Nephala God

Chapter 3: Dragon vs Nephala

At noon, near the boarder line between the Great Elven Forest and the Eagrefaizar Kingdom, on the hundredth floor of a certain labyrinth, someone laid on what seemed like a stone bed.

”Hmm… ” he sat up, rubbing his crimson eyes and looked around the dark in a daze.

He turned his legs and sat on the edge of the stone bed as he began to feel his feet on the cold stone ground.

Illuminate, he yawned and the entire floor lit up.

He stood up as he looked at his wrinkled hands and made grasping motions. The stone bed got absorbed by the ground. He radiated his golden aura across the enter floor. The golden aura transitioned to a crimson aura with dark hues which distorted the space around him.

The walls began to crack and the spot he stood on caved in. As the aura coalesced, the floor repaired itself.

He conjured up an ice mirror.

Thats odd. How come I aged? he thought as he saw his wrinkled face and long white hair.

He had used Time magic to put a stop to his body, so the expectation was to wake up still in his youth.

I couldve died out of old age, he let out an exasperated sigh and reverted his body back to his teens.

He performed a few stretches, ligaments crackling, and teleported to the ninety nineth floor.


Green plains that stretched as far as the eye could see that met the clear azure sky at the horizon. There slept a huge blue dragon, which instantly woke up after it felt the nephalas presence.

”Ah! Master, you are awake! ” it kowtowed with its massive body, depicting a strange scene.

”Aren you supposed to be a dragon? Wheres your sense of pride? ” he asked with an arched eye brow.

”… ”

The dragon didn dare to answer its master, as its afraid to incur his wrath, but;

”Are you deaf? ”

”Ah! It seems Master has forgotten! It is I, Ninym! ” it desperately said.

”Oh? ” he raised his eye brows.

Its name definitely rings a bell. He remembers taking one of Khaleesis (The Mother of Dragons) daughter as he wanted a pet, but now shes too big.

”Aren you supposed to be a Greater Dragon? How come you
e a Dragon Lord? ”

Although her mother was an Ancestral Dragon, Ninym was born as a Greater Dragon, which was five species below her mother, as it goes; Dragon Newt, Lesser Dragon, Greater Dragon, Draconoid, True Dragon, Dragon Lord, Sovereign Dragon, and then Ancestral Dragon.

”Thats because I evolved, Master. ”

Her master was now perplexed.

Evolve? As in transforming into a new species? Maybe its connected to why Id aged. Wait…

”Does evolving require mana? ”

”Yes, Master, ” she cheerfully answered, waging her tail.

That meant countless monsters in his labyrinth evolved using his mana. Dark crimson aura bursted out of him. The fact that he almost died peacefully in his sleep enraged him.

Ninym transformed into her human form for easy breathing as she gasped for air. A petite girl wearing a light sleeveless white dress, but her cute face was ruined by wincing and teary eyes, as she struggled to breathe.

”M-Mas… ter… ” with the amount of breath left, Ninym uttered.

Realising this, the nephala calmed down and dissipated his aura. It still didn explain why his Time magic had deactivated. He revitalised the wilted grass around him and walked closer to the kneeling dragon girl.

”…My apologies. Bad habits, ” he reluctantly apologized as he scratched the back of his head.

Remembering how the being in front of her had fought her mother to a stand still apologise, sent shivers down her spine as she hyperventilated.

”I dare… not, accept, Masters mercy… ”

Seeing how it made the opposite effect, he sighed and said, ”You can just call me, uhh… ”

Now that he thought about it, he didn really have a name.

What was my fathers name again…

”I dare not utter Masters name, ” after she regained her composure, she kneeled as she said so.

”Call me Master Noir then, ” he said in a demanding tone.

”…Yes, Master Noir, ” she cupped her little hands.

”Good, ” Noir said as he pat her smooth turquoise hair.

Two wooden chairs and a table materialized behind Ninym with a white tea set on top.

”Lets have some tea. ”

They walked over to the table and sat down. Steam emitted from the tea pots muzzle and as if there was an invisible waitress, the tea pot floated and poured green tea on the tea cups.

Noir urged Ninym to have a sip first.

”Its delightful, Master Noir, ” she beamed.

With a smile, Noir took a sip.

A tea set on the middle of vast green planes, coupled with the blissful scent of green tea. One wouldn believe it was inside a labyrinth, as it was bizarre yet pleasing and relaxing at the same time.

After a few moments of silently drinking tea, Noir broke the silence.

”Tell me, Ninym, when will you evolve into a Sovereign Dragon? ” he asked as his cup got a refill.

Normally, he wouldn ask such a question as he initially thought it was impossible for a species to change into another one of its own race.

It would require twenty thousand years worth of mana for her to evolve into a Sovereign Dragon, she said, and as for forcibly injecting ones mana into her, it could work.

”Come here, ” said Noir after finishing his refilled cup.

Ninym stood up and walked next to Noir then knelt down.

Noir extended his left hand to pat her head and slowly began injecting a twenty thousand years worth of mana into her.

Her eyes widened as she felt a massive rise of strength surge up inside of her. Her magical power gradually expanding.

A few minutes passed and the infusion ended. Ninym collapsed on the spot and Noir quickly backed a few metres away as she caused a huge explosion immediately afterward.

Dust picked up and the little tea set got blown away into pieces that slowly dissipated.

A frosty white egg of five metres in height appeared at the nucleus of the explosion.

She turned into an egg? So its going to a long time until it hatches, but…

He approached the egg and placed his left hand on the scaly and rough shell. Using Time magic, he accelerated the eggs growth, and as cracks started to appear, he backed away.

Light blue rays of light shot out through the cracks, until the egg shell crumbled down, emanating a blinding aquatic glow.

With an ear piercing roar, Ninym stretched out her large and narrow wings, her body growing in size until it reached seventy five metres. A long neck, a build purely for speed, and a long tail with bluish protruding ice shards, with white and shiny scales, and royal blue irises circling black convex pupils.

Contrast to the surrounding, the air around Ninym sublimed into white icicles. Her large body shrank and turned into human as she saw it easy to pay respect to her master in human form.

But her small body and turquoise hair were no more. Replaced by frosty white hair and a mature body with ample breasts and buttocks, slim waist and wide brackets —the hour glass figure —Wearing a sleeveless black dress with snakelike dragon patterns that wrapped around her body, amplifying her voluptuous figure. The dress had a slit on the left that revealed her white and suitably plump thigh.

Long whitish hair tied into two buns with extended double strands which settled down when the gusts of wind subsided.

”I thank Master Noir for his magnanimity, ” she knelt with her left knee and lowered her head, as she said with an alluring voice.

”Don mention it, ” nonchalantly said Noir.

Though he said so, twenty thousand years worth of mana is not something to scoff at. It goes to show the immensity of his magical power. Thinking so, Ninym subconsciously let out a small giggle.

Her temperament has changed, thought Noir.

”You may stand up. Anyway, now that you have evolved, you might do for a light exercise. ”

Ninym struck a cold sweat. Surely, her master didn evolve her so that he could do a little exercise? Knowing how he fought toe to toe with her mother, she couldn help but be anxious.

”B-But, Master Noir… ” she bitterly smiled as she tried to refute.

”Well, I mean, you too might need a little exercise, you know, ” Noir calmly said, ”Besides, I don think youll be able to get a chance deep in this labyrinth. ”

Masters right. I have been in here for two million years and there has been no one capable of reaching this floor. Perhaps this is an opportunity! I can show Master what Im capable of!

With that resolve in mind, she accepted.

”Then I shall accept Master Noirs offer, ” she said with a resolute face.

Noir liked the sound of that as he nodded and created some space between them. He materialized a pebble and threw it in the air, and as it landed of the grass, it marked the beginning of the exercise.

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