Though the king had showed her mercy and seems to be kind, she could see the look of disapproval on the faces of some of the four men , especially the one with the port belly, he looked nothing less than a gorilla to her because of his massive size, his neck, thick and fat and his face was round. How can someone be this fat and also be wicked, she thought and if she was given the opportunity,she wouldn hesitate to hit the man at least, that might help him reduce, who knows, she thought and the man spoke.

”your highness, no offense but I feel you are too rash with your decision, how can you just allow a girl we know from nowhere to stay in the palace ” he said and the king smiled

”I know what am doing Oluwo, be patient ” said the king and her eyebrows furrowed, Oluwo? the name sounded familiar but she can recollect where she heard the name from.

”its our duty to advise you so you can make the right decisions ”

”and there is no law that says I must follow your advice ”

”your royal highness, I feel this girl is a spy, what if war breaks out in the land suddenly and they attack us suddenly, this girl is a spy ” he insisted, ”why don we send a signal to the military head Are-ona-kankanfo ” he continued

”ah ahn Oluwo military head because of a woman ” the other chiefs chorused and the king chuckled.

”put your mind at rest, Oluwo, why do we need to call the military head, there is no need, I have my reasons why I said we should allow her stay in the palace ”

”if you say so your royal highness ”

Eliza who had been listening to their conversation was grateful that the old pig had finally kept quiet, then she heard the king say, ” take her to her room ” and she felt relief, she felt all the tension that had build up in her body die down and she sighed. The guard who had brought her to the throne room escorted her back to her room. When they reached her room, the guard went back and she entered and shut the door. She sat down heavily on the bamboo bed and buried her head in her palm. The king didn look familiar at all, infact nothing looked Familiar, the oyo state or empire that she knew doesn look like this. Currently, before she had the accident, the oyo state didn have a king as their king just passed away . ”Oluwo ” she called still trying to recollect where she heard the name from then the memory came flying back, it was also in the history that her mom told her, who was the Oluwo again, she thought and began to walk around the room, trying to remember what her mom told her about Oluwo and yes, she remembered, she thought and sat back on the bed,her mom said, he was the head of a particular group that assisted the king in carrying out the affairs of the state and they are also in charge of dismissing any king that goes against the law and the leader of the cult group was called the Oluwo, in the mordern world they don use that anymore, she thought and the group is called, the Ogboni fraternity. Her mom history has really been helpful and slowly she was beginning to find answers to the puzzle, right now, she is 70 percent sure that she is in the old oyo empire,but how is that possible, she thought, she sure doesn have any scientific explanation for this.

She laid on her back on the bamboo bed to take a nap. Even though her body ached, she still needed to rest so she can feel better. The continuous knock she had on the door woke her up and she opened her eyes reluctantly, she still wanted to sleep some more but the knock wouldn stop. Slowly, she pushed herself to a sitting position and rubbed her temple with her palm, ”come in ” she said and the door flung open and a creature she hadn expect to see in this land Walked in, not that he wasn human, but unlike what she had been seeing, this man was handsome and tall,his eyes were deep black and they were looking right into hers, there was something about his presence that was odd, even his appearance was, who would have thought that she would come across such an handsome man in this land, his hair was black and a bit long and was styled to the back unlike the nosense haircut she had seen especially at the village square.he wore a traditional cap on his head and that added to his beauty, even though he was putting on their weird attire,he looked stunning, she imagined how he would like in a mordern wear, a jean and a shirt and he wore a smile on his face that made him look more handsome that Eliza couldn stop admiring him and judging from the way he dressed, she could tell that he was noble, maybe thats why he his this handsome, she thought and the man spoke.

”The king demands your presence ” he said and her jaw dropped. Again, her heart cried and she stood on her feet and gave the man a smile. ”If I may ask, who are you ” she said, ”you don look like a guard ”

”am not a guard ” the man replied and chuckled

”oh, I see ”

”whats your name? ” he asked

”well, for now, I don have a name ” she said and she heard him chuckle again

”thats strange, well am prince Araromi ”

”Araromi ” the name slipped out of her lips

”yes, we shouldn keep the king waiting ” he said

”but why would the king send a prince to call me, when they are guards?

”count it an honour ” he said and a smirk appeared on his face.

”honour ” she said and scoffed, they are the one who should count it an honour that a woman like her is in their palace, she thought.

”Shall we ” he said and she nodded her head slightly and they left the room for the throne room.

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