Chapter 89: Stepping on Dog Poop and Getting Flat Tires Every Day

Lu Zijia’s calm reaction was completely out of the Song family’s expectation, and they couldn’t help but feel a bit shocked.

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“Young Lady Lu, you have no idea that my son always messes around.
If he jokes with you, please don’t take it seriously.

“Young Lady Lu, it’s rare to have you here to be the guest of the Song family.
Why don’t you stay for lunch?

“Of course, if you have something else to do, I’ll definitely not force you to stay,” Fang Yueqiu calmed her emotions and said to Lu Zijia with a smile politely.

What Fang Yueqiu said sounded as nice as Song Zhuohai’s, but she reminded Lu Zijia not to take Song Zixuan’s words seriously again.

Apparently, she wanted Lu Zijia to forget what Song Zixuan said.

Besides, clever people could hear that what she said at the end was obviously asking their guest to leave tactfully.

Lu Zijia had already seen a lot of these little tricks in the cultivation world, so she certainly understood the hidden meaning in their words but she wasn’t planning to expose them.

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“Thank you, Madam Song.
Master Song keeps his promises, so I’ll certainly remember and take what he said seriously,” Lu Zijia said indifferently as if she didn’t understand what they meant behind their words.

Joked with her? Song Zixuan promised to pay her five million yuan before.
She took it really seriously, alright?

If Song Zixuan, this unlucky man, dared to deceive her, she would give him an Unlucky Talisman so that he would step on dog poop every day when he went out, get flat tires when he drove, and choke to death when he ate!

“As for lunch, no thank you.”

When she finished dealing with this matter for them, these people of the Song family probably wouldn’t be in the mood of eating anymore.

In order not to starve herself, she would definitely leave first.

Fang Yueqiu, “…”

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Song Zixuan, “…”

Was this woman really not unable to hear what his mother truly meant or was she pretending to be stupid deliberately?

Otherwise, how would her reply sound so irritating in their minds?

Lu Zijia lifted her hand and checked the time on her watch, as if she didn’t notice the weird gaze from the members of the Song family.

“It’s been twenty minutes since I arrived here.
Can we start now?”

Lu Zijia turned her head to the side and looked at Song Zixuan.
Apparently, she didn’t want to deal with Song Zhuohai and the others anymore.


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Song Zixuan wasn’t planning to explain anything.
He directly nodded and agreed.

Because he knew that if he didn’t let his family see what Lu Zijia was capable of for themselves, they wouldn’t believe him no matter how much time he spent to explain to them.

If that was the case, why not let them witness it directly with their own eyes?


Even though Song Zhuohai didn’t know what they were hiding, the prejudice against Lu Zijia had not diminished in the slightest.

If it weren’t for the dignity of his son, he would have asked someone to send Lu Zijia out already.

“Dad, just let me by!”

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Song Zixuan glanced at his father deeply, then got up and quickly kept up with Lu Zijia.

Looking at the backs of both of them, the three seniors of the Song family frowned in different degrees.

“I think they get along quite well.
Zixuan rarely invites someone to our home.
Just let him be,” Old Master Song said.

Since Old Master Song had spoken, Song Zhuohai and Fang Yueqiu certainly wouldn’t object.

However, their gazes still couldn’t help but land on Lu Zijia and Song Zixuan.

The two of them didn’t go far.
They stopped near the stairs.

“Why? Do you know how to appreciate paintings as well?”

Seeing Lu Zijia stare at the huge painting on the wall, Song Zixuan looked complacent and he sounded like he didn’t believe that Lu Zijia knew how to appreciate paintings.

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