Sekei, who said that she liked women very much, said, to be precise, that he liked little women. 

‘She is a young girl, not a young woman.’

Oliver spoke euphemistically, but Eugenie knew what that meant.
And the story that Lord Masterson wanted Lord Sekei to invest in his business.
Eugenie wanted to believe that Lord Masterson would not sell his younger relative for the investment.
However, Lauren felt threatened to the point that she fled in her omnibus, and she once called Eugenie for help.

“Let me talk to Lord Masterson.”

Eugenie said so and held out her hand towards Lauren.
When she said that she should go back to her house, Lauren looked at Eugenie for a moment.

She didn’t know if she could trust her.
There was no one to trust in the life she went through in her dreams.
She had no friends, and she had no one to drink tea with, so she drank with the maid who worked in her house.
She even let the maid out knowing that he was swearing at her behind her back.

“Lady Viscon.”

Soon after, Elliot, who had taken care of the first floor, came up to the second floor and called Eugenie.
He saw Eugenie and Julia standing in the hallway, checked Lauren in her room, and then asked Eugenie.

“Shall we go now?”


Translator Note:

This chapter has a lot of changes in the narrator point of view without a proper break, so sorry because it’s going to be a little difficult to read.

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