Chapter 90: The Problem of the Song Family Incident

“No,” Lu Zijia replied quite directly.
She didn’t feel embarrassed at all for not knowing how to appreciate paintings.

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After all, in the cultivation world that the strong preyed upon the weak, cultivators were all busy cultivating, looking for opportunities or researching skills.
How would they have time to write poems and paint?

For people in the cultivation world, writing poems and painting were something that would sap their spirits and make them unenterprising.

She was a cultivator who had mastered all skills and strived to become an immortal.
She couldn’t lose herself in pleasure.

Song Zixuan didn’t know what she was thinking in her mind.
If he knew, he would probably feel speechless?

“What are you looking at if you don’t know anything about it?” Song Zixuan said speechlessly.

“Looking at the frame,” Lu Zijia was still looking up as she replied casually.

Song Zixuan, “…”

Was this woman here to mess with him deliberately?

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Suddenly, something seemed to come to Song Zixuan’s mind and he asked, “Is there something wrong with the painting?”

Lu Zijia shook her head, “No.”

Right when Song Zixuan wanted to ask a question, Lu Zijia continued, “It’s the frame.”

Song Zixuan, “…”

Couldn’t this woman tell him everything all at once?

Song Zixuan took a deep breath and asked while gritting his teeth slightly, “What’s wrong with the frame?”

Lu Zijia didn’t answer him immediately this time but looked away from the frame and her gaze soon landed on the stone mountain put on the left side of the living room.

That stone mountain was about 60cm long and 90cm tall, like a mini mountain.

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“Say something!”

Seeing that Lu Zijia didn’t understand what he meant, Song Zixuan couldn’t control his temper and he rushed her to speak.

Lu Zijia looked away and put her focus on the two-meter painting frame on the wall again.

“This frame is made of the wood of a casket, and it’s even a piece of hundred-year-old Yin Wood.

“Since the wood of the casket has been nourished by the Yin energy of the owner for a long time, the hundred-year-old Yin Wood has been upgraded to a five-hundred-year Yin Wood.”

What Lu Zijia said calmly was like a bolt out of the blue in Song Zixuan’s ears.

Although he didn’t really know what harm Yin Wood could bring, his instincts told him that it definitely wasn’t something good.

“Young Lady Lu, are you serious? How do you know that?”

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Fang Yueqiu originally wanted to pretend to go to the kitchen so that she could listen to what her son and Lu Zijia were talking about when she passed by.

Unexpectedly, she heard something that made her heart shocked.

Without the support of a solid, good education, she would have made a gaffe.

Lu Zijia shrugged a bit speechlessly, “I just saw it with my eyes.”

There were a lot of things in the world that couldn’t be explained.
If she had to explain, she could only say that she was talented?

Fang Yueqiu thought Lu Zijia was giving her a perfunctory response, so her face couldn’t help but darken.

However, she hadn’t become enraged yet.

“Is this frame affecting the members of the Song family?”

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In fact, Song Zixuan wanted to ask if this frame was the real culprit that killed his grandma.

However, he changed what he wanted to say forcibly when he blurted out.

Apparently, he was afraid that the answer Lu Zijia gave her wasn’t something that he wanted in his mind.

Lu Zijia nodded firmly.
“Of course.
Yin Wood is something that ghosts like the most.
Some people with evil intentions even use Yin Wood to do bad things.

“Putting such a huge piece of Yin Wood at home, aren’t you obviously attracting ghosts to come to your home to be your guests?

“Besides, Yin Wood also gathers Yin energy.
When a living person is invaded by Yin energy, this person will keep having minor or severe illnesses if it’s not too serious and will die if it’s serious.”

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