Necromancer with infinite mana

Chapter 4 - Boss Battle

He saw ripples forming in the space as darkness covered his vision. And as he blinked, he found himself in the middle of a grassland.

Interesting Thinking that, he examined his surroundings.

Grass that reached his thighs covered the whole ground. In the sky, except for empty space, a brown rock ceiling existed.

Despite not seeing any hole, or any light source, the area was still bright as it would be in the day.

Air still moved around carrying oxygen. And it felt like being on the earth.

Gravity was also the same, which made him more amazed by the dungeons.

His observation came to an end, as he saw the movement of grass.

A brown figure jumped from the grass and landed near Quinn. Having a big jaw with sharp teeth, a body a little smaller than human and soft fur, the dungeon monster greeted Quinn with an angry howl.

Not even wasting a breath, the wolf pounced at Quinn with its claws nails. With intention to slice Quinn with its sharp nails, the wolf revealed a smile.

Quinn jumped sideways, easily dodging the attack. He didn waste a second and took out the undead.

A skeleton appeared out of a big vortex which gave fear to the wolf as it took a step back.

However, as it saw a tiny skeleton even smaller than its size, the wolf became confident and jumped at the undead.

The undead had already got the command to kill the wolf, so without any hesitation, it charged at the wolf.

The wolf swiped its claw but missed as the skeleton slid on the grass.

The wolf landed further and before it could turn back, the skeleton jumped at the wolf back with a knife given by Quinn.


It stabbed the wolf with no hesitation. The defense of the Wolf was weak as the knife easily penetrated its back.

A painful howl erupted from its mouth. The skeleton gave no mercy and stabbed repeatedly at its back until the wolf fell and disappeared into thin air.

A small crystal dropped and Quinn in a flash picked up the crystal.

”Nice, a core. ” Dungeon was like video game, where monster would drop either items, core or skill. However drop rate of minions was only 35% and boss monster was 95%.

Quinn examined the core, it looked like a round pill. It had a blue color.

Cores were divided into 4 categories on the basis of their color.

Red stands for strength, green for defense, white for Agility and blue for mana.

Quinn also had a bag on his back, as to store core, item and skill.

He looked at the skeleton and suddenly a realization came to him.

”Fuck, if the dead wolves disappeared then on whose corpse I will cast necromancy. ” He slapped his forehead.

His heart raced and he felt like going back. However, he steeled his resolve.

”I can back down. Lets move on. ” Now that his confidence was depleted, he became cautious.

He moved swiftly, placing the lone skeleton ahead of him.

Not long after, Quinn spotted a pack of three wolves moving around.

Since the dungeon space is exclusive, Quinn won find any other hunters even if he searched for him.

Tch, I can attack three wolves at once. I will be a dead meat. He thought.

The wolves spilled up and walked around, maybe patrolling the area. But it was a chance for Quinn to find a lone wolf to attack.

He followed one wolf quietly, taking each step cautiously.

After five minutes, seeing no other wolves around, Quinn made his skeleton jump at the wolfs back.

The undead followed the order and sneakily moved toward the wolf. As it got closer, it didn think a bit before jumping at the wolf and stabbing the wolf with the knife.

The sharp knife penetrated the wolf skin, and killed it. A drop fell again. Quinn felt like heaven was on his side.

The skeleton brought the drop.

”A skill book! ” Quinn shouted in joy. However it was a mistake and the wolfs death cry had called other wolves.

And Quinns sudden shout made them spot him.

A wolf jumped at the skeleton and bit its hand off.

The skeleton stabbed the wolf but the wolf jumped back with the hand in its mouth.


The bone breaks as the wolf puts some force in it.

Quinn immediately absorbed the skill book.

[Ice bolt: An ice will be formed after its casting. The ice will bolt toward the target at incredible speed. As it hits the target, additional frost damage will be dealt.]

”Nice! ” Quinn was in joy. He instantly faced the wolves and repeatedly fired the ice bolt. The bolt hit the wolves penetrating their defense and freezing their wounds.

It took three bolts to kill a wolf. The wolves were caught off guard at first. But sensing the danger, they began dodging the bolt.

However, Quinn fired the ice bolt continuously without taking a rest. So, the bolts hit wolves at some point. And like that, five wolves died.

Quinn looked at their fading corpse but was disappointed as he didn got any drop.

But a newfound energy surrounded him giving him another level of confidence.

The skeleton hand also healed by itself maybe due to the effect of regenerate.

And like that, Quinn advanced deeper into the dungeon.

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