that the food of the demon world did not suit my taste, so I ate the least.
Still, it's a pretty muscular body.’


“He’s too small though.” (Moo-hyuk)


‘I can put up with him saying I am skinny, but I can't stand it if you say I’m small.’


“It's not like that.” (Seon-woo)


‘I'm over 175cm, but that's still small.’ To be precise, it wasn't that he was small, but Seon-woo was big.’


“You are too big.” (Hyeon-woo)


‘My little and cute little brother has really grown up a lot.’


“The higher the level of the Awakener, the better his physical condition.
Naturally, he grows taller and has a stronger body.
Hyung, I am an S-class Awakened.”


‘What?’ Hyeon-woo widened his eyes.
This time he was really surprised.
‘Wasn't this saying that the stronger the body, the bigger the body grows? Then why am I here?’ His body trembled with anger.


'You bastard! Fairy bastard!' (I love him for saying this, wwwww…)


There were so many things he wanted to ask the fairy.
But the problem was that there were no fairies here.
It was said that fairies meddle like crazy in other worlds, but they couldn't come out in the human world, so as to maintain the balance in the world.


‘I should have exploded earlier.'


In the midst of trembling from anger, Seon-woo was misunderstood.
The older brother, who was bigger than him and always looked strong, was now smaller and weaker than him.
Even his body was trembling right now.



Hyeon-woo felt strange about being in a completely different position from before (he meant the protecting.
When he was young, he was strong, but now his younger brother wants to protect him.) Of course, it wasn't that he didn't like him or that he was being mean.
No matter how much he changed, he was still Seon-woo's favorite person, and he was the only one in the family.


Hyeon-woo must protect him too.
It wasn't until that moment when the thought became firmer.


Seon-woo passed through a broken-down building and came out.
Suddenly, the bright sun was rising in the sky, and a pleasant warm wind blew.
Seeing the environment that was completely different from the Demon Realm, what Hyeon-woo had been thinking about the whole time came to mind.


'You're back.'


‘I really came back’

Hyeon-woo wanted to cry.


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“Now put me down.”


Hyeon-woo wanted to enjoy the environment of the earth a little more.
As if he knew that, Seon-woo lowered him to the floor.
The breath he inhales felt sweet.
It was completely different from the stinging atmosphere of the demon realm.


Come to think of it, fifteen was not that old.
So, Hyeon-woo was the youngest among those who were taken away.


'Now I'm out of that fucking place.'


Hyeon-woo raised the corners of his lips and smiled softly.
‘I don't know how long it's been since I smiled properly.’ And then, a stranger's voice was heard.


“Guild Leader.”


A tall, slender man approached those two.
Dressed in a racing suit that clings to his body, he ruffles his curly light brown hair with his hands.
Then he spoke to Seon-woo again.


“Oh my…Are you done already?”


He looked towards Hyeon-woo this time.


“Is he the first-generation returnee?”



His gaze was on Hyeon-woo, but his words were on Seon-woo.
It was an act of completely ignoring Hyeon-woo.
Seon-woo's hand naturally went up and grabbed his curly hair without mercy.


Clutch! (Tight!)


It sounded like his head was falling apart.


“Damn! My head!”


The man hesitated in his place and looked down, touching his head, that was grabbed on.


“He is my Hyung.
Be courteous.”


As soon as the words came out, the man raised his head.




“Do I have to say it twice to understand?”


Seon-woo raised his hand again.
Then the man threw out both hands and said,


“No, no.


Then he blatantly glanced at Hyeon-woo.

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“You look weak.”



Power went into his fist.
But before Hyeon-woo could do anything, a bundle of black fur jumped out from behind and hit the man.
It was like a cannonball.


“Ouch! What is this hairball!”


It was a small puppy, the size of two palms.
But in reality, it was Kerberos, a famous beast in the Demon Realm.
Hyeon-woo’s forehead tingles when he hits it with determination.


“Keeing Keeing!”



Kerberos punished the rude person and stretched his chest.
‘Look, Hyeon-woo.
I punished a rude man!’ When Hyeon-woo gets angry, his surroundings become destroyed but this rude person didn't seem to know that.
He probably didn't want to be tied up and beaten up by him.


“What is that?”


Looking at Kerberos, Seon-woo asked.


“Oh, Kero?”


In fact, it could not be told to Seon-woo that Kerberos is a demonic beast from the Demon Realm.
He didn't want to lie either.
He decided to reveal only the parts that he could reveal as much as possible.


“It’s a puppy.”


“Puppy? It's not like an ordinary dog though?”


“That's fine, but if you tame it well, it'll be fine.”


He has been taming it with his fists all this time, so he couldn’t stop it.
(it meaning the attack; he did the attacks on purpose.)


“But who is this guy?”


“Deputy Guild Leader.”


“Hello, my name is Seo Chan-young.
I am the deputy head of the Seon-hyeon Guild.”


The greeting was polite, but that was all.




Credits:Translator: Hoshi MiyaEditor/Proofreader: Davine


The fact that he looks weak will be repeated a lot in the other chapters as well.
At least till like 25 chapters.
So please wait with me.
Of course, the fact that he's actually strong is a secret.

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