I awake to see that my fever is gone. I push the heavy blankets off of me and sit up. The room is empty but the door is opened this time. I swing my legs over the bed and get up.

I walk to the doorway cautiously. Peeking through I see that it leads to a hallway. I turn right, hoping Im heading the right way. Then I finally turned again only to hit a dead end. Sighing I go back.

I continue passed the room I was in. Turned another corner and came into a big room. It looked like a living room. It had a couch and a small TV. But it had all kinds of knick knacks scattered all over the room. There was one that looked like a vase that had the face of a man. There was a strange twisting figure that furled outward at the ends. There was posters, magazines, and newspaper clippings covering every inch of the walls. One even stated:

”Come watch the movie of the year~

The best superhero movie~~


I snorted. If she had time to decorate the living room then why didn she decorate the room I was in? I mused.

”Just what is this place? ” I asked myself with amusement.

”Awake already? ”

I spin around to see that woman again this time shes wearing something more casual. She walks over to see what Im looking at. She leans forward a bit to look at it more closely.

”Ah~ yes~, ” She hummed. ”That movie came out before you were born. ”

”Why do you even have this? ” I asked.

”Oh, for reasons, ” She replied.

”Theres never a dull moment with you around, is there? ” I pick up a strange brown metal sphere with crazy logos from a shelf. She takes it out of my hands and place it where it belongs.

”Some would certainly think so, ” She said mysteriously. What a strange woman. I shake my head.

”What? ” She asked curiously.

”Nothing…its just…. you
e really weird, ” I chuckled.

”Well… we
e all weird, don you think? ”

I take a moment or two to let what she said sink in.

”Yeah…yeah you
e right, ”

Its strange how I just met this woman and yet she makes me feel relaxed like we
e two old school friends meeting back up again.

”You seem to know a lot, ” I said glancing at her.

”Well I had a lot of time to think, ” She said while admiring more of the strange contraptions.

”Where is…? ” I asked hesitantly.

”Out, ” She grasped her hands behind her as she slowly walked around the room. I follow behind her.

”Right… ”

”You sound disappointed? ” She asked sounding amused.

”I-uh just want to talk to her about something… ” I scratch the back of my head, embarrassed.

”I see, ” She said knowingly. She slowly twirled around to face me. ”Want breakfast? ”

”S-sure, ” Following close behind her to the kitchen.

”Breakfast is already ready, just go ahead and dig in, ”

Then why didn you say so in the first place instead of talking with me? I thought.

I sat down and it was then I realized how hungry I was. I scarf it down and chug the juice. Putting the glass back down with a clink.

”Whats her name? ” I asked after I finished.

”Oh? She didn tell you? ” She laughed. ”Thats so like her to forgot something like that. ”

”W-well whats yours? ”

”My name…. doesn matter, ” She picked up my dishes and started washing them.

”Then what am I supposed to call you? ” I asked incredulously.

”Hmm… ” She paused. ”Why don you think of something to call me? ”

Something to call her? Like what? Im not good coming up with nicknames.

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