”I have brought the 4th member! ” As he shouted, the three people stare at him.

”Let me introduce him… ” He looked at me. ”He is…he…is..is… whats your name? ”


The three people nearly choked on their food. They looked at him as if he was an alien.

Who doesn ask name of the person who is going to join th party?

They seems to think that, as if I were in ther situation I would also think… Wait, now that I think about.

”Umm, I dont know your name… ”


A girl who wore light amor in her body, and carried a bow on her back slammed the table.

What the hell is with these people? One is bringing random stranger without even knowing his name. And another is following the stranger also not knowing the name. What is this, a scene in a movie? ” The girl complained a she couldn hide her shocked expression.

”Well calm down, Victoria. They are just fools. ” The girl next to her, who also wore same armor as her but carried a long spear.

Wait, I am not a foo-

How badly i wanted to retort but what she said made sense so he chose to ignore her words.

”Lets introduce ourself. ” Another man suddenly said in a calm tone. He looked like that intelligent guy who give rational advice to the idiot main protagonist. But hes missing glasses.

”I am Harry. A tank. ” He had a big shield wrapped on his back as a proof of his words.

”I am Victoria, call me that, dont dare to use any nickname on me. And, as you can see my bow, I am an archer. ” She had an expressionless face, and didnt look friendly.

”Hey pal, I am Clara. Nice meeting you. ” This girl looked friendly as she flashed a friendly smile.

”And I am the captain, the swordsman. Gary. ” The man said proudly.

”Well, I am your friendly neighbourhood mage. Quinn. Nice meeting you all. Please…take care of me? ”

”Why is that a question? ” Victoria asked.

”I am not experienced with people and this is my first time forming party. ”

”Wait, this is your first time in a party. Just how- ”

”Stop nitpicking on small details. Lets talk about tactics. ” I cut her off, and changed the topic.

”Yea right, since we finally have a mage, lets strive hard to defeat the boss. ” Gary shouted.

”Its not as simple as saying that, Gary. We dont even know his skills and how well we can cooperate in the dungeon. ”

”Dont worry, he has some D rank skills. He will support us from behind. ”

”But- ”

”Stop this nonsense talk, lets just roll in the dungeon the old fashioned way. Harry takes the lead, I and Gary will be support. ” Clara complained.

”And me? ” I asked.

”Have patience man, I was going to say that. You and Victoria will provide support from behind. ”

”Thats fine with me. ”

”Stay away 20 meter far from me. ”

”If I do that, you and I will look like a cowboy going to engage in battle. ”

”Thats not my problem. ”

”If not yours problem, then not my problem too. ” I shrugged.

”Deal, lets go now! ” Gary shouted.

”Yeaah! ” Clara followed.

”Wait… ” Harry seems to ave something to say, but noone listened to him. He sighed, and slapped his forehead. ”They new listen to me. ”

Victoria followed them quietly, and I followed her. Harry also walked toward us.

As he queued in a line, Gary suddenly flinched. I forgot an important thing. ”

”What? ” Harry asked.

”How will we share the loot? ”

”Lets think that later, lets just hop in dungeon. I am etching for some combat. ”

Clara was the most exited one, followed by Gary. I was just in daze as everything felt new to me. Harry looked troubled about their easy going attitude, while Victoria didnt even paid attention.

What a team I found. No, what a team found me…Well too late to regret now.

I hoped in the dungeon alone with my teammate.

Somewhere in a barren land, scenery of yellow rocky ground scattered around. The heat made the ground to crack.

On this land, skeletons walked in a group. These undead moved around aimlessly.

As this place was filled with undead, two humans scouted the area.

Both were guys.

”Shit, these things are walking to the empire. ” On guy said, his tone filled with worriness.

”Weren they hundreds of kilometers away the previous week. And I am sensing an unusual presence. ” Another guy replied.

”Huh, what type of presence? ” The guy asked.

”Death. Cold but prickling. A very scary aura, you will wish to turn off your sense if you feel this type of aura. ”

”Is it that scary? ”

”You cant understand it…RUN! ” Admist to the talking, the guy suddenly shouted startling the other guy.

”Wha-! ”

Both humans face paled. Their body froze and trembled.

”Greeting humans. ” A monotonous sound greeted them. But the source of sound was anything but friendly.

Body covered in a dark robe, carrying a scythe, with a skeleton face eyes glowing red, the mysterious creature walked toward them.

”I have some question to ask to you…please give me honest amswer or…

…you will beg me to kill you. ”

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