Necromancer with infinite mana

Chapter 2 - Hunter Guild

Quinn looked at the skill book lying on the table with expectant eyes.

”Finally! After one year of hard work,I could buy this skill book. ” The book ahead of him glowed dimly like a twinkling star. It was so thin, maybe at the thinness of a paper.

But, it costs thousands of dollars just to buy these. And his salary was only two hundred dollars, removing food and rent, it approached nearly 100.

It was fortunate as he did a job with good income. 200 dollars was a lot now.

”Lets hope,I awaken some good skills. ” Awakening skills required a skill book, or it would have to be natural.

Natural awakening is rare and only in 1 in 100 millions.

While the rich don have any problem buying skill books and awakening for generations, the poor have to do all shitty jobs with only a glimmer of hope to awaken naturally.

Finally, after preparing mentally, he grabbed the skill book and closed his eyes. A bright light shone which he could feel despite his eyes closed.

A dizzy feeling spread across his mind, and he felt like vomiting. ”Arg! As expected, first skill awakening brings awakening sickness. ” He sat on the bed with a pale face.

His heart raced and blood sped. Not long after, his condition became better. His mind was filled with the system awakening, the system that everyone awakens in their first skill awakening.

”Status! ” He was excited to see what skill he awakened.

[Quinn Macow]

[Strength: 10]

[Defense: 8]

[Agility: 5]

[Mana: -]

[Skills: (Necromancy – SSS)]

[Equipment: None]

The screen was short but contained all the information.

”What in the holy **?! ” His eyes widened at the skill rank. Not to mention he has never heard of SSS rank skill,he has never heard anything like mana being blank.

It was too sudden, Quinn sat on his bed taking a deep breath.

He tried digesting all the information. After a while, with a pounding heart, he clicked on the skill.


[Grade: SSS]

[Mana required: 50 per cast]

[Additional skills: Storage, Regeneration]

[Description: Summon the recently deceased organism to be slave.]

[Number of troops: 0/-]

This also had a blank space here. Quinn was too confused by this. But at least, he knew, his situation was special.

”…Lets try finding a corpse for me to cast this skill…Also, I need a hunter card. ”

He sighed. But with an energetic look, he laid on the bed.

The next day-

As the sun rose, Quinn had already woken up, and readied to walk outside.

His goal is to find corpses to use in Necromancy.

”I am sure,in the future, I will have thousands of undead following me like in Novels. ” He encouraged himself and exited the house.

A fierce wind greeted him and a quiet street laid before him.

His house existed on the corner of the city, a place with few buildings.

He started walking to the alley, a place where rats and mice had made their house.

As he walked inside, he saw a dumpster and trash. The place smelled stinky but Quinn endured it.

He looked around in hope to find a corpse nearby. Maybe heaven blessed him, as he found a rats corpse laying on the ground.

The rats have mutated and were twice as big as before. They were vicious and would even eat their own kind.

Three rats chewed on dead rats meat. When they saw Quinn, they ran away. They were still afraid of humans.

He looked at the death corpse and raised his head. Casting skill is simple. Only chant the skill name.

”Necromancy ” As he said, black gas emitted from his hands and flowed inside the rats body.

The corpse twitched. Flesh tore apart and a skeleton raised its hand.

A skeleton rose from the corpses while the black gas still entered the skeleton and built bones and placed them in the right place.

As the skeleton of 3 feet was created, the remaining black gas entered the skeleton.

The hollow eyes of the skeleton glowed green. It looked scary and also interesting.

”Interesting. ” Quinn stared at the skeleton and nodded. The skeleton moved on his command.

[Alley Rat summoned]

[Alley Rat]

[Race: Undead (Rat)]

[Rank: F]

[Stats: Strength (6), Defense (5), Agility (8), Mana (0)]

[Skills: None]


The skeleton moved toward Quinn with eyes expecting to get order.

”I have nothing for you now…Hmm, I can store them, right? ”

Quinn looked at the skeleton and chanted ”Storage ”. A black vortex appeared sucking the skeleton.

After that, Quinn left the quiet alley. To a better future.

His destination; Hunter Guild.

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