om the father’s estate and from the business run by the family.
That business was also intertwined with that of Viscount Eston.
As the daughter of the Earl of Biscon, she had a duty to smooth out her relationship with the Viscountess of Aston.
The same goes for other aristocrats.

“I like the smaller size.”

After taking another three steps, Count Burns whispered as he came back.
Didn’t she tell him that she liked the small size too? But what Burns was talking about on a small scale was a different story.
He put his palm on her palm and continued his words.

“You only need one important person.”

She felt strange.
But it went by so fast that she didn’t have time to realize what it felt like.
She asked him, taking two steps to the right with her palms in his hands.

“It is a female?”

When she turned her head, Count Burns was already looking at her.
He looked at her and said quietly.


She felt like she knew a little bit about the emotions that quickly passed by a moment ago.
A little jealous, and envy.
But she didn’t know who she was envious of.
Was it because Count Burns had found someone so important that he didn’t need anyone more, or was she jealous of the woman who had become that kind of person to him?

Was he going to marry? But Count Burns said he was not even engaged.
She shut her mouth for a moment, torn between curiosity and rudeness.

Then Earl Burns asked.

“When did you get engaged?”

He knew she was engaged.
Realizing that fact made her feel weird again.
In fact, she thought he was flirting with her.
That was, until he said he had an important woman.
And that, to be precise, was Count Burns’ fault.
That his actions were misleading.

When Earl Burns put his hand on her waist or her palm to palm, she seemed nervous.
And he just acted like he was trying to protect her.
Usually that made her think he had pretty strong feelings for her.
No one would ask for a first song to a hated one.

She said, frowning as she tried to interpret Count Burns’ actions.

“Half a year ago.”

“Is it rude to ask about your engagement?”

Count Burns asked, probably because she answered with a frown.
Could it be? She was dumbfounded by his ridiculous question, but immediately remembered that he had just entered aristocratic society.

He said he didn’t know much about aristocratic etiquette.
So she wrote down a list of teachers who would help him.

If that’s the case, it seems that he really didn’t know what he’s doing right now.
She sighed and grabbed the arm of Count Burns, who was putting his hand on her back.
Then, with a light push, she said.

“There should be gaps between us when we dance.”

As expected, Count Burns had an expression that he did not know.

Thinking like that put her mind at ease.
And she got a little embarrassed.
He just did it because he didn’t know.
Not because he was tempting her.

“And it’s not at all rude to ask about engagements.
It won’t cause a break up.”


Count Burns nodded his head humbly.
She would tell him soon.
She took her hand off his arm and quickly took a step back.

“How about you?”

Count Burns, who had been silent for a moment, suddenly asked.
How are you, what? She raised her head and immediately met eyes with Count Burns, who was looking down at her.
That guy, his eye color was really pretty.

“Your fiancé.
Is he important for you?”

Was he important? She involuntarily furrowed her nose at the strange question.
Then, conscious of Count Burns’ gaze, she quickly changed her expression and said.

Because he is my fiancé.”

“But you didn’t come here with him.”

The sharp question left her speechless for a moment.
That’s it.
Like most aristocrats, Awning and she met through family introductions, not dating.
And even taking that into account, the number of encounters was rather small.

“That goes for you too.”

Because she was stabbed in the middle of the day, she spoke sharply without knowing it.
He said he had an important person, but he came alone, right? Elliot didn’t say anything to her point.

‘Damn it.’

She sighed.
To be honest, sometimes it’s a bit questionable.
Whether Awning really wanted to marry her.
But it was a feeling she also had.
Was that marriage right? Her mother said many aristocrats met and married their spouses through family introductions.
She said she would be anxious at first, but get used to it as she lived, and they would become colleagues.
So to Awning would be the same.
She calmed down and opened her mouth again.

Awning, my fiancé said he wanted to hang out with friends as much as possible before marriage.”

He did.
After all, it wouldn’t be easy to sleep out if they got married anyway.
So, before getting married, he said he wanted to hang out with friends as much as possible.
That’s understandable.
Oliver still goes on trips for a month or two with his friends.
Every time that happened, her mother hoped that her brother would quickly meet his mate and settle down.


Count Burns nodded as if he understood her explanation.
Then he added, moving slowly to the music.

“I would use it as an opportunity to get to know my fiancé better.”

It’s not an attitude of wanting to know at all.
She was about to say something, but she sighed and said, not to use up today’s rudeness.

“Because you are not my fiancé.”

The music was over.

They bowed to each other, facing each other from a little distance apart, as they had done in their first dance.
Soon there was the sound of people clapping their hands.

“Can I ask you to dance again?”

After bowing, Count Burns asked.
After all, it seems like he wasn’t joking when he said earlier that if it’s okay, it’s okay twice.

I said with a smile so as not to embarrass him.

“If the Count is my fiancé, that’s okay.”

“Can I give you the ring tomorrow?”


She looked up at what that meant, and Count Burns said casually.

“If you are engaged, you should give your partner an engagement ring.
I will prepare it by tomorrow.”

He’s more fun than she thought.
She laughed at Count Burns.
But he didn’t laugh.
Wasn’t he kidding? She said carefully.

“I remember when I told you earlier that I had been engaged for about half a year.”

I know.”

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