My head hurts. My body feels hot and cold. Like Im going to be burned alive. I writhe under the hot and heavy blankets as I struggle to open my eyes. Its so hot. Won anyone turn on the air conditioner?

I manage to open my eyes after a few minutes of struggling. I look around to see Im in a very dim room. The room was basic with a small shelf on the wall filled with figurines. There was a poster taped to the door that was… blank? Strange.

Then I heard footsteps coming to the door. I could see their shadow through the crack. I felt my body tensed up. Wait- it just occurred to me that…Im in a strangers room in a strangers house. Oh…

I felt my body and heart quiver in fear. My heart jumped when I heard the doorknob turning. And when it opened I see… a grown woman. I felt my fear fade away once I saw her.

Her olive skin looked smooth to touch. Her Black hair glimmered in the very little light there was. Her dark eyes staring at me. She walked in the room and sat nearby in a chair. Now that she sat there it gave a closer view on her. I realized her eyes weren dark at all but a midnight blue. The corner of her lips turned upward into a permanent smile. If it weren the cool aura she was giving off one wouldve thought she was friendly and easy to approach.

Her clothes matched her well. She was wearing a pencil skirt and a white blouse with a grey blazer. I could perfectly see her very smooth legs. She crossed her legs.

”Are you enjoying the show? ” She asked with a lace of amusement in her voice. I quickly look away. She laughed.

”W-where am I? ” I asked, my throat dry. She poured a glass of water from a pitcher that was next to me on the bedside table. She helped me sit up and gave me the glass. I nodded my thanks.

e in my house, ” She replied. Damn, this woman. I place the half empty glass back on the bedside table.

”W-where is…? ”

”Hm? ” She asked tilting her head slightly to the side unsure of what Im asking. After a moments pause her face lits up.

”Oh! You mean…! ” She exclaimed. ”I see… ” This damn woman. But just as I was about to cuss her out she replied.

”Shes out right now, ”

”Where did she go? ” I asked.

”Shopping… ” She smiled. I could tell by the way the corner of her lips lifting further upward. She seems to enjoy teasing me.

”Who are you? ”I asked not trying to sound annoyed.

”Hmmmm….. ” She seems to be debating on whether she should tell me or not. ”A friend of a friend. ”

”Tch, ”

I was just about to ask more questions when a sudden wave of exhaustion came over me.

”O-oh… ” I moaned. The room seems to be spinning. Sensing that I was overcome with exhaustion. The woman got up and helped me lay back down. Patting my head in a almost motherly way.

”Rest, ” She said all amusement completely gone. Her voice sounded almost magical. ”Rest. ”

She started humming, patting me as she hummed. It helped drift me off to sleep.

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