Nephala God

Chapter 4: Outside

Ninym vanished from her spot as she closed in the ten metre gap in an instant, throwing a quick right jab at Noirs face, but he caught it with his left hand. Noirs left hand was met with a chilling sensation.

Seeing how her attack failed, she pinned down his feet with ice and aimed at his abdomen with a left knee strike, and he blocked it with his free hand.

All of that happened in one second, causing shock waves that uprooted the surrounding grass.

With her fist in Noirs grasp, she froze his arm and legs, multiple large ice shards formed behind her and projected them toward him.

In a fraction of a second, Noir let go of Ninyms fist and disappeared in front of her, and the shards of ice hit the ground through his after imagine. He reappeared behind her and without having any time to react, she was force palmed away through the dust. In midair, she twisted her body and landed on her feet.

Noir brushed off the ice on his left shoulder and legs as if though it was dust. He didn even flinch during the assault.

”What was that? Weren you supposed to be a wind and ice dragon? ” asked Noir with an arched eye brow.

”It would seem like I acquired Frost magic after my evolution, Master Noir, ” she responded while rubbing her right knuckles.

”Frost magic? ”

”Yes, Master Noir. As you saw, it allows me to sublime the air and create dry ice. ”

Although they were having a conversation, ice shards that broke the sound barrier were projected towards Noir, but he broke them using concentrated wind.

According to Noirs knowledge, there were supposed to be eight attributes, with the exception of his two ultimate attributes.

Apparently, combining the Wind and Ice attributes creates this Frost attribute, which is more superior.

”I see. But you have to take this seriously, ” firmly said Noir.

Right after those words, the dirt and grass got replaced by white as the clear atmosphere got cloudy. The thick white frost might freeze an average persons lungs, but Noir saw it as a cool breeze before a light exercise.

Following the immediate change in the atmosphere, she conjured an icy blue sword and an invisible one clouded in chilly fog. With transonic speed, she dashed toward Noir with a right stab, who was quick to parry it, and aimed at her abdomen with a left punch. She realized that as she instantaneously made dry ice on his whole body, and attempted a double slash, but he broke through the ice and caught the frigid blades bare handed.

To an average eye, the thick fog would twist, turn, and scatter, as the frozen ground turned into debris, shock waves that could uproot large trees.

How can she create that much dry ice…? thought Noir, two icy blades on his grasp, Aha. Wind magic is such a scary thing. Using it to produce carbon dioxide then solidify it with Ice magic. That, is Frost magic, the shortcut of that long and complex method, he analyzed from that momentary exchange.

Subliming carbon dioxide which in turn sublimes into white chilling fumes. Truly magic to contend with.

Noir felt turbulence on his left hand and frore on his left hand simultaneously. Seeing Noir distracted by the feeling, Ninym took the chance to kick his right flank, but he noticed that and swept her standing leg, which in turn two large wings emerged from her back and dragged her backwards to avoid falling down, leaving the two dissipating swords in his grasp.

With her wings boosting her speed, Ninym unleashed a barrage of attacks, magic from all directions. Noir evaded most of them as some managed to hit, but without an effect.

The ground and air around them shook violently as they exchanged blows, Ninym on the offensive while Noir on defense.

Its unbelievable how this is her first fight, thought Noir whilst dodging lightning fast attacks.

Although her attacks where sloppy at first, she was quickly improving by the second. Perfecting her mana manipulation, omitting useless moves and aiming for an optimum strike.

Dragons are truly terrifying creatures, gaining maturity at the age of five and gaining unparalleled magic knowledge.

Fifteen minutes of close quarters combat, Ninym realized that it was futile and transformed into her large yet swift dragon body and took off to the air.

If close combat couldn work, then long range it is.

Though Ninym knew it was practically impossible for her to so much as make a scratch on her master, she just thought that proving her strength was enough.

While airborne, she shot bone chilling ice beams from her large mouth at Noir, who was still on a large crater, at high speeds.

In her dragon body, her magic power was buffed up as it was no longer bottled up in a small body, which meant that her attack potency intensified.

Feeling the cold freeze through his defenses, Noir decided to take flight and was met with a thousand ice needles from all directions, which he shredded them all with compressed winds.

And so, the relentless air exercise commenced. Sharp icicles coming from left and right, in front and rear, above and below, with Ninyms misty figure blitzing around.

They lost track of time during the heat of exercise, or rather, the chill of exercise, as it became dusk outside the labyrinth.

Noir got tired of the white scenery and decided to end the exercise.

Ninym had reached her limits, her magic power near depletion and felt a sudden stinging pain on her long neck as she crashed on the crater like a comet, making her unable to continue.

Immediately after Noir initiated his kick, the white cold fog dispersed, and the white frozen ground returned to normal as the entire floor repaired itself.

As the crater built up, Noir descended. The panting Ninym reverted to her human form and kneeled down before him as the spot where the crater had formed got covered with grass.

”That was impressive, ” said Noir.

”Im honored by Master Noirs praise! ” shouted Ninym as she was ecstatic at hearing her masters words.

If she were still a Dragon Lord, she wouldn even hold a candle. Now that she is a Sovereign Dragon, she barely made the cut. But alas, if she were to be an Ancestral Dragon, she would have to absorb an Ancestral Dragons soul, which meant she would have to kill her mother, the only Ancestral Dragon on the planet.

”Thats why, henceforth, I bestow to you the title,The Frost Dragon, ” said Noir with a deep voice, unbefitting of his appearance.

”I shall gratefully accept this mighty title given to me by Master Noir! Starting today, I shall be known as, Ninym, The Frost Dragon! ” she strongly declared with cupped hands.

And thats how Ninym The Frost Dragon was born.

”You may stand up, ” taking advantage of the eased atmosphere, Noir continued, ”By the way, what do you suggest I wear? ” he asked as he looked at his appearance.

He was wearing a ragged white cloth and was barefeeted, so he thought it would be weird to explore the outside world in that.

Ninym found such a question to be difficult. Her master may be fastidious and if the answer isn to his liking, she would face severe punishment.

As to why shes loyal to him, she doesn even know. Theres this oppressing aura about him, like hes on top of the food chain.

”Um, I think black clothes would look good on Master Noir, ” after inspecting each and every brain cell, and utilizing her whole iq for an answer, she uttered.

”Black clothing? ” Noir raised his left eye brow as he was surprised by Ninym guessing his favorite colour.

At Noirs actions and words, Ninym could only stutter, ”I-Is it not your liking? ”

Noir conjured up an ice mirror which surprised Ninym, as his casting speed was unfathomable, but she couldn help but struck a cold sweat.

His white tattered cloth dissipated and got replaced by a long sleeved jet-black shirt, black jeans, and black shoes, which complemented his white hair and suited his slim yet muscular body.

Nodding in satisfaction, he beckoned Ninym over, who was expecting a beating, only to be met with a head pat.

”You know, black is my favorite colour, ” said Noir with a smirk.

A teenager head patting a grown-up woman might sound and look strange, but Ninyms checks could only redden at her masters words and actions.

”Well, Ill see you later. ”

At those words, Ninym bowed to her already gone master, a little bit saddened.

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