“Team Leader, who are they?”

When Zheng Bin brought Lu Zijia and the others into the museum, they met a short-haired capable woman on the way.

The woman glanced at the three of them with a bit of hostility, which intensified especially towards Lu Zijia.

“They’re from the Special Administration Office.
They’ll join us in our investigation.”

Zheng Bin seemed to be worried about something.
He only gave a simple introduction and didn’t explain much.

When the short-haired woman heard that, she immediately frowned.
“What are the higher-ups doing? The case has already been handed over to our Ancient Martial Arts Group.
Why did they still invite some useless people?”

As soon as the short-haired woman said this, Zheng Bin’s expression suddenly changed.
He subconsciously looked at Lu Zijia and the others.
Seeing that the three of them didn’t seem to be angry, he was secretly relieved.

Not to mention the first two Fiend Gods, just Mu Yunhao alone wasn’t someone they could offend.

If they offended all three of them, the Ancient Martial Arts Group would probably not have a good life in the future.

Zheng Bin looked at the short-haired woman solemnly and said with an obvious warning tone, “Xue Ni, watch your words.”

Seeing that Zheng Bin was warning her for someone else, Long Xueni’s expression immediately darkened.

Without waiting for her to say anything, Zheng Bin led Lu Zijia and the others directly past her and continued walking inside.

“That person just now is one of the members of our Ancient Martial Arts Group.
Her name is Long Xueni.
She comes from a good family, so she has a bit of a temper.
Please don’t mind her,” Zheng Bin said to the three of them apologetically, looking a bit nervous.

Mu Tianyan glanced at them indifferently.
Zheng Bin, who obviously knew their identities, didn’t say anything.

Since Mu Tianyan didn’t say anything, and Mu Yunhao was also silently following, Zheng Bin could only look at Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia smiled.
“No, the members of the Ancient Martial Arts Group are quite unique and have their own style.”

As the name suggested, the members of the Ancient Martial Arts Group were martial artists who cultivated ancient martial arts.
They were carefully selected and trained by the Guo family, so they might be a bit arrogant.
They thought that other than their group, the other units here were all useless.

This was exemplified in Miss Long Xueni’s disdain towards them.

There was no joy or anger in Lu Zijia’s voice, and her face was expressionless, so Zheng Bin couldn’t tell if she meant what she said.

However, before he could come to a conclusion, they arrived at their destination.

“This is where the artifacts are displayed.
There were a total of sixteen artifacts and ten have been stolen.”

Zheng Bin brought the three of them to the center of the museum.
The mess around them wasn’t cleaned up.
Instead, it remained the same, for the purpose of investigation.

Lu Zijia nodded slightly and glanced at the sixteen broken or intact display cabinets.

Lu Zijia sensed carefully and found that there was no evil energy in all the display cabinets.

However, when she thought that that thing had already developed intelligence and knew how to hide itself, she naturally knew that it wouldn’t let anyone find any traces.

Zheng Bin raised his hand and pointed at a corner not far away as he said to Lu Zijia, “That’s where Yi Shiyuan fell.”

Lu Zijia looked at the corner and then observed the surroundings for a while before walking to the corner.

“Team Leader Zheng, can you let me see the photos of the scene before it was destroyed? And the ten missing relics,” Lu Zijia asked Zheng Bin.

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