”What kind of clothes are you wearing ” the girl asked and she looked at her, then at her own clothes. Compared to them, she was putting on a different cloth that was nothing like theirs, she looked at her polo top that was covered with dirt and her jean trouser that was a bit torn on the knee, now that explains why she was been called a mermaid and an intruder, it explains why they locked her up and asked if she was a spy, it was because of her clothes and her hair, just like they looked strange to her, she also looks strange to them. She smiled at the girl without answering her question and walked into the bathroom and jammed the door. The bathroom irritated her, unlike what she was used to, this place was dirty and didn suit her taste, though to them, it was luxury. She slowly removed her top and dropped in on the ground, revealing the black bra that held her breast tightly. She unpinned the bra and took it off , revealing her firm and beautiful breast. She moved on to unbottoning her jean trousers and she took it off and was left with only her panties that she slowly pulled off, she was a beautiful sight to behold, her legs were slender and beautiful, she had the perfect curves of a woman. She picked up the traditional sponge and added the black soap to it before pouring water on it so it could foam. She poured a bowl of water on her naked body and shivered, then she began scrubbing her body with the sponge that made her cry softly, because of its harshness on her skin. When she was done bathing, she picked up the wrapper that was given to her by the servant girl and dried her body with it. She picked up the underwear they gave to her and wore it, including the linen that looked like bra, though it didn hold her breast the way she wanted but it was better than know. She then picked up the attire that was given to her, she has a lot of traditional wears at home, but they weren made with this thing she has no name for, they were made with expensive and quality fabrics. Left with no choice she put on the big looking top and tied the wrapper to reach her knee, though the cloth looked like rag, she still looked beautiful, then she straightened her hair with her hand. She would look for a way to loose her hair later, since it was fixed weavon.She picked up her dirty clothes and undies and held them in her hand as she walked out of the bathroom. She was suprise to see the two maids standing in a corner, gisting as they waited for her. The servant girls admired her beauty then collected her dirty clothes from her, she refused to give them her undies insisting she would take care of it. The girls walked her back to her room and she was on the verge of asking them for food. They got to her room and the girls left. She shut the door and laid on her stomach, the hunger was becoming unbearable for her and then, she heard the door flung open and turned to see who it was, one of the servant girl was standing by the door with a bowl of food and a bowl of water in her hand and she quickly sat up and she licked her lips. The girl handed her the food and she collected it and thanked her and the girl left. She looked at the food before her and without washing her hands, she pounced on it like an hungry lion and devoured the food and it was delicious, she finished her meal and belched in satisfaction. She dropped the Pottery bowl on the ground and lifted the water, she drank out of it, then she went to the window and washed her hands before dropping the water back on the ground. She decided to stay by the window and enjoy the view there wasn a lot to see anyways, just palace guards and the servants moving from one place to another, getting busy with their work. She was feeling a bit better, the hunger was gone and the dizziness also but her head still ached. The door to her room flung open again and she turned to see who it was and this time, it wasn a servant girl but a palace guard, she could tell from his attire.

”The king demands your presence ” the guard said and her heart skipped a beat, she could feel the heat that was beginning to rise within her and she so badly wanted to say no, she wasn ready to face that man, but she dares not, not when he has been so generous to feed her, give her a room and have her freshen up, even though he suspected her to be a spy. She gulped down her spit and slowly followed the guard out of the room and headed for the throne room. When she reached the throne room, she was brought to stand before the king like before and this time, she had an eye contact with him and she hastily looked away, his eyes were hard and cold, the look on his face could make one loose consciousness and she wasn ready to pass out again and like she watched in movies, she hastily went on her knees and bent her head. ”long live the king ” she said hoping she hadn done anything wrong. The four men were still there, still seated in their positions put the two women had left.

”woman ” she heard him call and raised her head. ” where are you from? ” he asked

”I can remember ” she answered and they all looked at her in shock,

”you can remember? ”

”yes your highness ”

”what about your name? ”

”I can remember ” she lied and bit her lower lips, its useless to tell them her name anyways, it wasn like they would be able to pronounce it.

”you must have really hurt yourself badly ”

”memory lost, thats serious ” the Oluwo said, ”why should we believe you, what if you are a spy ”

”I am not a spy sir ”

”I will help you because I feel you are telling the truth, I will allow you stay in the palace ” the king said and her heart jumped with joy ,it was far better than been thrown in a dungeon. ”But if I should find out that you decieved us ” he continued, ”I won spare you ” he threatened and she could feel blood gushing down her face, in some ways she had decieved them by lying that she couldn remember anything but the truth was that she wasn a spy.

please keep reading and add to your library also, check out the war of two lovers.

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