During the age of God and angels, an unimaginable incident happened.

The Divine Deity and Demon Lord Xalreth discovered that Primeval Demon Noir and Seraph Oriphiel had an intimate relationship.

A relationship between angel and Demon was considered to be taboo between the two races, as such, the two were supposed to be executed on the spot.

This secret intimacy enraged the Divine Deity and Demon Lord Xalreth and they were chased to the ends of the world.

The other races went into hiding as it was utter chaos.

The two love birds where able to evade the chase for two years. During that timeframe, they had a child.

Normally, there were eight attributes of magic; Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Dark and Light, and one may have up to five attributes depending on their evolution.

But the child had ten attributes!

When he was born, he had immense magical power and emanated a chaotic and destructive aura that disrupted the natural order, yet he had a harmonious and pleasant aura.

Thanks to that, the Divine Deity and the Demon Lord were able to locate the eloping couple. They were captured, killed, and their souls crushed. But the whereabouts of the nephala were unknown.

Two thousand yea

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