Necromancer with infinite mana

Chapter 5 - Mighty Bear Dungeon

(Changed to 1st person view meaning MC POV)

Swoosh! Swoosh!

I cast an ice bolt killing another wolf. The skeleton which I thought would be useful broke my expectations and it was only used for carrying drops.

I was tired and felt bored but I had to keep going. I also slapped my cheeks from time to time not to get full of myself.

The skeleton gave me a green core and I pocketed it in my bag.

”Hmm! ” Suddenly a crazy idea flashed in my mind.

”Death and cores… ” I took five cores out. In the span of 3 hours after entering the dungeon, I reached the third floor.

There were five floors in the dungeon,big and wide. Due to my skill taking time to kill and skeleton only being a distraction, it took a chunk of time to advance.

Thankfully, I obtained many cores and an item. A breast plate which isn any use to me.

”Necromancy ” I cast the skill at the cores. A black gas oozed out from my palm and surrounded the cores.

The black gas entered the cores, a.they hovered in the air.

From thin air, white bones formed and attached to the core.

After the whole body was created, a skull appeared and rested at the neck. The core entered the skull along with the black gas and the skeletons eyes glowed.

”Wow… ” I couldn help but gasp in amazement. ”It was freaking cool! ”

The skeleton wolves walked on four legs and had a long skeleton tail.

They had sharp claws as their heads looked kind of funny.

Their thin body looked weak as they lacked flesh and muscles. Nevertheless, they looked kind of terrifying.

With a big smile, I marched forward with my newfound confidence. I can be lazy.

I moved around the third floor killing a horde of wolves easily. Against five wolves, my five skeleton wolves fought madly.

With my support behind, the fight was destined for us to win.

After cleaning the third floor and killing hundreds of wolves, I gained fifty cores. Two items dropped on which I equipped one.

[Arrowless Bow: Use mana to form energy arrows and shoot at enemies.]

The item rank was only F, so not much useful against powerful enemies.

After getting to floor fourth, I had already summoned around 15 more skeleton wolves, and with a total of 20 of them, I had nothing to fear.

My undead wolves hunt down wolves so easily that I rarely had to use the bow.

But using the bow gave me another feeling as I spammed countless arrows on wolves without worrying.

Finally, I reached the last floor. After passing the short hallway, I came across a big door.

Opening the doors I was greeted by a big wolf which was twice bigger than normal wolves.

Without wasting any time, my undead charge at the boss wolf. However, a single swipe of the wolf flung several floors back.

But, they regenerated quickly and moved ahead not fearing death. Well they are already dead.

I supported them from behind by hitting the wolf with the mana arrow. It didn do much damage, honestly.

I cast an ice bolt which was somewhat useful. My wolves surrounded the boss wolf and injured it.

In the long battle of 10 minutes, the boss wolf was exhausted. Finally giving in, it fell to the ground.

”Yay! ” I let out a triumphant cry as I beat a dungeon in my first try.

The boss wolf dropped a skill book which I learned immediately.

I wasn low on mana. I was low on skills and money.

[Electric Zap: Create a small ball of electricity which would zap the enemy on touch paralyzing them for some seconds.]

I walked to the corner of the room which held a small ball. The ball floated without support and looked amazing.

I touched the ball and darkness appeared. Feeling a little ticklish, I focus myself standing at the other side of the portal.

The sky was still bright and just seemed to be afternoon. There wasn any queue and hunters seemed to be going back to the guild.

I walked back to the portal and again entered it.

With a confident smile on my face, I was ready. ”Lets speed run this dungeon. ”

A shocking thing was taking the dungeon. A rookie hunter on his first day not only cleared the dungeon once but is also clearing the dungeon for a second time at wondrous speed.

After thirty minutes, with sixty skeleton wolves, I entered the boss room again.

”We meet again…Well this doesn seem right. ”

I raised my hand and chanted ”electric zap ” and a tiny ball appeared around me hovering in the sky.

They zoomed at the wolf and zapped it. The wolf trembled and couldn move.

The wolf locked on its prey and pounced at the boss wolf. In just a matter of minutes, the boss was killed again. This time leaving a item as a gift.

[Air Friendly Boots: Increase the speed after wearing it.]

I wore the boots as I lacked speed. I felt somehow lighter as I put on these normal looking metallic boots.

My speed increased tremendously, not that great but I could beat the fastest ordinary person without even trying.

I exited the dungeon and had the urge to enter again. But when I felt my heavy bag and no place left to store anything inside, I gave up on my idea.

I called a cab and drove to the guild.

”Lets sell these items and buy skills. ” I stretched my body and slept cozily.

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