I stayed away from Charlie as much as I could. Making sure to keep busy so hell leave me alone. Its been weeks! And hes still not going away at least my ankle had healed during that time. I want to talk to my Father about him but…

I stand outside my Fathers office. Hesitating on whether I should go in or not. I go over all the conversations I could have with him. None of them ever happening. I sigh.

The sound of the door opening startles me. His cold eyes staring down at me. Challenging me to say the first word and when I don he speaks up.

”What do you want? ”

”I- uh- ” I stammer. He calmly waits.

”I wanted to talk to you about Charlie… ” I start out nervously. He cocks an eyebrow.

”What about him? He asks.

”Well- I- uh- ” I take a deep shaky breath. ”Why is he staying here? ”

He sighs that sounds like irritation to me. ”I owe one of our relatives a favor. They were having problems at their company so they decided for Charlie to stay with us for a out a year or so until things could calm down. ”

”S-so we
e related? ” I asked.

”Yes, ” He said ”Distant cousins or something of that nature. ”

Distant cousins!? And we
e related!? Then why…? My Father steps around me to leave. I blink. That actually went better than I expected. It wasn much of a conversation but it made me happy. With a big smile on my face I head back to my room.

However, just as I was about to enter someone stepped in front of the door blocking my path. Charlie. I felt my smile falter to a grinding halt. Charlie gave out a chilling smile.

”You know… ” He took a step forward. ”You look more beautiful smiling. ” He took another. I stepped back.

He suddenly advanced forward like a rocket. I backpedaled quickly, bumping my back against the wall. He slammed his hand next to me blocking me off. He gets close to my face like hes going kiss me but doesn .

”Why have you been avoiding me? ” He asked fury in his eyes.

”I- uh- ”

”How come? ” He interrupted.

”I-I don kn-ow, ” I stammer.

”You don know? ” He whispered harshly. ”You don know!!!?? ” He gave out a harsh laugh making me very afraid.

”Let me tell you this, ” He said in a low voice. ”You belong to me. YOUR mine. Got that? ” I quickly nodded.

”Say it then, ” He said with a crazy look in his eyes. ”Tell me your mine. ” I furiously shake my head no.

”What was that? ” He said with a wicked look in his eyes. I quickly knee him in between and ran. I hear him cry out in pain but I didn turn around.

I couldn go back to my room because he could always just find a way in. I ran out. Out the door. Down the driveway. I ran blindly with tears blurring up my vision.

I don care where Im going. I just want to get away. Away from that….that….creep. A sob catching in my throat.

I ran and ran until my foot hit grass. I stumble and land against a tree. I take big gasping breaths as I struggle to calm down.

”Are you ok? ”

Could it be? No it can be…the odds are too big for that. But who else could this angelic voice belong to? I look up and see HER. The very girl who confessed to me just a month ago.

She stood there looking more beautiful than I remembered. Wait- whys there a bright light suddenly shining behind her? And whys the world slanting at an angle? I feel my eyelids flutter shut as I hear someone nearby panicking.

Why are you panicking? Is what I want to ask but Im too tired to even open my mouth.

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