Chapter 83: Someone Made You a Forever Loner

Lu Zijia replied with an “okay” like she didn’t care, then asked, “What do you want?”

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Song Zixuan on the other side of the call seemed to take a deep breath again as if he was trying his best to suppress something.

Lu Zijia only felt weird.
She didn’t say anything irritating, did she?

Why did Song Zixuan, this unlucky man, suddenly become enraged? He was indeed a rich young man with a bad temper.

Song Zixuan didn’t know what she was thinking in her mind.
If he did, would he be so enraged that he would spurt out blood?

He had been calling Lu Zijia since last night, but unfortunately, he couldn’t reach her.

He thought she might be resting already, so he didn’t keep calling.
However, he still couldn’t reach her when he called again this morning.

When he finally got the phone number of the old mansion of the Mu family, they told him that Lu Zijia didn’t know him and rejected his call!

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His life had always been smooth, except for family affairs.
And now, he suddenly suffered a blow because of Lu Zijia, so his mood could only be imagined.

However, he was asking her for help right now, so he had to accept it no matter how displeased he was in his mind.

“Is what you said yesterday true?” Song Zixuan took a deep breath and asked.

Lu Zijia held the phone with one hand and supported her chin with another.
She blinked in confusion, “What I said yesterday? I said a lot of things yesterday.
What are you referring to?”

Apparently, this unlucky man didn’t believe what she said yesterday completely.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t only come find her now.

Of course, there was another situation.

That was, Song Zixuan didn’t trust her ability and he found another master to solve the problem for him.

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And the reason why he looked for her right now was probably because that master couldn’t solve his problem, so he came back to find her?


Song Zixuan thought Lu Zijia was making fun of him on purpose and he was so enraged that he almost bit his teeth to pieces.

Lu Zijia’s face was full of innocence.
She couldn’t read the unlucky man’s mind.
How would she know what he was referring to?

“You said that someone made me a forever loner.
Is that true?”

Song Zixuan’s voice suddenly became serious as if there was a hint of hidden resentment.

Lu Zijia looked at Uncle He, who was pruning flowers in the garden, through the ceiling-to-floor window as she replied casually, “I didn’t say that.
I typed it.”

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Hearing that Lu Zijia actually denied what she said, Song Zixuan immediately felt like he was being tricked.

However, before he got angry, he heard the last part of what Lu Zijia said again.

All the anger was stuck in his chest in an instant.
It could neither go up nor go down, and it almost suffocated him!

Song Zixuan felt like he would be angered to death sooner or later if he continued talking to this woman.

After knowing Lu Zijia’s identity yesterday, he didn’t take the fortune-telling seriously.

However, when he got home last night and was thinking about playing with his phone in his room because he was bored, he saw the words that Lu Zijia typed with his phone.

“Someone made you a forever loner.”

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Looking at this short sentence on the phone, Song Zixuan was very shocked and he couldn’t believe it at that time.

After the shock, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but feel frustrated again.

It was a sentence with fewer than ten words, but Lu Zijia spent five minutes trying to type it out.

This really… made people speechless.

“You typed it, so you said it!” Song Zixuan collected himself from last night’s thoughts and shouted with a deep voice furiously.

Rumor had it that Lu Zijia was cowardly, weak, and easily bullied.
He thought one more description should be added.

That was, extremely irritating!

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