As I was thinking of what I should call her. My thoughts were interrupted by her voice.

”Why don you just go home, ” She said gently. ”So, the next time we meet you can tell me then. ”

After thinking about it for a moment. ”Alright, Ill go, ”

My Father might send someone after me and probably wreck this nice womans house. I get up from the table. Thanked her for breakfast and after getting directions to the nearest bus station; I head out the door.

”Ah wait! ” The woman called out. She rushes over and gives me change. ”For the bus fee. ” I thanked her again and headed on my way.

I reach the bus station with no trouble. After a few minutes, the bus came rumbling up to a stop in from of me. I climb on. After paying the bus fee, I take a seat somewhere near the back. There doesn seem to be that many people on.

As I settled in my seat and looked out the window I realized something….I haven seen that girl once. I sigh. Ah well, I can try again another time. I thought.

After an hour or two the bus came to a stop that was somewhat near my home. I get off and take a quick look around.

I don see anything unusual. I anxiously make my way home. Maybe if I make it back home without Father knowing…

I didn finish that thought.

I push the gate open, practically jogging now. Im scared of Father finding out…

I hurry up the steps and open the door to find it blocked by my Father. I look up, which wasn much seeing as we were both pretty tall.

My Father crossed his arms.

”Where have you been? ” He said his voice laced in anger.

”I-uh- ”

”Come here, ” He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house. He slams the door behind us. He pulled me up stairs. Forcing me to walk after him.

He pulls me pass the parlor where I see a small glimpse of Charlie reading. I see Charlie flinch at the sudden outburst but he doesn look up.

”Stop you
e hurting me, ” I whimpered, tears forming. But my plea didn stop him.

He yank open my door and pushed me inside. I hit the side of bed. I quickly cling to it.

”You are not to leave! ” He yelled, Pointing inside the room to make his point. Then his voice lowered into a deadly whisper. ”Do. You. Understand? ”

I quickly nodded. He scoffed and slammed the door shut. I slowly climb into bed, sobbing.

I curl myself into a ball and dully thought, my bed is soaked from my tears.

I thought of nothing else. Just the tears I had shed over the years and the bed that became my safe place.

I eventually went into a half awake half asleep state to pass the time. Im so tired.

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