The sound of distant laughing wakes me. I groggily get up. The afternoon sun shining through my curtains and into my bland room. I mustve slept in late, I thought. Wait-my Father never lets me sleep in late. Something must be up. I get up slowly and carefully. Being careful of my ankle, I stumble my way out the door and down the stairs.

Rubbing my eyes I enter the parlor. A place where fancy rich people just sit and talk. A place we hardly use so it made me wonder who was in there?

When I opened my eyes I was blinded by a bright individual that was in the room. He had bright golden hair that sunlight shone through when he moved his hair and mint green eyes. He sat elegantly with his legs crossed with a cup of tea in his hand.

He was talking very animately to my Father. My Father nodded every now and then to show he was listening. Narrowing his eyes slightly in annoyance every time the bright individual laughed.

”Whats going on? ” I asked.

They both stopped and turned towards me.

”Ah, you must be Ash, ” The bright individual said, ”Im Charlie, pleasure to make your acquaintance. ”

My face started twitching. I don know why but something about this, Charlie, annoys me.

”Riiigghhtt, ” I said trying my best not to sound annoyed but my twitching face gave me away. Charlie rose an elegant eyebrow at this. My Father watched the exchange quietly and without saying a word he left the room. I look at his quiet retreating form; watching as he slowly got smaller and gave out a silent wish that hell turn around and look at me. Really look at me, but he didn . He kept walking until he turned the corner and I couldn see him anymore.

I turn back to the parlor to be face to face with Charlie. I flinched. How did he get in front of me without making a sound?

”W-what do you want? ” I asked trying to sound like that didn caught me off guard.

”You, ” He whispered harshly.

”W-what!? ” I asked stupidly. He giggled.

”I want you, Ash, and only you ” He said with a crazy look in his eyes.

”Ugh! ” I exclaimed in disgust. I quickly left, again being careful of my ankle. He started laughing. I went up the stairs as fast as I could while hearing his laughter grow. I went inside of my room and slammed the door.

His laughter echoed throughout the room. Bouncing back and forth against the walls my head. I clutch my head trying to block out that terrible sound. Of that horrible laughter.

I don even know who or why hes here but…I want him out. I want him to leave. I want him gone. I crawl into bed and bury my head into pillows trying to lessen that horrible echo.

Finally, after hours later, I don hear it anymore. Its finally quiet. I sigh in peace. I let the silence buzz around me, making me drowsy, but I refuse to drift off to sleep. I don feel safe while Charlie is going on and about inside the house.

So I let my thoughts wander and I think about that girl again whose name I don know of. I let the memory of that time come to me again and I think about the way she spoke to me and I think about her luxurious lips. About her hair. I think how beautiful she is and to my surprise those poisonous thoughts from before don come.

I sigh in relief and continue thinking of that beautiful girl, even as I drifted off to sleep, the image of her stayed with me.

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