She drove out of the street into the main road and was glad that their wasn traffic. The full moon stood high in the sky with the stars twirling around it. Eliza got to the highway and climbed on the bridge, then something strange happened, she noticed her car brake stopped working and her heart beat accelerated, fear gripped her heart and a thin line of sweat began to form on her forehead, she sat up on the chair and began to step on the brake repeatedly hoping it would start working, a car drove pass her and she screamed, her legs still on the brake and hot tears streamed down her face, I don want to die now, she thought, she still has a lot of things to do, she has to get married and have her own kids, she thought, tears still streaming down her face, what would happen to the surgery she has to perform tomorrow, she thought and the silent sobbing became a loud one, the car was totally out of control and thank God it was late, there weren a lot of cars on the bridge, only few passed by her. Suddenly, the car hit the guard rail of the bridge and she screamed and the car continued to hit the guard rail and she continued to scream, then the car somersaulted and fell into the river below with a loud splash and that was the last sound she heard.


The burbling of the river woke her up and she opened her eyes slowly and slowly turned her head left and right to look at her surroundings but she couldn have a clear view as it was still dark, she laid on her back, her legs spread out on the ground and her hands by her sides She pushed herself up to to a sitting position and brought one hand to her forehead, it ached badly and she felt dizzy. She looked around her surroundings again and the darkness that surrounded her and it made her wonder were she was, this isn her room nor the hospital, then she remembered that she had an accident and gasped, she looked at the burbling water and moved closer to it, did the river wash her here, she thought and tried to stand, but she couldn , the throbbing pain she felt on her head was unbearable and it made her dizzy, where is this place, she thought to herself, there is no way she would have survived that terrible accident without a scratch, apart from the headache, other part of her body seems fine and okay ” this is one terrible night ” she muttured to herself.

Slowly,the moon began to go in, paving way for the sun to take over and her surroundings became a bit clear as the darkness that surrounded her began to fade away. If the river had washed her here then she should call for help, someone will definitely hear her she thought and knelt down on the ground, unable to stand up because of her spinning head, she shouted, ”hello, is anyone there, please help ” she said and waited for some seconds to see if anyone would reply and when no one did, she shouted again and this time, she heard faint footsteps and silent mummers, by now, the sky has gotten clearer and she could see her surroundings more clearly, including the river that was still burbling. She waited eagerly as the footsteps got closer and closer, then two women appeared from the shadows, each wearing an attire that looked very strange to her and hairs that she had seen only in traditional movies. The two women held a small pot underneath their arms and when they sighted her, they looked at her from head to toe and they threw away their pot and began to scream, one that startled her. One of the women shouted mermaid while the other shouted intruder but she wasn any of the two and she tried to explain but the woman ran away shouting and screaming and she groaned in frustration, why would they think she was a mermaid when she doesn have a tail and she an intruder? Interesting she thought and a thought crossed her mind, ”am I dead, maybe this is heaven ” she said to herself and began to study her surroundings carefully and those women, what were they wearing, she thought and managed to stand on her feet, she staggered and struggled to gain her balance, ”Where am I, God! ” she said to herself And Three men appeared from the bush that surrounded the river and before she could say anything, they surrounded her and grabbed her arms violently. The men also looked strange, their attire and foot wear looked weird, their hairstyle was what amused her the most and she wanted to laugh but the situation she was in now, didn permit it and she asked, ”What are you doing, who are you? ” she asked and the three men looked at her with spite, the looked they had on their face made her swallow her words, it was like they were going to pounce on her and kill her, oh, she is already dead, she thought, maybe this is the land of the dead but she didn read this in the bible, what the bible recorded was that the road of heaven was made with gold but the ground she is standing on right isn gold but sand, the men that held her are masculine and tall but they didn look like angels, the description of angels she read in the bible isn what she is seeing now and she possibly can go to hell, are they taking her to hell, she thought and looked at the men, that still held her, like she was some animal that is been taken to slaughter. ”le-let me go ” she managed to say and the three men looked at her like she was speaking gibberish and began to drag her violently to a place she doesn know, not heeding to her cry or plead.

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