She opened her eyes slowly and studied her surroundings carefully, the room she was in now, was a bit wide,on the wall, some traditional items like the horsetail-fly-whisk and baboon fan was hung and she shut her eyes close. ”This isn my room, am still in this horrible place, I should sleep some more ” she said to herself and groaned in frustration before opening her eyes again. She pushed herself to a sitting position and looked at the hard bamboo bed that she had been lying on that made her body ache. Though to her it was more like a rock, her mom had told her in one of her stories that the rich like the kings were the only ones opportuned to sleep on a bed in the old era, while the peasants slept on mat, but if this is what they called bed then something need to be done because what she is sitting on now was no bed but a hard stone rock made from bamboo sleeping on a mat was far better than sleeping on this thing called bed,she stood on her feet and staggered backwards before falling back on the bed weakly, her head still ached badly and she still felt dizzy, she needed to drink water and be fed. She felt a throbbing pain on her knee and she slowly bent her head to take a look at it and saw that her jean trouser was a bit torn on the knee and that she had sustained a cut on her knee. She looked at the coated blood on her knee and sigh. ”where am I God ” she said, still looking at her surroundings, confusion clearly written on her face and she ran one of her hands through her disheveled hair.That man has called himself Alaafin of oyo Oranyan, its not the title that bothered her but the name and the surroundings, he even called oyo an empire, old language, she thought, in this mordern era,its called oyo state not Oyo empire. even though she lived on the mainland, she still traveled to those states for one reason or the other, she is familiar with oyo state and knows how it looked like and recently, the Alaafin Lamidi passed away, she was so confused that her head began to spin,she needed to find an answer to the puzzle and know what was going on with her, she grabbed her stomach with her hands when it growled loudly as a result of hunger and she groaned. For now, she is going to observe the situation and be careful with what she says, communicating in their local language won be difficult,she could speak it fluently,she thought and the door to the room flew open that had her jump on her feet and two young girls Walked in, judging by their clothes, they were slaves, she had seen it often in the traditional movies she watched, so she knew how slaves in the old era dresses and the girls are dressed exactly the way she had seen in traditional movies. She kept on looking at the girls who had blank expressions on their face and one of them spoke, ”come with us ” and she looked behind her before pointing at herself and said, ”me, where to? ” she asked but none of the girls gave her a reply, they turned their back to her and began to walk away and she followed them reluctantly, at least it was better than been dragged, She struggled to gain her balance as she was weak and tried to meet up with the pace of the two girls who walked ahead of her hastily like they were been chased.


In the throne room,the king and his chief discussed the strange girl that was currently in the palace. Everything about her fascinated them, especially her attire, it was odd to them, they haven seen anything like that before, her hair also amused them which was the reason why one of the women who found her by the river thought she was a mermaid and her beauty was one of a kind, her beautiful green eyes and delicate lips, even though she was looking dirty when she was brought in, the king noticed her beautiful skin and it made them wander if she was a goddess. ”The girl is awake, she will brought in soon,for questioning ” the king spoke

”I feel she isn a spy ” one of the chief said

”ahn, ahn, Bashorun, how can you be so quick to say she might not be a spy, I am very sure she is ” said another of the chief

”you can also jump to conclusion Oluwo ” said the king, ”I want us to be careful with our decisions, so we don end up hurting an innocent girl ”

”to me she doesn look like a spy, I can sense that she isn lying ” said the Bashorun

”you aren a dog Bashorun, you are a kingmaker ” said the Oluwo

” what do you mean by that? ” the Bashorun said angrily and the king raised his hand to have them stop talking.

”when she is brought here to be questioned, we will know who she is ” the king said and the chiefs fell on their knees, with their head almost kissing the ground, they chorused, ”long live the king ” and sat down back.


They walked through a corridor that was decorated with a lot of traditional items, apart from the horsetail-fly-whisk that she was familiar with and was able to recognize, the other items looked strange to her. Finally, they came to stand before a small wooden door and one of the girls pushed it open and handed some clothes to her and said, ”go in and bathe and change your clothes ”.

She looked at the clothes the girl gave her and saw that it was the traditional attire that was given to her and imagining herself in the attire made her want to burst into tears. She looked at the small bathroom that had nothing but a bucket filled with water and two bowls, one of the bowls was in the bucket, while the other was on the floor beside the bucket , inside of it, there was a traditional sponge that she could recognize as she was a bit familiar with it and a small black soap,.She was about to go in when she heard one of the girls ask, ” what kind of clothes are you wearing? ”

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