Chapter 98: A Brush with Grievances

Besides, the master even said there was her son’s blood on this black block!

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“Master, this…”

Song Zhuohai was already mentally prepared, but he was still shocked by that black block.

Old Master Song’s old face tightened and his hands, which were holding the crutch, couldn’t help from trembling in anger.

The Song family had always put peace first.
Who exactly spent so much effort to frame them?

If they found out who did this, the Song family would definitely not let that person go easily!

“This is a kind of curse.
A spell can be cast by carving a doll with Yin Wood, writing the person’s date of birth and the eight characters of a horoscope on it, and adding the blood of the person.

“The situation of the person being cursed depends on where the doll is placed.

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“The doll is buried in the soil and sunlight is blocked from it.
The person who cursed Master Song probably wants his light to be suppressed so that he’ll live in darkness forever.

“Simply put, the person doesn’t want Master Song to get back on his feet.”

Lu Zijia explained it to them in detail.
After that, she went inside the villa again without waiting for the members of the Song family to calm down.

Song Zixuan’s hands, which were holding the black block, started shaking slightly because he was grabbing it too hard.

His eyes were suddenly stained with a scarlet color.

Live in the dark forever?

Ha, hadn’t he been living in the dark for the last 24 years when he was abroad?

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He had a home, but he couldn’t go back.
He had the closest family members, but he couldn’t see them.
Could it be even darker than this?

No, right? Hahaha…


Noticing that her son was smiling silently and ferociously, Fang Yueqiu grabbed his arm anxiously, feeling extremely worried in her mind.

Even though the truth still hadn’t been revealed completely, Fang Yueqiu knew that someone intentionally made her son a forever loner in order to separate the Song family!

His son suffered for so many years because of what an outsider said.
As parents, they would be guilty for their entire lives.

“Son, I made you go through all this.
I’m sorry,” Song Zhuohai came to Song Zixuan and patted his shoulder, admitting that he was wrong back then.

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“I know it’s useless to say anything now, but I’ll definitely do you justice,” Song Zhuohai said as he patted his son’s shoulder again, then turned around and went into the villa with his eyes red.

“Ah! How did such a good family…”

Old Master Song couldn’t help but burst into tears as well.
He looked up at the clear sky to stop his tears from falling.

“Mom, Grandpa, I’m fine.”

Song Zixuan took a deep breath and repressed all his negative emotions as he smiled at his mother and grandpa in front of him, and he immediately turned around and kept up with Lu Zijia.

After entering the villa, Lu Zijia didn’t stop but walked up the stairs and went to the second floor.

“Let’s start from this room!” Lu Zijia stopped at the door of the first room on the second floor and said to Song Zhuohai, who followed behind her.

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Song Zhuohai’s expression couldn’t help but change again, “This is my father’s room.”

After explaining, Song Zhuohai opened the door and invited Lu Zijia to get in.

Lu Zijia also entered Old Master Song’s room and rushed towards the target without hesitation.

“This brush is made with the hair of a dead baby who died one month after it was born.

“Old Master Song should like this brush very much, right? Burn all the calligraphy written with this brush!”

The dead baby was refined into a resentful spirit by the person who made this brush and everything written with this brush would have a bit of resentment.

Accumulating little by little, the resentment would be too strong and people would be affected by this resentment.

Those who didn’t have a strong mind would even do something extreme.

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