The men kept dragging her till they got to a village square and Eliza saw some eyes looking at her, both men and women,they all looked strange, not in physical appearance but in attire and hairstyles, though they were traditional wears that she had seen in traditional movies but it still looked strange to her, they are in the modern era no one wore this clothes again, ones that were made from… only God knows, they looked like rag to her, no they are rags, she stopped screaming and studied her surroundings carefully, this was no way heaven neither can it be hell.The house were built with mud and the roof was covered with slates. She had gotten into an accident last night and was washed up by the river to this strange land. The three men took her to a place that looked nothing less than the prisons she had watched in the traditional movies and they pushed her to the ground heavily and locked the iron gate and walked away. Eliza managed to stand on her feet and staggered to the iron gate, she shook it and shouted, ”let me go, please, am not a mermaid and am not an intruder ” she said and fell on the ground and she wept bitterly, she remembered her mum and wondered what must be going on in her head right now she must crying bitterly, she is her only child and her best friend and yesterday night, she had left home for emergency like other nights and had ended up here.

When she was tired of crying, she sat on the ground and rested her back on the mud wall. She folded her legs together and wrapped her arms around her legs and she rested her head on her knees.She needed to drink water and she wished someone would pass by so she could ask for water, they should at least feed her, she thought, then she remembered she had a surgery to perform this morning and her heart shattered into pieces, she needed to get out of this place as soon as possible but she was too weak and tired to stand up or shout, even to cry and she fell on the ground in defeat, praying silently to God to deliver her from this bondage and the funniest part of this whole situation is that she doesn know whether she is dead or alive. She laid on the dirty floor till she fell asleep.

The sound of the dungeon door opening woke her up and she opened her eyes, she saw the same three men walk in and they dragged her up and dragged her out of the dungeon. She was to weak to fight them, so she just kept quiet, observing her surroundings in case she needed to escape,no she needed to escape.

They brought her to stand before a building that looked a bit big and beautiful than the one she had seen in the village, though it still looked like a beggars house to her, but its still better than the ones she saw earlier, infact far more better, she thought. The three men dragged her inside the building but it wasn another dungeon, from the setting, she could see that it was a palace and she was brought to kneel before some set of people. one was seated on a wooden throne and on his left a woman sat and on his right ,was another. In front of him and on his left side, two men sat, on a small stool ,looking at her like she was some sort of criminal. On the kings left t another two men were seated. The three men who had brought her in, pushed her head down to a bow, having her face the ground and they left. From her little observation, the man sitted on the wooden chair or throne, was dressed in a finer attire and with the crown he wore on his head she knew he had to be a king, she couldn have a proper look at him, but from the little she saw, he looked like he was in fifties and the women seared beside him seems to be his wives, judging by the way they dressed, they looked like it, compared to what she had seen in the village earlier but she had no idea who the four men were and she desperately wished that they would stop gazing at her,she could feel their intense gaze on her and it made her uncomfortable. Then, a thought crossed her mind and she widened her eyes, her head still facing the ground. ”what if they are shooting a traditional movie and they want a perfect scene, so they had decided to bring her in without her permission so she could give them the perfect scene,but they didn cause the accident, she thought and thought of asking them, but the atmosphere in the room was too tense and she discarded the idea, then she had a thick voice ask, ”woman, who are you? ”

”who am I ” she said, her head still facing the ground and she dares not look up

”are you spy? ” the man asked again and she trembled with fear, spy she thought and shook her head.

”then what are you doing here, I can see that you are not from our land ”said the man

”your land, where am I ? ” she asked with a low voice and the man chuckled

”you don know where you are, how did you get here? ”

”I got into an accident and ended here ” she said

”accident ” the man said and the people who were present in the room looked at each other except from Eliza whose head was still facing the ground.

”thats strange, anyways, you are in the Oyo empire and I am Alaafin of Oyo Oranyan ” he said and Eliza widened her eyes as the name sank into her head,the name sounded familiar and she tried to recollect where she heard it from and when she did,she widened her eyes again, it was her mum who told her when she was telling her about the history of the Oyo empire he was one of the king who ruled the old empire no he was the founder, that was centuries ago, before her great-great- great, infact great great great grand father was born. What was going on here? She asked herself, what if she had been dreaming, maybe she needs to go back to sleep then wake up in her beautiful room, thats it, she thought and collapse on the ground, startling everyone in the room.

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