I sat at the edge of the bed not really focusing on anything. My breathing comes out all raggedy like something was pressing on my lungs, making it difficult to breathe.

Then came a knock on my door. A head peeked through. I slowly looked up.

”Time to go, Miss, ” Manny said gently. I nodded and got up. I grabbed my things and headed out the room.

I ran into Charlie in the hallway.

”Ash- ”

I push my way past him. Not looking back when he calls my name more urgently. If Manny wasn there with me Charlie wouldve done something. Something bad. Something I don want to think about.

Manny accompanies me to the front door. He opens it for me. I pause before going through.

”Will-will things ever get better? ” I look at him. My eyes searching his. For an answer. He sighed sadly.

”It will, ” He smiles but its bitter and sad. I nod, forcing myself not to cry. But the tears come anyway as my chin quivers. Manny pats my head.He quickly looks around and gives me a hug when no ones looking. ”Things will get better, I promise. ”

I nod again. A small smile creeping up on my face. A hopeful one.

I head out the door and get into my car. I look back up at the house. Seeing that Manny is still there at the door. Watching me go. He waves. I wave back.

I put the car into reverse and back out of the driveway. What I don see nor hear was what Manny muttered under his breath.

”Itll have to get better, right? ”

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