The king was pleased with the name Araromi gave to the stranger and he nodded his head in agreement and so did the queens because no doubt she was truly a beauty. Though Eliza appreciated the name, it was a beautiful name and she loved it but she founds the person who gave her the name odd, it was like he had prepared the name for her beforehand, without wasting time, he had called her Ewa. The king dismissed the gathering and on the kings word, Iwalewa alongside Adeshewa began to show Eliza round the palace. The three Walked through the corridors and Iwalewa would stop now and then to tell her the names of the Items that were hung on the wall while Adeshewa Walked beside them with her head head high not wanting to associate herself with Eliza.

”hope you like your room? ” asked Iwalewa to receive a nod from Eliza and she smiled.

”If I didn hear you greet the king, earlier in the throne room, I will assume you are deaf ” she said and Eliza narrowed her eyes on the princess who then chuckled, ”did my words suprise you? ” she asked, the smile not leaving her face and Eliza nodded again

”you see, that what am talking about, youve been nodding without uttering a word, if you continue like this, your neck will ache you

”let her be, why do you care if her neck ache her or not, she is the one who choose to nod her head, like a Lizard ” said Adeshewa.

”come on sewa, don talk like that to the poor girl, be nice to her ”

”nice? To a slave ”

”she isn a slave Sewa, the king didn introduce her to us as a slave so you can call her that, her name is Ewa ”

”oh I see, youve develop a liking towards the girl, I wonder why father told us to show this girl around, I can believe am walking with this thing ” she said and gazed at Eliza and she received a glare back in return.

”what ” she said and halted her steps and so did Iwalewa and Eliza.

”what is it? ” her sister asked

”Iwa, she glared at me ” she said and stretch forth her arm and pointed her finger at Eliza who had lowered her head and was now staring at the ground intensely.

”you started it, you shouldn have use does language on her, she is human, she is bound to be upset ”

”is that all youve to say? ” Sewa asked and instead of answering her, she ignored her words and diverted her attention back to Eliza

”so, as I was saying, if you need anything ask me, I will get it done for you ”

”I will, thank you ”

”good thats what I was waiting for, you have a sweet voice and a strange intonation if I might say ”

”oh ”, was all she said.

”enjoy your time with your lovely friend ” Sewa said and walked away angrily. Now focusing all her attention back to Eliza, Iwa said, ”Come let me take you to the garden, they are a lot of beautiful things there for you to see,a lot of lovely flowers, come lets go ” she said happily and Eliza smiled before following her to the garden. Now that the annoying princess has left, she was no longer feeling uncomfortable, the presence of that lady had been very suffocating. They got to the garden and Iwa showed her a lot of flowers, telling her their names as she showed her but Eliza wasn in the mood for that, she had a lot going on, on her head and she needed to rest her head, so she can think properly and find a solution to her problems and figure out a way to return to her world, to her life. That lowly bitch dare called her a slave, in her era, their wealth is equal to poverty and she a whole director of a department is being insulted and then that thing had the boldness the be calling her names, what insolence, her heart cried

When the tour finally came to an end, Eliza was excited, not that she didn enjoy the company of the lady, but she needed time for herself, Iwa Walked her back to her room and she thanked the lady and shut the door. She sat on the bed and buried her head in her palm. ”how did I get here ” she whispered to herself, racking her brain and hoping to find a way to return back home. She wondered if her patient was able to get the surgery and that shattered her heart the more. She laid on her back on the bamboo bed with her leg stretched out on the floor and something very important that she had missed flashed through her mind, she remebered the Oluwo telling the king g to call the military head, Are-ana – kankanfo, how come the name didn sink in her before. The Are-ana- kankanfo is the military head that defends the kingdoms territory and in her era, they don use it anymore. This was enough to confirm her suspicion that she was back in times and its a mystery that she herself finds hard to understand. She shut her eyes close, trying to see if she can connect the dots and find out what had really happened.

When she opened her eyes, the room. was dark and a lantern stood in one corner of the room that served as light. She sat up on the bed and wondered how long she slept, she couldn believe that she was able to sleep despite the situation she is in and despite the new surroundings,then, the door to the room banged open and she turned to see who it was, it was one of the girl servant and she wished that they would observe common courtesy and knock before barging into her room, even the kings son knocked before entering her room, how much more a mere servant. The servant girl dropped the bowl of food and bowl of water that was in her hands on the ground and when she was about to leave, Eliza said to her back politely, ”please the next time you want to come in,knock before you do so, don just barg in, you can as well inform your colleagues so they can be aware, its not appropriate to just barge into someones room like you just did ”. The slave girl Walked out of the room without giving Eliza a reply and she also didn shut the door. Eliza stood on her feet and went to shut the door before coming back to sit and settling down to eat her meal. She ate the meal quietly and because she didn have much appetite, she ate little. She washed her hands through the window and sat back on the bed sadly, she was frustrated and her heart ached, she wanted to go back home, back home to her mum,she wondered how her mom was faring and her heart ached more at the thought that her mum might be in pain, crying seriously because of her sudden disappearance and she is here stuck in this place.She buried her face in her palm and allowed the tears that had welled up in her eyes to flow freely and she sobbed quietly.

She stopped crying and thought of going to the garden that Iwa and taken her to in the evening and take a walk in the garden that way she would free her head a little. She carried the lantern and walked out of the room. She stood In front of her door, looking around not knowing which direction to take, she hadn really master the road that led to the garden as she had been lost in her own thought. She decided to go right and she began to walk down the dark corridor that was a bit dark, where the small lantern she held in her hand served as light and the other lanterns that was hung on the wall brightened the corridor a little. She got to a particular place in the palace that she couldn describe and she stood still at the corridor looking at the two huge door that were on her right then at the ones on her left,It was a dead end and the door seems like they were rooms, this isn the way, she thought and when she turned to leave a deep voice asked, ”What are you doing here this late Ewa? ” and she shrieked in fear, her legs began to tremble with great fear. The voice sounded familiar and she held her breath, when she heard footsteps coming towards her shivered inwardly and held onto the lantern tightly, in case she needed to run. her back was turned against the person and she dares not turn back to see who it was, she was too scared.

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